Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I love the smell of nepotism in the morning. (Pt II)


PEOPLE GET REAL is the collective name for the DJ/production duo of Simon Lister and Peter Wilson. For almost a decade now they have been pushing their brand of dance-floor terrorism to parties up here in their native Newcastle, across the UK and beyond. As well as being a couple of our favourite DJ's, Peter and Simon have been friends of ours a for quite a while now so we've no qwarms about blatantly repping their productions old and new and seeing as they've got gone and got Tourist faves Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris, alongside a whole host of other luminaries of the electronic scene, to remix their latest offering 'The Unicorn E.P.' has just been released on the lads' very own 'Join Our Club' imprint, we thought it only right to give them a shout.
If you didn't already know, PGR have been the residents at Wax:On since it's inception in 2004, they were involved in compiling and mixing one of the two CDs commercially released to celebrate the 5th Birthday. The mix being a retrospective of tracks from the previous 5 years on the dancefloor at Wax:On, and a snapshot of the music and style that has made them a firm favorite with the crowd and visiting guest DJs. This has seen them DJ alongside some of the world's biggest hitters; Richie Hawtin, Erol Alkan, Sven Vath, Boys Noize, Tiga, Loco Dice, Ivan Smagghe, Matthew Dear, Simian Mobile Disco, Craig Richards and Andrew Weatherall to name just a few.
If you want to catch them playing out anytime soon, the PGR boys will be playing at 'Wire' in Leeds with the afore mentioned Mr Smagghe on Sept 23 and a week later on the 30th at Manchesters 'The Countach Club' alongside Daniel Avery.

You can check out all the tracks and remixes as well as the DJ feedback from their new 'Unicorn E.P.' on PGR's Soundcloud by clicking here, we'd also recommend you take a minute out to have a listen through the other tracks and edits on here!
Anyhow, if you wanna buy any of the tracks you can purchase from Beatport by clicking this handy link here. We'd encourage any financial help you can afford the lads, as Simon has got a wedding to pay for in a couple of weeks and it must cost him a fortune to keep that beard looking so well groomed. X

Till next time.
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I suggest you kill them all and let God sort it out.


A man who could not marry off his ugly daughter visited his priest for advice. "My heart is heavy," he told the priest, "Because God has given me an ugly daughter."
"How ugly?" the Padre asked.
"If she were lying on a plate with a herring, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference."
The priest thought for a long time and finally asked, "What type of herring?"
The man taken aback by the query, thought quickly and said, "Er,- a Bismark."
"Too bad," the preist said. "If it was a Maatjes, she'd have a better chance.

Here is a tale that illustrates the tragedy of transient qualities such as beauty. Does a girl actually resemble a herring? Why not? Have you seen some of the things walking about these days, particularly on the coastal areas? And even if she does, are not all creatures beautiful in Gods eyes? Perhaps, but if a girl looks more at home in a jar of wine sauce than in an evening gown she's got big problems. Oddly enough, the wife of the priest from the tale was said to resemble a squid, but this was only in the face, and she more than made up for it by her hacking cough - the point of which escapes me.

Download 'The Horrors: Fact Mix' here.


1. T.2. * No More White Horses
2. Tame Impala * Desire Be, Desire Go
3. David Essex * Rock On
4. Connan Mockasin * Unicorn In Uniform
5. Primal Scream * Inner Flight
6. US 69 * 2069 A Space Oddity
7. Gene Clark * Some Misunderstanding
8. Roxy Music * In Every Dream Home A Heartache
9. Bobak, Jons, Malone * On A Meadow-Lea
10. The Beach Boys * Caroline No
11. The Velvet Underground * The Ocean
12. The Beatles * Dear Prudence
13. Aphrodite’s Child * The Four Horsemen
14. Stereolab * Metronomic Underground

Till next time.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Balearic Mike live @ Electric Elephant.

"Slide through the back door
With your life strings attached
I can see the heavens
On my back."

Balearic Mike - Electric Elephant 2011, Saturday Beach Bar Set Opening Set.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) * Contort Yourself mix.


Great mix that appeared on the Test Pressing blog recently from Jamie Paton.
“The mix takes in all sorts over a C90′s worth of running time, including Weatherall putting the Beat between Meat and Manifesto, one of Arthur Russell’s more abstract Funk Popping moments and a quite frankly awesome stratospheric excursion from Gigi Galaxy and his Disco 2000. It sums up a lot of what I’ve been playing this year, quite prototypical and stripped down, tough in places but with the odd musical flourish here and there. There are also a couple of Cage & Aviary productions on there, one from our forthcoming Migration LP which will finally drop in October.”
More news on that as it comes.

Download the Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) * Contort Yourself mix here.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's our 'design a cover for a record competition' innit!

Every now and then the opportunity to get someone else to do all the work arises and here at Tourist we're not above sitting on our arses and dishing out empty platitudes to all sundry in order to get someone else to iron our smalls. So with this lethargic ethic being one of the cornerstones to our value system it's with no small amount of excitement that we look to 'outsourcing' some more ofour work to any of you lovely people interested.
As well as this fantastical bog you're currently reading Geoff and myself have a number of other duties to perform in the real world like families, jobs, playing records, I also like smoking, swearing and reading mucky books, Geoff occasionally sits down and messes about on a computer creating strange sonic arrangements. A few of these arrangements have been compiled by ace local record label Audio Parralax who will be releasing them to the public for sale very soon. So, being the workshy fops we are, we obviously want as little to do with the marketing, pressing and any other process' as possible once the tunes are completed. However, one thing the label have insisted on is that they are provided with some artwork for the CD's & records, (my idea of just bunging 'em in a load of plain white sleeves and giving them to the St. Johns ambulance people to distribute was dismissed, somewhat unfairly I think, out of hand) but that's where you cats come in! We're looking for any hot young graphic designers, artists or doodlers who feel like chucking their hats into the ring and designing the cover art for us! We'll feature all of the good ones on the blog and do a piece on the winner who'll also receive our glowing praise, 4 cans of Spesh, 10 Benson and 5 quids worth of sticky black! No there's a prize!! Details and a design brief can be received by emailing and you can hear an early draft of one of the tracks from the E.P. here on Soundcloud if that'll help/inspire/procrastinate your working process too!
We look forward to any submissions whatever they may be, so god luck and be careful out there.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks) Mix.


Piers Harrison of Soft Rocks (a loose collective of Brighton based djs and producers with a relaxed attitude to copyright law) flies the flag with a deep and delicious set originally recorded for the brilliant Noises In My Head blog. After 8 or 9 years of releasing some blinding edits the prolific combo are due to release their first full-length LP of original material 'Power Play' in September, which will see all members uniting for the project with remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Beautiful Swimmers, The Stallions, Tiago, Cos/Mes etc. If that lineup isn't a glowing endorsement then I don't know what is. The mix which contains a hefty dose of this aforementioned original SR material has pretty much been on constant rotation here at Tourist Towers for the last few weeks so we thought it only polite to spread the love.


1. Soft Rocks * Midnight
2. Soft Rocks * Deeply Unfunky Looking Dudes
3. Soft Rocks * Wakibaki
4. Don Cherry * Tarot Will Teach You
5. Soft Rocks * Laguna
6. Soft Rocks *Lengthy Noodling
7. Soft Rocks * Spatial Reggae II
8. Ralph Lundsten * Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
9. Soft Rocks * Powerstation
10. Soft Rocks * 80s Assassin
11. John Carptenter * The End (Scratch Mix)
12. IMS * Nonline
13. Ralph * More Calypso (Dub)
14. Soft Rocks * Midtempo Mission
15. Rice And Beans Orchestra * Coconut Grove
16. Pied Piper Of Funkingham * Today Is The Day

Download 'Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks) Mix' here.
Mirror download from Megaupload.

Till next time.
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Monday, 15 August 2011

The KLF * 'Chill Out' & 'The White Room'.


The seminal ambient album 'Chill Out' and the decidedly odd 'White Room' LP from The KLF,,,,,

'Chill Out' tracklist:

1. Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border
2. Pulling Out Of Ricardo And The Dusk Is Falling Fast
3. Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
4. Dream Time In Lake Jackson
5. Madrugada Eterna
6. Justified And Ancient Seems A Long Time Ago
7. Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul
8. 3 A.M. Somewhere Out Of Beaumont
9. Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard
10. Trancentral Lost In My Mind
11. The Lights Of Baton Rouge Pass By
12. A Melody From A Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back
13. Rock Radio Into The Nineties And Beyond
14. Alone Again With The Dawn Coming Up

Download 'The KLF * Chill Out' here.

The White Room tracklist:

1. Kylie Said to Jason (Edit)
2. 3 a.m. Eternal
3. Go to Sleep
4. Make It Rain
5. Church of the KLF
6. No More Tears
7. Build a Fire
8. The Lovers' Side
9. The White Room
10. Born Free

Download 'The KLF * The White Room' Here.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Andy Blake & Joe Hart * Live from 'World Unknown' (13/05/11)


Here at Tourist we need very little excuse to indulge our obsession with anything Andy Blake shaped. Andy has been a big favourite with us over the last few years and his labels, recordings and DJ sets have been hugely influential to us so it's with no small amount of anticipation we await the forthcoming output from his new imprint. At the time when Blake actually shut Dissident down a couple of years back he said it was to focus on other projects, not least his Brixton party series with Joe Hart of Bodyhammer and Bloc named 'World Unknown'. The new label share's this moniker and will pick up where the mighty 'Dissident' left off with Blake describing it as "the cooler, smarter little brother... who has learned a lot from his elder sibling's trials and triumphs." With some heavyweight releases lined up from the likes of Optimo's Johhny Wilkes, Neville Watson and Apiento from the excellent Test Pressing blog it'd be wise for anyone with an interest in forward looking house and electronic music to keep their eye's peeled! Untill then though do yourself a favour and download this frankly outrageous live mix from one of the recent World Unknown parties, everything from cosmic/italo obscurities and Turkish psyche oddities to jackin' Chicago house and proper Detroit techno! You know it makes sense.

Andy Blake & Joe Hart - Live from World Unknown (13/05/11)
Mirror download from Megaupload.
Superfast download link!!

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

'A Love From Outer Space' boat party @ Electric Elephant.


Since the launch of their monthly residency in the basement of The Three Crowns pub in Stoke Newington last may Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston have been ploughing a decidedly different musical furrow. Taking its title from the old A.R. Kane track of the same name, 'A Love From Outer Space' was basically an excuse for Weatherall and Johnston to helm the decks themselves for the entire night and play anything they bloody well wanted to. The smaller, 140 capacity basement lends itself ideally to a much more esoteric selection with the duo able to mine far more deeply into the veins of dub, post-punk, Krautrock, psyche-disco, rock'n'roll, oddities and the like. A couple of weeks ago Andrew and Sean upped sticks and dragged the travelling ALFOS circus across Europe and plonked it down on the shores of the Adriatic to entertain the patrons of the Electric Elephant festival.

This is is a recording of what happened at the A Love From Outer Space boat party. It is very good! (And the link works now!)

Download 'A Love From Outer Space' Electric Elephant boat party here.

Till next time.
Big love, Tourist. X

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cos/Mes * Opera City Mix.


My goodness, what are you saying," Korotkov exclaimed in distress, sensing that here, too something strange was starting, just as it had everywhere else. He looked back as if he were being hunted, afraid that the shaven face and the bald shell would emerge from somewhere, and then he added in a clumsy way, "I'm very glad, yes, very . . ." A motley flush passed lightly over the marble man; raising Korotkov's hand delicately, he drew him toward a little table, reiterating, "I'm very glad, too. But here's the rub, imagine it - I don't even have a place where you can sit down. We're being kept in a pen in spite of our significance.

Cos/Mes, Opera City Mix. Tracklist:

Audio Create Series * Sound In 76'
I Gres * Moaning
Mark Egan * Hills
Harvey Mandel * Baby Batter
Francois Niombo * I'm Cool
Kjell Wallgren * Gentle Function
Frank W. Brecker * Spring
Godley And Creme * Group Life
Paris Angels * Too Easy
Hammer * One Day
Professor Genius * A Jean Giraud 2
Sebastien Tellieer * Killometer
Gina X * Homage A BB
China Crisis * Animalistic
Yukihiro Takahashi * Disposable Love
Manzanera * Gone Flying
Chas Jankle * Magic Of Music
L. Hall * Open The Door

Cos/Mes * Opera City Mix
Mirror Download From Megaupload

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

'Geoffs Diary' or 'rumours of our demise have been slightly exaggerated'.


Seeing as we've been off-line for a while now, we thought it was the least we could do to explain our abscence here are some excerpts from Geoff's daily journal that should clear up any questions you have,,,,

Hoorah! A new week has arrived. I awake at 5 a.m. to find that a flock of seven white doves of peace has flown in through the bedroom window and begun flying around the room in a kind of 'flight of harmony', casting a Disneylike sense of well-being about. Finally they roost on my bust of Caligula and in the dim 1/8th light I'm sure I saw one of them wink at me, in a sort of 'wink of peace'. I take this to be a sign of good fortune in the forthcoming year and fall back asleep.
I re-awake at 8 a.m. to find that the doves have flown off with my bust of Caligula. Obviously they have carried it off to their mountain eeire; a foreboding sense of dread now hangs over the home.

I rise and decide to design a new type of hat. The place of work I choose this morning is under the sink unit in my kitchen, a safe place if any. My designs are at first sketchy, looking more like a fat young man than hat, but by 6 p.m. my design is complete and ready to be sent to Pappa & Co. for approval. I hope they like it. I think it would suit a more formal gentleman like a king or Harrison Ford.

At 8 a.m. the sleepy antique-shop-filled seaside village of Wallsend is woken by the kazoos and snare drums of Britain's criminals as they march down the main street beating out the melody of felony. What a sight this is, with the petty thieves and shoplifters bringing up the rear, through to the arsonists and fraudsters filling the mid-ranks, right up to the leading gangsters heading this march of villainy.
Amongst the crooks I spot my housemate Lee 'Fingers' Forster, so called because he regularly fingers not only the various foods in our local delicatessen but the serving ladies as well, and when accused of his behaviour he blasts his way out of the shop using a 75 mm Howitzer. Also present are some of Scotlands most famous baddies like '2 Biscuits' McDouglas, the Grocer of Kilmarnock, and 'Westy' Hancock, who once farted in front of the Duke of Westminster at point blank range.
As the underworld parade vanishes into a hotel for their annual villains' breakfast of fried eggs, I too vanish back home for my breakfast of boiled eggs.
I spend the rest of the day looking at my feet.

I have had some thoughts on the possibilities of opening new enterprises in the district, for example (i.e)

A) A combination asylum and poy-purri centre where the inmates create bags of pot-pourri to allow your cabinets toi smell sweetly, it shall be called 'Scenti Mental'.

B) A series of old peoples homes:
1) Yesterday's People
2) Forgotten Faces
3) Time's Up
4) Conclusions.
A feature within the homes would be a dating agency for old people called 'Expiry Dates.

C) Health Farms:
1) Bye Bye Bulk
2) Fit And Farty

I have sent off a number of ideas to the government in a bid to aid world peace. These products are presented in advertisement form to aid the politicians to understand them and realize their true potential for global and universal harmony.

I awake to find thousand upon thousand of tiny hairlike baby snakes on my head, but on closer investigation find that it's mearly my own rapidly depleting hair, which disappoints me tremendously, although the thought of charming the baby snakes into exciting new hairstyles with a flute thrills me 'nuff! Never mind, I have recently discovered a new snake in my trousers which seems to react to kindness and, equally, threats!

I realized mid-morning that my bones had emerged through my finger tips. The doctor tells me this is quite normal and I should in future refer to them as 'fingernails'.

At dawn I ring the police and tell them that I have shot the rebellious Nashville singer Waylon Jennings and his undisturbed corpse is lying cold and motionless beneath the pear tree with robins circling overhead.
Twelve hours later the police strolled up to my door and asked to see the body. I led them through the house and down the garden past the ornament to the pear tree. JESUS CHRIST OF BETHLEHEM!! The carcass had gone. I explained that the robins must have devoured him and suggested they keep their eye's open for a flock of robins with more red on their chests than usual.
They left silently and I cooked some of my secret recipe Wild West Pork.

Flies swarm round the pork in my attic, so I get rid of it. all 160 lbs of it, in a ditch near B & Q.


Well, I hope that clears up any questions anybody had about what we'd been up to and the lack of posts form us, to make up for our tardyness here's a bunch of records played one after another for you to listen to on a sunny day, Balearic innit.

1. Ashra * Oasis
2. Space System * Petik
3. Wally Badarou * Mambo
4. Arthur Russell Vs Johanna Billing * This Is How We Walk On The Moon
5. Massive Attack And The Mad Proffessor * Radiation Ruling The Nation
6. Maxxi And Zeus * American Dreamer
7. Talk Talk * I Believe In You
8. Parsley Sound * Platonic Rate
9. Kammerflimmer KIollektief * Rotwelsch
10. Cults * Go Outside
11. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti * Round And Round
12. David Bowie * Somebody Up There Likes Me
13. Thin Lizzy * She Knows
14. Barry De Vorzon And Joe Walsh * In The City

Download Tourists"Thats some bad hat Harry!" mix here.
Mirror download from Megaupload.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X