Monday, 29 November 2010

Jesse's Diets


Myself and Tamara, as well as a panoply of similarly wretched mendicants, regularly play alongside my fellow Last Waltz member, Lee Forster (AKA Foss, El.Dee, Fat Lee, BassHunter, Grandad, El Decrepit, Joey Boswell etc etc etc) on the terrace of Tokyo, one of Newcastle's finer hostelries.

Each week the Facebook notifications regarding the gig tend to get more interesting, so I've decided to document them (for at least a week) starting today.

This is a bumper edition, because I can remember the previous 2 weeks status' too.

Friday Nov 12th 2010

Lee Forster.

'I''ll be doing the decks with Geoffs Hair on TOKYO TERRACE.
Gusty Balearic. Breezey Disco. Chicago House (Windy City). Gale Force Techno.

Friday Nov 19th 2010

Geoff Leopard.

',,,,, is playing records on the terrace at Tokyo tonight, as is one of his polygamous life partners, FoZZ. Gay Disco, Macho Techno and Bi Curious House are on the menu.'

Friday Nov 26th 2010

Tamara Touristblog Knight.

'Tonight @ Tokyo, playing fingerless glove house, icey-techno, wrap up warm baleria and 'take ya coat off or you wont feel the benefit when you go outside' chuggers, with Newcastles favourite slush puppy, Lee Forster. Snowmen optional!'

Watch this space for more.

Or don't watch this space.

Either is good.

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