Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cooly G (Hyperdub) @ The Star & Shadow Cinema. Sat 7th May.


Slight change of course for us here at Tourist Towers but a worthwhile diversion never the less. While we're not known for championing Dubstep and the like we're always interested in anything fresh and new so here's a word about an great looking event organised by some of the guys the behind the excellent 'Endless Race' night we had a brilliant time at with Bill Brewster a few weeks back. (They're also hosting Gatto Fritto & Jamie Blanco next weekend, but more on that here in a couple of days,,)

"We are thrilled to have something different for you at the Star & Shadow in the form of Cooly G, one of the finest female (or either gender, for that matter) leftfield Dubstep/UK Funky/ House producers around at the moment, offering an alternative to the usual Newcastle party scene.Cooly G, signed to Hyperdub (Burial, Kode9, Joker, Ikonika), the semi-pro female footballer, producer and DJ from Brixton, describes her sound as having a "deep house tribal dubstep vibe," and you can see why - Cooly G's productions exist in their own hinterland - abstract post-garage beats that slowly shuffle into life, dubbed out, with her own cut up vocal snippets singing painterly half phrases. Terms such as Dubstep and UK Funky immediately come to mind when trying to describe her, but there is an undeniable deep house element that gives her music a smooth edge and makes it all the more difficult to fit into genre clich├ęs. Something of a child prodigy (she learned to DJ at the age of seven and was teaching music technology to men three times her age two months after leaving school), she’s the second female producer on Hyperdub alongside Ikonika. Her first single got people pretty excited, she was single of the week in the Guardian Newspaper, One to Watch in the Independent newspaper, has played with Kode9, got interviewed all over and was immediately snapped up for remixes by the majors as well as starting to get bookings all over the world."

Check out more mixes and info on the party at the Facebook event page here.
Saturday 7th of May at 10:00pm - Sunday at 4:00am
£8 on the door

If you want to check Cooly G's music and DJing style, there's a link to her very smart XLR8 mix from last year for your undoubted aural pleasure.

01 Cooly G "Intro"
02 Cooly G/DVA "Ol' Dirty"
03 DJ Gregory "Traffic"
04 T Williams "Hardcash"
05 Zander Hardy (exclusive)
06 Ben Westbeech & T. Williams (exclusive)
07 Martyn "Megadrive"
08 Artist Unknown "Glow"
09 O.B "ER"
10 Artist Unknown "Get Slapped Up"
11 Artist Unknown "Gain"
12 Artist Unknown "Dougsanna"
13 DJ Gregory "Work Me"
14 Sami Sanchez "Air Raid"
15 MA1 "Samurai Remix"
16 Wbeeza "Deep Underground"
17 Bowly (exclusive)
18 Major Notes "Friend of Mine Dub"

Download Cooly G's XLR8 Mix here.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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