Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chris Duckenfield * Sirup Club Podcast.


There's been an enforced extended sabbatical for us at Tourist Towers of recent as far as posts are concerned, however this is in no way, shape or form due to us frittering our time away sunning ourselves on balmy far Eastern beaches filling our bulging Northern loins with gin and heroin while being 'massaged' by young Indonesian boys oh no.
Tourist HQ has till today, resembled the aftermath of some kind of nightmare Y2K scenario with multiple laptops, desktops, X-Boxes and other sundry electrical items going apeshit-bonkers! We've not been able to come up with any conclusive evidence for this electrical anomaly but the clever money however is on Fos up and his tin hatted mob of hippie conspiracy-clarrts down the road, generating a huge EMP caused by all of them trying to log onto David Ike's new Facebook page at the same time.
Anyhoo, enough of this chat and down to the meat and veg on show here. The main course being an absolute peach of a mix here from long time Tourist favourite Chris Duckenfield that he's put together for the good people at the 'Sirup Club' in Zagreb.

"Sirup is one of my favourite places to play, a musically open and totally up for anything vibe, which is always a joy. When their superhero resident Pytzek asked me about doing a Podcast for them, I immediately wanted to share something which wasn't a straightforward crash, bang, wallop club set, but something that can be played early in the morning, fuzzy-headed & still basking in the glow of the night before. Inspired by those magical summer days & nights on the Adriatic coast." CD.

Tracks from Sir John, Amadou Et Mariam, Alicia Keys (Don't worry, it's awesome!), Keyboard Masher, Laser Tom & Blast Crew, but really, with Chris' pedigree I really don't need to sell this at all.
Tune in, turn on...

Chris Duckenfield * Musica Adriaticus
Mirror download from Megaupload

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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