Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cos/Mes * Opera City Mix.


My goodness, what are you saying," Korotkov exclaimed in distress, sensing that here, too something strange was starting, just as it had everywhere else. He looked back as if he were being hunted, afraid that the shaven face and the bald shell would emerge from somewhere, and then he added in a clumsy way, "I'm very glad, yes, very . . ." A motley flush passed lightly over the marble man; raising Korotkov's hand delicately, he drew him toward a little table, reiterating, "I'm very glad, too. But here's the rub, imagine it - I don't even have a place where you can sit down. We're being kept in a pen in spite of our significance.

Cos/Mes, Opera City Mix. Tracklist:

Audio Create Series * Sound In 76'
I Gres * Moaning
Mark Egan * Hills
Harvey Mandel * Baby Batter
Francois Niombo * I'm Cool
Kjell Wallgren * Gentle Function
Frank W. Brecker * Spring
Godley And Creme * Group Life
Paris Angels * Too Easy
Hammer * One Day
Professor Genius * A Jean Giraud 2
Sebastien Tellieer * Killometer
Gina X * Homage A BB
China Crisis * Animalistic
Yukihiro Takahashi * Disposable Love
Manzanera * Gone Flying
Chas Jankle * Magic Of Music
L. Hall * Open The Door

Cos/Mes * Opera City Mix
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