Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Andrew Weatherall * Live @ Electric Chair. Jan 07.


Really don't have to sell this one AT ALL so I'll keep it brief. Unless you've been sprinkling industrial size tubs of Ketamine on your Corn Flakes for breakfast each morning you'll more than know what to expect when two of Englands finest old-(ish) institutions combined back in January 07. They produce a quite frankly outrageous 2 and a half hours of unbelievably good music.
One of my all time favourite mixes, I would happily punch a baby to be able to go back in time and have been at this night. Weatherall cutting loose in fine style and rinsing his record box right out. The mix boots off with Schoolly D and ends two and a half hours later with, well, you'll have to listen with a huge smile on your face to it to find out. ;)


Andrew Weatherall * Live @ Electric Chair. Jan 07. Part 1.

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