Friday, 29 October 2010

Theo Parrish Live @ Stereotonic, Dublin.


We can't get enough of Theo at Tourist Towers! We've been checking out some of his old EQ twiddling mixes this week, revisiting some of his best, seductive, strange, infectious and down right brilliant old mixes and some of his more recent output and absolutely essential productions. I really could go on on forever praising this guy, but you'd do better slapping a needle on one of his tunes and rinsing out the volume, 'Walking Through The Sky', 'Sawale Sayale', 'I Can't Take It' or any one of his sometimes divisive 'Ugly Edits' series. (Personally I think his edit of Jill Scott's 'Slowly, Surely' is one of the greatest moments in electronic music of the last 20 years.) Firmly sticking two fingers up at all those naysayers who continually regurgitate the frankly ridiculous argument that dance music has no Soul. No I don't, I recommend everything he's done, even the stuff I haven't heard yet. But honestly, your life will be better for hearing him.
It's no exaggeration to say that Theo Parrish could easily be considered to be the future of what was formerly known as House Music, continually at the bleeding edge, coal facing at the coalface of experimentalism, he has again and again pushed music to new turning points, all the while doing it with patience and class, no sell out, true to his roots and his own sound and vision, the man is truly inspiring. Drawing on the rich heritage of classic Detroit House and it's grittyness, soulfulness, dirtyness, rawness and honestness. Truly, only and handful of people in the world make music like Theo and almost all of those cats are from the motor city.
Possibly the most versatile and otherworldly DJ on the planet, able to play anything, bringing bleeding hard techno into soul records with no problems. As a producer, sometimes a bit too avant garde for some, but as a DJ, forget about the competiton. Deep, hypnotic, sublime music at it's best!



1. Hanna – Metropolitan
2. Theo Parrish – Shadow Dancing
3. Son Dexter – Sonrise Dance
4. Theo Parrish – Delwood II
5. Three Chairs – On The 3 Chairs
6. Theo Parrish – Ebonics
7. Franck Roger Etc – No More Believe
8. Chez N Trent – The Choice
9. Roy Ayers – Running Away
10. Positive Force – We Got The Funk
11. Theo Parrish – Lake Shore Drive
12. Lego – El Ritimo De Verdad
13. 1050 East Feat. Lady Alma – Count On Me
14. Piranhahead - Unreleased
15. Infinity Feat Malik – Back 2 Chicago
16 .Loletta Holloway – Love Sensation (Ugly Edit 5)
18. Love I Lost (Ugly Edit)
19. Mr Fingers – Sharing 909’s
20. First Choice – Love And Happiness
21. Gherkin Jerks – Acid Indigestion
21. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes
22. Da Posse – It’s My Life (Aluh Mix)
23. Sylvester – Over & Over
24. Loletta Holloway – Catch Me On The Rebound
25. Brainstorm – Hot For You
26. Phreek – Big Phreek
27. Kikrokos – Jungle Dj (Ron Hardy Edit)
28. Made In The Usa – Never Let You Go (Ugly Edit 1)
29. Sylvester – Down, Down, Down
30. Carolyn Crawford - Comin On Strong
31. Lenny Williams - Choosing You

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Andrew Weatherall * Live @ Electric Chair. Jan 07.


Really don't have to sell this one AT ALL so I'll keep it brief. Unless you've been sprinkling industrial size tubs of Ketamine on your Corn Flakes for breakfast each morning you'll more than know what to expect when two of Englands finest old-(ish) institutions combined back in January 07. They produce a quite frankly outrageous 2 and a half hours of unbelievably good music.
One of my all time favourite mixes, I would happily punch a baby to be able to go back in time and have been at this night. Weatherall cutting loose in fine style and rinsing his record box right out. The mix boots off with Schoolly D and ends two and a half hours later with, well, you'll have to listen with a huge smile on your face to it to find out. ;)


Andrew Weatherall * Live @ Electric Chair. Jan 07. Part 1.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Tourist 'Needle Exchange 2 Mix: Repeat Prescriptions'.


The second in the series of 'Needle Exchange' mixes I'm doing. Same M.O. as before kicking off nice n' slow and a wee bit dubby before booting off as we get towards the last third. If the first half is a bit like Jackie Chan who after taking offence to an embarrassing etiquette gaff by you would engage in two hours of showy elaborate pre-fight rituals before employing a glof club and a joiners stool in a comedy manner to win a brawl then the second is more like Chuck Norris who would just cut the shit and give you a fucking spin kick round the back of the neck and call your missus a cunt. I had the leave a bunch of tracks from the likes of Levon Vincent, Phoreski, Higamos Hogamos, Toby Tobias, John Carpenter, The Cure, Martin Buttrich, Snuff Crew, G & S, Red Rack'em, Tim Fairplay and Underground Resistance off, mainly for the fact that the mix would have ended up being almost 4 hours long, but they'll probably turn up on another mix if I knock one together any time soon. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this one.


1. Farah * Gay Boy (Italians Do It Better)
2. The Ying Yang Twins * Wait (The Whisper Song) (TVT Recs)
3. Leftfield * Original Jam (Hard Hands)
4. KZA * Open Up (Slow Version) (Mule Musique Japan)
5. Johnny Dynell * Jam Hot (40 Thieves Dub) (White)
6. I:Cube * Falling (Versatile France)
7. Rezkar * Above The Clouds (Running Back)
8. Moscow * Deep Heat (Dub) (Lo Recordings)
9. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb * Feel It (Warp)
10. Duckbeats * Music (Don't Stop) (Home Taping)
11. Ladyhawke * Back Of The Van (Mock N' Toof Remix) (CDr)
12. Franz Ferdinand * Ulyesses (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation) (Domino)
13. Dirt Crew * Deep Cover (Robert Rodriguez Remix) (Moodmusic)
14. Deepchild * Backroom (KinK Remix) (Trapez)
15. DJ T * Shine On (Get Physical)
16. Butch * Tease Me (Cecille)
17. Supermayer * Two Of Us (Kompact)

Soundcloud Download too for those having trouble with Zshare here innit hew!

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros/Beard Science) mix.


Sean Johnston's mixes and productions have become somewhat of a favourite here at Tourist HQ of recent and as such it will comes as no suprise that we've this mix on the ol' iPod for quite a while now. After the universally positive response and huge number of downloads the unspeakably brilliant 'Hardway Bros Bathing Machine II' mix we hosted by Sean recieved, and with a couple of heavily anticipated new Hardway Bros productions about to drop we thought it would be the ideal time to lay this one on y'all. The mix was a warm-up set for Ivan Smagghe at the Prins Thomas/Full Pupp hosted 'Summer Ekstravaganza' party at Corsica Studios and as you'd expect, it's effin' leathal! Regarde,,,,,


1. Tornado Wallace * Paddlin' (Linkwood remix)
2. Skatebard * Starwatcher II
3. Cole Medina * I Got My Mind Made Up (Cole's Remake)
4. Runaway * Dirty Cake
5. Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso * Colt Seavers
6. Mike Burns * Patterns
7. John Talabot * La Ninya (Afrodub Version)
8. Mungolian Jetset * Mush In The Bush
9. Williams * Confused Arp Disco
10. Spectacle * The Mask Of Sanity
11. Andrew Weatherall * Brother Johnston's Travelling Disco Consultancy
12. Junesex * Worst Than Love (Gilb'r Chateau Flight Remix)
13. Cage & Aviary * Beat-N-Path (Brennan Green's mix)
14. Von Spar * Troops (Rebolledo Remix)
15. Midnight Magic * Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
16. Cole Medina * Red Hot (The Mole's MMD Mix)
17. Chopstick & Johnjon feat Fritz Kalkbrenner * Keep On Keepin' On!
18. T-Coy * Carino (Motor City Drum Ensemble mix)
19. Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki Takahashi * Once Again (Kuniyuki Version)
20. Wolfgang Voigt * Geduld (DJ Koze Mix)
21. Roxy Music * The Main Thing (Rub N Tug Remix)
22. Jamie Jones * Ruckus
23. Ichisan * Magnetic Field
24. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos * Where Were You (Kirk Digiorgi Mix)
25. Betoko Lopaz * New Dimension
26. Neurotic Drum Band * We're Gonna Rock You
27. Tape To Tape * The Devil Made Me Do It
28. Harry Choo Choo Romero * Phuture (Joris Voorn Remix)
29. Joris Voorn * The Secret
30. LoSoul * Open Door
31. Visnadi * Racing Tracks
32. Brian Sanhaji * Higgs
33. Paperclip People * Throw

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Keep off my wife Jonson


October 22nd sees the Last Waltz DJs (the Tourist house band and all-round wretched miscreants) take to the road again.

This time they’re returning to Leeds to play at THROWBACK alongside Tourist fave MARK E and resident DJ’s (and friends to the stars) DEATH ON THE BALCONY.

While his work has certainly been known to the cognoscenti for the last few years, it appears that as of late Mark E is rapidly making the transition to superstar status, thanks in no small part to some excellent releases and remixes on “Under The Shade” as well as his own “Merc” imprint.

Death on the Balcony also seem to be actively making a name for themselves, not only via their own parties (Throwback, Emanuelles Party Bucket) but through some great output through MagicBag (a label they’re heavily involved with), Airdrop and Ackbal Music.

SoulClap in particular seem smitten by the Leeds duo, not only releasing one of their tracks (a chugging take on Bananarama’s Long Hot Summer) on their latest FreEp Project, but also asking them to provide the latest mix for the SoulClap Podcast.

We’ve also heard tell that the Throwback parties have quickly turned into the hang out of choice for Leeds ever increasing roll-call of musical movers & shakers, so all in all, the party sounds like it’s going to be a good one.

Last Waltz remain to be bad haircuts with good records.

Fnd more details on the event by clicking here.

Download Mark E BiS Mix

Download Death on The Balcony Mix for SoulClap

Download Geoff Leopard (1/3 Last Waltz) edit of Dire Straights * Follow Me Home, here.
(Yes, we know this has already been on the OOFT! Blog. Jeeeeeeeez!)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Countach * Back In 84 Mix.


A smart new mix this week from Tourist favourite 'The Countach'. If the name isn't immiediately recognised now, then take note as we're sure that it'll be very familiar, very soon!
The Countach is a mysterious record player from Manchester and hes been putting vinyls on decks for the last 5 years all over the UK as well as established institutes like the Warehouse Project and Sankeys on home ground. Based in Manchester, he was one of the original members to set up the Micron with a group of like minded party people. Wanting to pursue his journey into the production ship he left Micron to go live in a cave for a few years to work on some unusual sounds. Influenced by the old Gigolo Records sound and a mixture of italo disco and weird techno, he has created some interesting music for himself, and hopefully other people too. His debut EP is out in Autumn on Matt Walsh's label Clouded Vision with a healthy set of remixes from another Tourist favourite Ivan Smagghe and partner Tim Paris, Clouded Vision and Rob Mello. The EP itself is a mixture of retro electro, future techno and neo rave so expect a barn stormer of a record. He is also part of the Jupiter Rooms night which runs in Manchester and London which is a monthly electronic boogaloo. If you get the chance while seeing him play, pop over and say hi or tell him and interesting story involving animals as he will most definitely enjoy them.


1. Bagarre - For Your Pleasure
2. Maurice McGee - Do I Do
3. The Creatures - Believe In Yourself
4. Betty Miranda - Dance
5. Fred Ventura - I'm Not Ready
6. Methusalem - Time Machine
7. M & G - Boogie Tonight
8. Pink Project - Amama
9. K.I.D. - Don't Stop
10. Bizzy & Co. - Take A Chance
11. The Countach - Untitled Italo Track
12. Vivien Vee - Higher

Download The Countach: Back In 84 Mix here.

Catch more music from The Countach on 'Soundcloud' here.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X