Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Keep off my wife Jonson


October 22nd sees the Last Waltz DJs (the Tourist house band and all-round wretched miscreants) take to the road again.

This time they’re returning to Leeds to play at THROWBACK alongside Tourist fave MARK E and resident DJ’s (and friends to the stars) DEATH ON THE BALCONY.

While his work has certainly been known to the cognoscenti for the last few years, it appears that as of late Mark E is rapidly making the transition to superstar status, thanks in no small part to some excellent releases and remixes on “Under The Shade” as well as his own “Merc” imprint.

Death on the Balcony also seem to be actively making a name for themselves, not only via their own parties (Throwback, Emanuelles Party Bucket) but through some great output through MagicBag (a label they’re heavily involved with), Airdrop and Ackbal Music.

SoulClap in particular seem smitten by the Leeds duo, not only releasing one of their tracks (a chugging take on Bananarama’s Long Hot Summer) on their latest FreEp Project, but also asking them to provide the latest mix for the SoulClap Podcast.

We’ve also heard tell that the Throwback parties have quickly turned into the hang out of choice for Leeds ever increasing roll-call of musical movers & shakers, so all in all, the party sounds like it’s going to be a good one.

Last Waltz remain to be bad haircuts with good records.

Fnd more details on the event by clicking here.

Download Mark E BiS Mix

Download Death on The Balcony Mix for SoulClap

Download Geoff Leopard (1/3 Last Waltz) edit of Dire Straights * Follow Me Home, here.
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