Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Endless Race with Bill Brewster @ The Star & Shadow + mixes from Pat (Rimini/Endless Race) & Bill himself innit!

PhotobucketWith the sad demise of the Road To Rimini parties, Newcastle has since been left with a rather large gap to be filled as far as clubbing goes. After 5 years of great parties, bringing in the likes of Tourist faves Neville Watson, Andy Blake, Legowelt and Heartbreak to mention just a few and being one of the only truly regular alternatives to the usual big house/dance nights in the area the good people involved decided, with heavy hearts, that sadly it was time to lay the body of the Fratelli Di Rimini to rest for good.
But do not despair good reader, for the spirit of Rimini lives on in the shape of 'Endless Race'!
It's was obvious that after years of throwing such splendidly successful bashes the chaps behind 'Rimini' and 'A Little Lost' couldn't just leave it be, even with the plethora of new projects, labels, radio shows etc, it was always inevitable they'd dip their collective toes back into the meat and veg of clubbing, hence the tasty looking new night they've cooked up, the afore mentioned 'Endless Race!'
Obviously with them wanting to get things started on the right foot, they are extremely proud to bring the one and only Bill Brewster to their old home, 'The Star and Shadow' on Saturday February 19th. Co-writer of the acclaimed Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, co-founder of one of Tourists favourite websites, the essential DJhistory.com and responsible for the legendary 'Low Life' parties that have now been running for an incredible 15 years now, Bill is something of an encyclopaedia of dance music and hugely respected worldwide as a DJ.
Far from being a jack of all trades and master of none, Bill has a broad appreciation for dance and electronic music informs an eclectic and genre blending approach that is much more than the sum of its parts as well as a sensitivity and sense of occasion that few DJs possess. Bill Brewster knows how to work a crowd in the best possible sense! He began DJing in the 1980s, but came into his own in the early 1990s, particularly during a two-year stint in New York running DMC’s office, where nights at the Sound Factory and hanging out with Danny Tenaglia gave him the musical grounding you can still hear in his music today. Anyone hearing Bill today can hear the influence of years spent cutting his teeth as a DJ in New York. There are few still playing regularly today that have his dedication, eclecticism and far reaching knowledge of music that will be on display on February 19th. He has been working in the industry’s fringes for almost 30 years including the running of various labels from Twisted UK and Forensic in the ’90s to Disco Sucks and, lately, Anorak. Miss this rare opportunity to see him in the North East at your own peril.


This is only Bill's second ever performance in Newcastle so as you can see, it's truly rare occasion and one we're DEFINITLEY not going to miss! If you want a little taste of the mans credentials, then simply check these two mixes from the legendary Low Life party back in Feb last year. Great stuff!

As well as Bill himself, there’ll also be warm up sets from the resident DJs and as such we've included a brilliant mix from ex-Rimini and current Endless Race decksman Pat for you to download. this one comes highly recommended!!


1. Holy Ghost * Walk On Air (Sun And Moon Mix)

2. Propaganda * Echoes Of Frozen Faces

3. Riccardo Cionni * Fog

4. Beautiful Swimmers * Big Coast

5. Sly And Robbie * Get To This, Get To that

6. Marcello Napoletano

7. Sapho * Train De Paris

8. Escape From NY * Save Our Love

9. Ram Band * Silent Smiles

10. Soft Rocks * Leave Your Earth Behind

11. Riz Ortolani * Il Corpi Di Linda

12. Full Five * For Good Measure

13. Clandestine * Radio Rhythm Dub (Arthur Russell)

14. Units * High Pressure Days

15. Mark Lane Who's Really Listening

,,,, or alternatively, you can download it from Megaupload by clicking here.

Soooo, the date for your diary is Saturday the 19th of February for Endless Race with Bill Brewster (Low Life/DJHistory.com) plus residents, the doors are 10pm – 4am and tickets are £9. You can buy them on the door, but we strongly recommend you buy them in advance by clicking on the link here and check out any other info on the Endless Race Facebook page here.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

People Get Real * Alternative New Year Hoedown Mix.


With the resurgence in all things Cold Wave and a renewed interest in the darker side of Synth-Pop and Post-Punk over the last 18 months or so, there was always going to be the danger that a host of half baked pretenders trying to hitch themselves to the bandwagon following the original bandwagon would pollute the internet with more and more watered down interpretations of what they considered to be Cold Wave or Post Punk and that is exactly what has happened, with a few notible exceptions. We've had some brilliant mixes from Richard Fearless, Weatherall and the Mutant Disco radio show, some great compilations from Stones Throw, Angular and New Yorks Wierd Records and a go
od degree of much overdue success for Factory Floor. With this in mind we're rightly excited here at Tourist to have a brand spanking new synth-flavoured mix from our good friends 'People Get Real' to share with you and a re-up on our sister blog 'Thoughts On Love And Smoking' of the excellent 'Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics' compilation album from last year. But first, get a lug full of this,,,,,


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross * Eventually We Find Our Way
Psyche * Misery (Extended Edit)
Tommi Stumpf * Alarm
Twilight Ritual * Closed Circuit
Soma Holiday * Shake Your Molecules (The Neutron Dance)
Peru * Oriental
British Murder Boys * Hate Is Such A Strong Word (Original Mix)
E-Gold feat. Alexis * Separate Our Hearts (Tom Furse The Horrors remix)
ISE8 Edits * It's The Bonobo Season
Anne Clark * Our Darkness (Sci-Fi Mortiz Dark Twist Rmx)
Chris & Cosey * Arcade
Tanit * Can An Actor Bleed
Trisomie 21 * Breaking Down
B52's * Mesopotamia (Mike Simonetti's version For Fred)

People Get Real * Alternative New Year Hoedown.

Check 'People Get Real' on Soundcloud.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Monday, 3 January 2011

We're back! El.Dee (Last Waltz) * Return To Marley Potts Mix.


Well, that was that, 2010 disappears into the rear view mirrors like a bag of unwanted Christmas puppies left in a lay by on the A19 and 2011 comes reeling round the fountain to slap you on the patio. We've been a tad lax in regards to our blogging duties over the festive period due to the usual yuletide over indigence's but thankfully all the turkey has now been scoffed and there's only a single can of warm scotch left in the pantry at Tourist Tours so we can revert back to our normal week in week out lives and leave off the goose fat till next Crimbo.
Anyhoo, we've stockpiled a load of new mixes and other stuff from the usual suspects as well as some new additions to the fold to post in the coming weeks and to kickstart the 2011 session we've got a tasty little number from Tourist alumni Lee Forster, probably better known to Newcastle residents as one third of the 'Last Waltz' mob. Anyway, whichever the numerous nom de guerre's he's currently answering to Lee Forster, El.Dee, Fat Lee, Rat Face, Pointy Headed Twat, The Child Catcher, is matterless, what is important is that he's managed, against all the odds to knock us together a brilliant selection of records for our listening pleasure, so kick back, pour yourself a glass of something cold, spark up and consider this, in my best 'Big Brother' voice,,,,, "Lee Forster, omni-talented musical genius or a fat, irksome old twat? You decide!"


JJ Cale * Cherry
Soul Drummers * Lude # 7
Ananta * Casual Ocean
Michael Brook * Hybrid
Coyote * Mongolia
Quiet Village * Too High To Move
Naum Gabo * Black Lab (Black Lab Discosession Mix)
Bronski Beat * Memories
Edgar Froese * Pinnacles
Roland Sebastien Faber * Molecular

Download 'El.Dee * Return To Marley Potts' mix here.

Anyone having trouble with the Zshare link above, there's an alternative Download link here innit!

Till next time.
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