Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A bunch of Andy Blake (Dissident/Cave Paintings) mixes.


It's no secret that there are 3 or 4 DJ's held in especially high esteem here at Tourist Towers and Andy Blake is one member of that much hallowed group. We always loved Andy's DJ sets and moreover the ethic behind his Dissident label, nearly all tracks sourced mainly from Blake’s circle of friends; the focus was idiosyncratic dance music that touched on house, disco, techno and the psychedelic outer reaches of the Balearic. Among those who contributed to the series were Gatto Fritto, Ali Renault (of Heartbreak), Mark Broom, The Off-Key Hat, Naum Gabo (Optimo’s JG Wilkes) and Blake himself. Following the dissolution of the much loved, and missed Dissident imprint, he has remained an hugely influential figure with his mindburstingly eclectic DJ sets as well as his new 'Cave Paintings' imprint, Blake currently choosing to spend more time in the studio, recording all-analogue, club friendly but uncompromising tracks live in one take, in the true spirit of Chicago house.
As a DJ, his pedigree and influence is considerable with only a handful of DJ's and collectors possessing anywhere near Blakes knowledge of music, as shown by the mixes we've posted. The sets cover almost every conceivable mutated variation of dance music, touching base with everything from uber hard German techno, classic Chicago House and original Disco via Balearic/Cosmic Rock and Turkish psychedelic soul to 60's freakbeat.
We've posted a few of Andys mixes in the past and had a great response to them so we hope you'll enjoy these ones as much as we did.
Also we have to give props to the excellent 'Test Pressing' blog and the ever reliable 'Feel My Bicep' where these ones were originally hosted.

Andy Blake * Strange Days
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Andy Blake * Nuclear Ritual (Music For A World Unknown Volume 12)
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Andy Blake * Mix (F.M.B.)
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Till next time.
Big love, Tourist. X

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