Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Andrew Weatherall * 9 O'Clock Drop


In the compilation-eat-compilation world of dance music in the late 90's, everyone claimed his or her collection was something special. But the truth was that 99 percent of those were nothing but the ghost of a memory by the time the next copy of Mixmag had hit the doorstep. Few comps/mixes had the longevity to hang around the CD tray for much more than a week or so never mind still stand out more than a decade after they were issued. First released in mid 2000 on Nuphonic, '9 O'Clock Drop' is a fucking great compilation of early eighties, largely British, post punk and leftfield electro. This is one of the comps that really helped fuel the wider interest in this music after the overblown pomp and misery of the God-awful Britpop era.

Utterly indespensible and essential listening.


1. Nice Mover * Gina X Performance
2. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonite * Dominatrix
3. Coup * 23 Skidoo
4. My Spine (is the Bassline) * Shriekback
5. Genius * Quando Quango
6. Water Line * A Certain Ratio
7. Vegas El Bandito * 23 Skidoo
8. Black and White Mix Up * 400 Blows
9. P2E remix * Torch Song
10. Warm Leatherette * The Normal
11. October (love song)'86 version * Chris and Cosey
12. Looks Like We're Shy One Horse * Colourbox
13. Warrior Charge * Aswad

Download 'Andrew Weatherall * The 9 O'Clock Drop' here.

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