Monday, 3 January 2011

We're back! El.Dee (Last Waltz) * Return To Marley Potts Mix.


Well, that was that, 2010 disappears into the rear view mirrors like a bag of unwanted Christmas puppies left in a lay by on the A19 and 2011 comes reeling round the fountain to slap you on the patio. We've been a tad lax in regards to our blogging duties over the festive period due to the usual yuletide over indigence's but thankfully all the turkey has now been scoffed and there's only a single can of warm scotch left in the pantry at Tourist Tours so we can revert back to our normal week in week out lives and leave off the goose fat till next Crimbo.
Anyhoo, we've stockpiled a load of new mixes and other stuff from the usual suspects as well as some new additions to the fold to post in the coming weeks and to kickstart the 2011 session we've got a tasty little number from Tourist alumni Lee Forster, probably better known to Newcastle residents as one third of the 'Last Waltz' mob. Anyway, whichever the numerous nom de guerre's he's currently answering to Lee Forster, El.Dee, Fat Lee, Rat Face, Pointy Headed Twat, The Child Catcher, is matterless, what is important is that he's managed, against all the odds to knock us together a brilliant selection of records for our listening pleasure, so kick back, pour yourself a glass of something cold, spark up and consider this, in my best 'Big Brother' voice,,,,, "Lee Forster, omni-talented musical genius or a fat, irksome old twat? You decide!"


JJ Cale * Cherry
Soul Drummers * Lude # 7
Ananta * Casual Ocean
Michael Brook * Hybrid
Coyote * Mongolia
Quiet Village * Too High To Move
Naum Gabo * Black Lab (Black Lab Discosession Mix)
Bronski Beat * Memories
Edgar Froese * Pinnacles
Roland Sebastien Faber * Molecular

Download 'El.Dee * Return To Marley Potts' mix here.

Anyone having trouble with the Zshare link above, there's an alternative Download link here innit!

Till next time.
Big Love. Tourist. X

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