Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Andrew Weatherall * 6 Mix (13.02.11)


The big man recently returned for his latest edition of his 6 Mix residency on his Sunday night BBC Radio 6 show. One of the country's best loved DJ's and producers Weatherall has been thrust back into the public eye as of last November by Primal Scream, when they announced that they'd be touring and performing their Weatherall produced magnum opus - Screamadelica - live for the first time in full. Since then Weatherall has been the subject of an internet fan campaign to get him a weekly radio show to pick up where the much loved, and missed John Peel left off after his untimely death back in 2004. He has confirmed he'll be the Primal's tour DJ when they take Screamadelica on the road over the UK in the spring, celebrating it's twentieth anniversary. As you would expect from Weatherall, in his latest 6 Mix show, he plays a huge variation of music, old and new, from folk to rockabilly, via dub and minimal techno as well as new work and remixes fresh from the Rotters Golf Club studio. In the last 30 minutes he also throws open the doors to the Sunday night disco which features a live 30 minute mix of all things beat-y and banger-y, if that makes any sense? If it doesn't, just have a listen innit folks!


1. the Liminanas * Jes Suis Pas Tres Drogue
2. Wild Nothing * Take Me In
3. RD Burnham * Lekrham Diana Dil
4. The Black Angels * Black Grease
5. Sore Eros * Running Down
6. White Fence * That Mexican Thing/Life Is Too Short
7. Haunted George * The Tomb
8. Seefeel * Faultis
9. Pogo Ltd * Don't Pull Me Down
10. Blank Dogs Goes By
11. Wire Bad Worn Things
12. Pama International Meet Mad Professor * Justified Dub
13. The Two Bears * The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum
14. The Dirtbombs * Cosmic cars
15. Frente Cumniero * Pitchito
16. Gustav Temple And The Blades * Pudding And Pies
17. Secret Lives * Witches
18. Big Boi * Shutterbug
19. Tearist * Headless
20. Pink Industry * Don't Let go

Andrew's Sunday Night Disco:

1. Pablo * Stratus (Weatherall Remix)
2. Alice Gold * Runaway Love (Weatherall Remix)
3. Andrew Weatherall * A Love From Outer Space
4. Soft Metals * Another Goodbye
5. Margo * Vocci Giaga

Download from 'Andrew Weatherall * 6 Mix (13.02.11)

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