Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros/Beard Science) mix.


Sean Johnston's mixes and productions have become somewhat of a favourite here at Tourist HQ of recent and as such it will comes as no suprise that we've this mix on the ol' iPod for quite a while now. After the universally positive response and huge number of downloads the unspeakably brilliant 'Hardway Bros Bathing Machine II' mix we hosted by Sean recieved, and with a couple of heavily anticipated new Hardway Bros productions about to drop we thought it would be the ideal time to lay this one on y'all. The mix was a warm-up set for Ivan Smagghe at the Prins Thomas/Full Pupp hosted 'Summer Ekstravaganza' party at Corsica Studios and as you'd expect, it's effin' leathal! Regarde,,,,,


1. Tornado Wallace * Paddlin' (Linkwood remix)
2. Skatebard * Starwatcher II
3. Cole Medina * I Got My Mind Made Up (Cole's Remake)
4. Runaway * Dirty Cake
5. Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso * Colt Seavers
6. Mike Burns * Patterns
7. John Talabot * La Ninya (Afrodub Version)
8. Mungolian Jetset * Mush In The Bush
9. Williams * Confused Arp Disco
10. Spectacle * The Mask Of Sanity
11. Andrew Weatherall * Brother Johnston's Travelling Disco Consultancy
12. Junesex * Worst Than Love (Gilb'r Chateau Flight Remix)
13. Cage & Aviary * Beat-N-Path (Brennan Green's mix)
14. Von Spar * Troops (Rebolledo Remix)
15. Midnight Magic * Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
16. Cole Medina * Red Hot (The Mole's MMD Mix)
17. Chopstick & Johnjon feat Fritz Kalkbrenner * Keep On Keepin' On!
18. T-Coy * Carino (Motor City Drum Ensemble mix)
19. Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki Takahashi * Once Again (Kuniyuki Version)
20. Wolfgang Voigt * Geduld (DJ Koze Mix)
21. Roxy Music * The Main Thing (Rub N Tug Remix)
22. Jamie Jones * Ruckus
23. Ichisan * Magnetic Field
24. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos * Where Were You (Kirk Digiorgi Mix)
25. Betoko Lopaz * New Dimension
26. Neurotic Drum Band * We're Gonna Rock You
27. Tape To Tape * The Devil Made Me Do It
28. Harry Choo Choo Romero * Phuture (Joris Voorn Remix)
29. Joris Voorn * The Secret
30. LoSoul * Open Door
31. Visnadi * Racing Tracks
32. Brian Sanhaji * Higgs
33. Paperclip People * Throw

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