Monday, 11 October 2010

The Tourist 'Needle Exchange 2 Mix: Repeat Prescriptions'.


The second in the series of 'Needle Exchange' mixes I'm doing. Same M.O. as before kicking off nice n' slow and a wee bit dubby before booting off as we get towards the last third. If the first half is a bit like Jackie Chan who after taking offence to an embarrassing etiquette gaff by you would engage in two hours of showy elaborate pre-fight rituals before employing a glof club and a joiners stool in a comedy manner to win a brawl then the second is more like Chuck Norris who would just cut the shit and give you a fucking spin kick round the back of the neck and call your missus a cunt. I had the leave a bunch of tracks from the likes of Levon Vincent, Phoreski, Higamos Hogamos, Toby Tobias, John Carpenter, The Cure, Martin Buttrich, Snuff Crew, G & S, Red Rack'em, Tim Fairplay and Underground Resistance off, mainly for the fact that the mix would have ended up being almost 4 hours long, but they'll probably turn up on another mix if I knock one together any time soon. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this one.


1. Farah * Gay Boy (Italians Do It Better)
2. The Ying Yang Twins * Wait (The Whisper Song) (TVT Recs)
3. Leftfield * Original Jam (Hard Hands)
4. KZA * Open Up (Slow Version) (Mule Musique Japan)
5. Johnny Dynell * Jam Hot (40 Thieves Dub) (White)
6. I:Cube * Falling (Versatile France)
7. Rezkar * Above The Clouds (Running Back)
8. Moscow * Deep Heat (Dub) (Lo Recordings)
9. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb * Feel It (Warp)
10. Duckbeats * Music (Don't Stop) (Home Taping)
11. Ladyhawke * Back Of The Van (Mock N' Toof Remix) (CDr)
12. Franz Ferdinand * Ulyesses (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation) (Domino)
13. Dirt Crew * Deep Cover (Robert Rodriguez Remix) (Moodmusic)
14. Deepchild * Backroom (KinK Remix) (Trapez)
15. DJ T * Shine On (Get Physical)
16. Butch * Tease Me (Cecille)
17. Supermayer * Two Of Us (Kompact)

Soundcloud Download too for those having trouble with Zshare here innit hew!

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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