Thursday, 17 February 2011

Uber Alles


North East record labels, to use a lazy journalistic idiom, are a lot like Buses.
We don't mean that they invlove carrying people and are prone to harmful emmisions, but they do definitely seem to all come at once.
We featured People Get Reals new project, Join Our Club, on a previous post, and we now feel obliged to point out 2 more labels which are not just in the category of 'good local labels', but are simply excellent and just happen to be from the region.

First up is Signals, a project from some (not all) of the people behind one of Tourists favourite (and deeply missed) DJ/Promotion outfits... Road to Rimini.

Signals is only 2 releases old and already they've managed to showcase the diversity that we already associated with their previous projects, or as they describe it...
"House/Techno/Synth Pop/Afro/and most importantly... the Funk"

Their inaugral release 'The One - Lets Get It Straight' managed to impressively combine elements of Early Chicago, via the Hitman and Her and numerous early 80's Discotheques, while rising above it's own influences.
The addition of a remix by Dutch electro legend Legowelt makes this an essential purchase, although you'll be hard pushed to find a vinyl copy now that it's virtually sold out from everywhere that stocked it.

As they describe it, fusing and deconstructing "Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Techno, P-Funk and Dub" their second release 'The Otherside Feat Musa K - Headless Corpse' goes so far beyond a being a musical u-turn from their previous release that it actually seems to traverse dimensions and makes perfect sense as their next step.

It's also a phenomenal record...


[SIG.MMX.II] The Otherside ft Musa K - Headless Corpse/Roadblock by signalsmmx

There's a very long and interesting story regarding how the release came about, which we wont include here because it's theirs to tell, but it's highlights include the 90's, Maxell tapes, driving to Darlington and Nik Kershaw!

You can buy Signals releases from the following link (it's available elsewhere too, but we chose to link to Clone because we're trendy that way)...

Click here for the Clone Records site.

Audio Parallax
Coming from seemingly nowhere, Audio Parallax records have released a flurry of considered Hi Tek Soul releases, all of which sound quite brilliant.

Focusing on local talents and working as community/collective/hivemind/cult (we're not completely sure which is the most apt), people may not have currently heard of artists such as MannMadeMusic, NY*AK or Gareth Cheshire, but based on their musical offerings, they're set for big things (or at least they will be if there's any cosmic justice, which we suspect their isn't, but we're optimists).


APR002: NY*AK - The Vulture [Released 28/01/2011] by Parallax Music Group

We're ashamed to say, while it's just down the road, we've never been to Murton in County Durham, although now we know that it's were label boss David Kenney originates, we can't help but envision the place as being where Dick Jones nicked the idea for Delta City, his futuristic Detroit.

Check out all that's fit to print on their website here

Dave has also produced this mix, which predominantly features his imminent releases...

David Kenney - Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat [APR PROMO MIX 002] by Parallax Music Group

Finally, this wouldn't be a true Tourist post without some kind of self serving byline.
The Tourist house band, Last Waltz, will be also throwng their hat into the ring with the launch of their limited vinyl project 'Object of Distraction' in early April.
The first release is a cover of the little known song Criminal World (later covered by Bowie on Lets Dance), featuring a remix by Fat Fuk records Phoreski, as well as their own club interpretation.
1/3 of Last Waltz recently recorded a mix for Spontaneous Rhythm, ANOTHER local label, which time constraints preclude us from detailing too much in this already rediculously long post. Safe to say we'll be featuring info on Spontaneous Rhythm soon enough, but in the meantime...
You can Listen / Download the mix here...

Geoff Leopard - 45 Minutes for Spontaneous Rhythm by Geoff Leopard(Last Waltz)

And familiarise yourself with Spontaneous Rythm here and check them on 'Soundcloud' here people.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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