Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's our 'design a cover for a record competition' innit!

Every now and then the opportunity to get someone else to do all the work arises and here at Tourist we're not above sitting on our arses and dishing out empty platitudes to all sundry in order to get someone else to iron our smalls. So with this lethargic ethic being one of the cornerstones to our value system it's with no small amount of excitement that we look to 'outsourcing' some more ofour work to any of you lovely people interested.
As well as this fantastical bog you're currently reading Geoff and myself have a number of other duties to perform in the real world like families, jobs, playing records, I also like smoking, swearing and reading mucky books, Geoff occasionally sits down and messes about on a computer creating strange sonic arrangements. A few of these arrangements have been compiled by ace local record label Audio Parralax who will be releasing them to the public for sale very soon. So, being the workshy fops we are, we obviously want as little to do with the marketing, pressing and any other process' as possible once the tunes are completed. However, one thing the label have insisted on is that they are provided with some artwork for the CD's & records, (my idea of just bunging 'em in a load of plain white sleeves and giving them to the St. Johns ambulance people to distribute was dismissed, somewhat unfairly I think, out of hand) but that's where you cats come in! We're looking for any hot young graphic designers, artists or doodlers who feel like chucking their hats into the ring and designing the cover art for us! We'll feature all of the good ones on the blog and do a piece on the winner who'll also receive our glowing praise, 4 cans of Spesh, 10 Benson and 5 quids worth of sticky black! No there's a prize!! Details and a design brief can be received by emailing and you can hear an early draft of one of the tracks from the E.P. here on Soundcloud if that'll help/inspire/procrastinate your working process too!
We look forward to any submissions whatever they may be, so god luck and be careful out there.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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