Monday, 27 June 2011

Suono 7th Birthday this Saturday with Mark Seven, 4 Hands and Danno & Tony + Mark Seven mix to D/L.


With the likes of Daniele Baldelli, Greg Wilson, Ashley Beedle, Kelvin Andrews, Idjut Boys, Moonboots, Phil Mison and all the other familiar names that have headlined the past 7 years of raucous shindigs organised by the Suono crew, it's easy to see why it's with teary eye and heavy heart we say a bitter sweet 'au revoir' as their final Suono fling is flung this Saturday.
Thankfully the lads will still be soundtracking balmy Summer afternoons and bank holidays at The Tanners and such like, but with the whole M.O. of organising the larger club events becoming a bit of a bore they've decided to bow out in non too shabby style by flying in the legendary DJ, producer, collector, dealer and all round encyclopedia of the obscure disco track Mark Seven!!
As well as his ongoing obligations as the Jus’wax head honcho and crate-digger extraordinaire, Mark has made a name for himself issuing impeccable releases including Pillow Talk and Travelogue as well as the flawless, ‘A Salute to the Men of Vauxhall’ and its follow up, 'Salute 2 – Reach Out and Touch Your Dream'. Mark’s is one of a small group of people who can truly be referred to as 'a DJ’s DJ', the mere mention of his name causing trainspotters to salivate wildly, talk in tongues and send Discogs working into overtime. However it would be a disservice to make him sound elitist, his focus on finding a groove in the music he plays appeals to a far broader audience than his reputation as a purveyor of obscurities would suggest, and his ability to fuse together music across a range of genres succeeds in keeping the dance floor sweaty and packed, what every party wants! No stranger to the underground scene, with his involvement dating back to the late 80s when he started promoting parties such as ‘Bizarre’ on the fledgling Balearic scene, in addition to being a regular at ‘Shoom’, 'Future', 'Spectrum' and the infamous 'Boys Own' parties, citing the likes of Andy Weatheral and Danny Rampling as early inspirations.
Mark now resides in Sweden where he's lived since the late 90s dealing vinyl online with his 'Jus Wax' store, DJing in Stockholm and playing occasional guest spots around the world,,,, and this Saturday 'round the world' reads as 'the top of Stepney Bank, opposite The Tanners', and we CANNOT WAIT!!

As well as Mark and the Suono chaps delving deep into their record collections, we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't mention that Newcastle's own 'Four Hands' will be playing live. Steve, the man behind the Four Hands moniker has been making great music in a number of different guises for as long as most people can remember as well as releasing music on Paul 'Mudd' Murphy's Claremont 56 imprint. After a stellar turn at the last Suono party, Dano and Tony have invited him back! We'd HIGHLY recommend that you take a minute and pop across to the excellent 'Test Pressing' blog and check out the live recording of this performance that they've been hosting, in blunt terms, it's fucking amazing!!
We've also got some musical goodness for your ears in the shape of an uber rare Mark Seven mix from New Years Eve in 2007 for you to download. As you would expect, there is no tracklist for it but hey, why don't you do some disco-leg work and get diggin' for those ID's yaself?!

Mark Seven * NYE 07
Mirror Download from Megaupload

If you require any more info, just click on the Facebook event page here.

Suono 7th birthday with Mark Seven, Four Hands (live) Dano & Tony
Star & Shadow cinema
Saturday July the 2nd
11 pm till 4 am
Tickets £10 available from the Tanners & RPM
Warm up, rub down at the Tanners from 8pm, with Tadge.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Monday, 13 June 2011

Tell them I said something great...

A few things to report, a bit of free music and a Mixtape.

Firstly, the annual ¡VAMOS! festival is coming back for another year and it's presenting 2 special events, featuring a Touristblog favourite... MATIAS AGUAYO
Formerly half of the sublime Closer Musik, Aguayo is more recently known for his releases on his own imprint 'Comeme' and the ever wonderful 'Kompakt'.
Musically, he's almost impossible to pin down, splicing together the Chilean rhythms of his new home of Beunos Aries alongside the Techno sensibilities of his earlier work with a real sense of mischief (and in some cases, blatant piss taking).


The first event is an absolute treat for Newcastle and frankly, anyone who doesn't attend aught to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

For the last few years, Aguayo and his Comeme cohorts have been throwing free street parties up and down the length and breadth of South america, and now Newcastle's NONAME collective have managed to tempt them to bring one of their 'BUMBUMBOX' parties to Greys monument!
The event takes place from 12 till 3 this Friday (17th) and features both Aguayo and North East artist CAPRACARA (DFA/London Soul Jazz) performing 'Selleccion Transatlantica', an all new musical commission between the 2 artists that promises to be pretty fucking good!
The following day NONAME present a special free outdoor party at the Tyne Bar, featuring Aguayo, the fabulous Ana Helder and other Comeme artists, as well as Vamanos and Antonio Morales (Tourist remembers him when he was just plain Tony!) If that wasn't enough, then there's a FREE after party with Aguayo, Capracara and Helder all DJing back in the city centre at the new No28 bar/club!
If you're from Newcastle, then we don't really need to big the Tyne Partys up, and if you're not from Newcastle, then ask someone who is as this post is getting far too long.

Also on Friday, Touristblogs very own shameful secret, Last Waltz, are playing at a very special charity gig which also features a proverbial shower of similar tossers from the Newcastle underground party scene (god I hate that term).


An evening with Sir Bobby has been organised by the ever so slightly unhinged folk behind CTRL and features (in no particular order)...

Last Waltz
Motion DJs
Jaunt DJs
Pauly Barton
Mick Lyndsey and Dan Hawkins
Vince V

The event is taking place at The Globe, the roof terrace of which has so far been home to 2 fantastic Dada events (don't know if that actually counts as a recommendation, but it's bloody good) and entry is measly £7, which goes straight to the Bobby Robson foundation!

Right, musics...

Here's a slice of what to expect at Monument on Friday.

We've mentioned Closer Musik which has made for an excellent excuse to post this...

Closer Musik - Maria

Also, here's a incredibly skitzy, but absolutely amazing Aguayo mix from 09 as well as his brilliant 'Fact Mix' from a little later.

Matias Aguayo - XLR8R Mix

Matias Aguayo - FACT MIX

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist X