Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks) Mix.


Piers Harrison of Soft Rocks (a loose collective of Brighton based djs and producers with a relaxed attitude to copyright law) flies the flag with a deep and delicious set originally recorded for the brilliant Noises In My Head blog. After 8 or 9 years of releasing some blinding edits the prolific combo are due to release their first full-length LP of original material 'Power Play' in September, which will see all members uniting for the project with remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Beautiful Swimmers, The Stallions, Tiago, Cos/Mes etc. If that lineup isn't a glowing endorsement then I don't know what is. The mix which contains a hefty dose of this aforementioned original SR material has pretty much been on constant rotation here at Tourist Towers for the last few weeks so we thought it only polite to spread the love.


1. Soft Rocks * Midnight
2. Soft Rocks * Deeply Unfunky Looking Dudes
3. Soft Rocks * Wakibaki
4. Don Cherry * Tarot Will Teach You
5. Soft Rocks * Laguna
6. Soft Rocks *Lengthy Noodling
7. Soft Rocks * Spatial Reggae II
8. Ralph Lundsten * Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
9. Soft Rocks * Powerstation
10. Soft Rocks * 80s Assassin
11. John Carptenter * The End (Scratch Mix)
12. IMS * Nonline
13. Ralph * More Calypso (Dub)
14. Soft Rocks * Midtempo Mission
15. Rice And Beans Orchestra * Coconut Grove
16. Pied Piper Of Funkingham * Today Is The Day

Download 'Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks) Mix' here.
Mirror download from Megaupload.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X


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