Monday, 29 November 2010

Jesse's Diets


Myself and Tamara, as well as a panoply of similarly wretched mendicants, regularly play alongside my fellow Last Waltz member, Lee Forster (AKA Foss, El.Dee, Fat Lee, BassHunter, Grandad, El Decrepit, Joey Boswell etc etc etc) on the terrace of Tokyo, one of Newcastle's finer hostelries.

Each week the Facebook notifications regarding the gig tend to get more interesting, so I've decided to document them (for at least a week) starting today.

This is a bumper edition, because I can remember the previous 2 weeks status' too.

Friday Nov 12th 2010

Lee Forster.

'I''ll be doing the decks with Geoffs Hair on TOKYO TERRACE.
Gusty Balearic. Breezey Disco. Chicago House (Windy City). Gale Force Techno.

Friday Nov 19th 2010

Geoff Leopard.

',,,,, is playing records on the terrace at Tokyo tonight, as is one of his polygamous life partners, FoZZ. Gay Disco, Macho Techno and Bi Curious House are on the menu.'

Friday Nov 26th 2010

Tamara Touristblog Knight.

'Tonight @ Tokyo, playing fingerless glove house, icey-techno, wrap up warm baleria and 'take ya coat off or you wont feel the benefit when you go outside' chuggers, with Newcastles favourite slush puppy, Lee Forster. Snowmen optional!'

Watch this space for more.

Or don't watch this space.

Either is good.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Final Road To Rimini + Mixes from Tony Daly & Justin Mills.


Well, sad times again people as another of the North Easts clubbing institutions 'Road To Rimini' pulls down the shutters and closes it's doors for the final time. After almost 5 years of musical boundary pushing and genre blending, Rimini is probably the only party in Newcastle over the last decade that can genuinely claim to have successfully taken the blueprint for traditional clubnights and tossed it straight into the file marked 'bin' and stamped their own identity on the city's nightlife. It will be sorely missed.

Over four years have passed since starting Road to Rimini in a small, smokey and cramped basement bar in Newcastle city centre and the Il Fratelli Di Rimini have decided that it's the end of the road for the Rimini nights.

We found a great home for our night in the Star & Shadow Cinema and for more than three years; through blood, sweat and toil we somehow managed to pull off some great parties.

We're so proud of what we've done with this night and made some great comrades along the way. We bridged a much needed gap between Italo Disco, House, Techno, Electro, Krautrock, EBM, Synth pop and Hi-Nrg.

But all things pass and it's time to call it a day. Wipe that tear from your eye though because we've planned a great finale!

It's only appropiate and perfectly fitting that we get Den Haag's finest back! Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt and Creme Organisation's TLR will be banging the box on Saturday 20th Nov for THE FINAL ROAD TO RIMINI with able support from Newcastle's finest DJs - Tony Daly & Justin Mills.

For those that missed Legowelt's Road to Rimini live debut, way back in 2007, don't miss out on this.

But let's not get nostalgic about halcyon days; his live sets and productions are now more relevant than ever. With recent releases on Creme Organisation (the outstanding Vatos Locos LP and Gardens of the Ghetto EP), his own label Strange Life, M>O>S Recordings, Clone and Minimal Rome, he'll be packing up his machines and flying over from the west coast of Holland with only one intention - to make you jackers scream!

It's with great pleasure that we also see the return of TLR; Creme Organisation label boss and for us one of the finest purveyors of genuine underground music. There is only one aim for TLR - make you dance.

With equal excitement we're also proud to present Tony (Suono) Daly & Justin Mills. For locals Tony & Justin need no introduction but for the uninitiated these two were residents at one of the finest techno/electro nights in Newcastle - Reverb - where they warmed up for the likes of Carl Craig, Baby Ford, DJ Bone.... the list goes on. It'll be a rare outing to hear these two together and worth the entrance fee alone. - they'll get this party started right.

It goes without saying that we need a roll call of all the live acts, producers and DJs that have helped us along the way, it's more than just a name check, it's a massive thank you. We've genuinely made some great friends and it's been a real honour.

Darkmode, Fiero Fuxx, Shemale, Guessmen, Heartbreak, Socco Chico, Syphus, Legowelt, DJ TLR, Rob & Zoopsie, Mysterymen, The Wee DJs, Bionix, Peter Mangalore, iamelectron, Tokyo Acid Cru, Starlight Boyz, J.error, Rick Hopkins, Video Dave, 586, Tadge, Sneak-Thief, Orgue Electronique, Meschi, Andy Blake, Casionova, Warm Digits, Kobol Electronics, Teslasonic, Onoma, The Cylon, Kristian Atkinson. Gesaffelstein, The Hacker, Emergency Librarian, Den Haan, The Knight Stalkers, Tommy Walker 3, Ali Renault, Oppenheimer Analysis, Rude 66, Andrew Ingram, MANASYt, Artwhore, Electrick Dragon, David Vunk, Neville Watson, Third Man, Slabs of the Tabernacle, The One, Gold Blood, Joe Hart.

The Star & Shadow venue has supported our night from the beginning and allowed us great freedom - all the volunteers that have helped us along the way we cannot thank you enough. You all know who you are.
A remarkable and truly unique space!

Special thanks also to Newcastle's finest drinking establishments; The Tanners, The Tyne and The Forth.
Big thanks also to local promoters for your support; Noname, Binni, Tony & Dano, Kristian, Foss, Geoff, Mick & Colin.


As a little taster we've got a couple of mixes from a couple of the guests for the night, Mr Peterlee 91/92 and the North Easts most militant vest wearer Mr Tony Daly and his partner in vibes, recognised as one of Newcastles alltime finest house and techno selectors Justin Mills. Both mixes being the absolute gems you'd expect!

Patrice Scott * Evolutions Pt 2
Furry Freaks * Lament For A Dead Computer Pt 1
Hakan Libdo * Walk Away (2020 Dub)
Deetron * I Cling (Aril Brikha Mix)
Scuba * Heavenly (Remix)
Crime * Unknown
Restless Soul * Skyodelic
Pezzner * The Big Roll
Maurizio * M5
Photek & Robert Owens * Mine To Give
Josh One * Contemplation (King Britt Remix)

Jungle Wonz * Bird In A Gilded Cage (Dub)
Virgo * Free Yourself
Chicago Skyway * Heavens Angels
Railway Raver * My Lacoste
Jared Wilson * Bankok 4 Seasons (Osbourne Mix)
, Taqng * Throbbin'
Nexus 21 * Together
Grant * Danceappella
Tyree * Video Crash
Gherkin Jerks (Speedy J Mix)
X2 * Time Elevation
Jared Wilson * Paris Massacre
Legowelt And Traxx * Stranger In The Strangest Of Lands

So just to re-cap, thats,,,,,

Final Road To Rimini with Legowelt (Creme Organisation, Bunker, Clone, Strange Life) (Live.)
TLR (Creme Organisation) (DJ Set)
Justin Mills & Tony Daly. (Suono, Reverb, Bloated)
Saturday 20th Of November 2010
Star & Shadow Cinema, Stepney Bank, Byker NE1 2NP
£7 advance or £8 on the door.

See you down the front!!

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. x