Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Super Dragnet Launch News! First up, Robbi Insinna AKA Headman!!


Yep, we at Tourist are rather excited about this new monthly special being undertaken by our good friends at Dragnet. Continuing with they're ethos of all things deep, dubby, discordant and disco they're kicking of their 'SuperDragnet' series of events off with the excellent 'Headman' aka Relish Records owner Robi Insinna at TheCut this Saturday!

Swiss born musical genius Headman runs the influential Relish record label and resides in Berlin making music that is a perfect blend of Old Skool Electro, Mutant Disco and Post Punk/New Wave suss with Acid House attitude, making him the perfect person to kick off the SuperDragnet sessions.
Headman, along with James Murphy and his DFA label lead the return to NY style punk funk in the early 00's along the way garnering a reputation as a serious new tastemaker. His music however always retains a sense of fun combined of course with a lethal dance floor dynamic, remixing the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Chromeo, Zombie Nation, Munk, Zongamin, The Invisibles, Doves, Tiga and Inflagranti, amongst many others while his most acclaimed Headman remix is his mindblowing mix of 'Roxy Musics' Virginia Plain.
Whilst recording for big hitting labels like Output, Gomma and Kitsune, Robbi has worked and recorded with members of Soulwax, The Rapture, Liquid Liquid and seminal Manchester punk funk band A Certain Ratio. Many of his tracks are mixed in Berlin's mythical HANSA studio (where Eno and Bowie changed the face of modern music).
He also makes Cosmic and Balearic Disco under the reversed name of Manhead, tracks in this style such as Special and Doop being longtime favourites of current space disco king Lindstrom.
An especially noteworthy inclusion to his body of work is early Manhead track 'Birth' School' Work' Death', an Italo-ish 80's synth homage that became a cult hit when released on the seminal Output label and found it's way onto the essential 'Output channel 4' compilation alongside the likes of MU, DK7, Yello and Black Strobe.
With his Relish label Robi has also overseen releases by (New Wave legends) Units, Don Cash, Riot in Belgium, Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid) , Yuksek, Franz & Shape and tape to tape and the latest Headman album '1923' contains the single 'Gimme' which features vocals by the one and only Dieter Meier of 80's electro giants Yello. Other guests on this fantastic collection include Steve Mason of Beta Band and King Biscuit Time.

Headman brings his exceptional record collection to The Cut on Sat 18th Sept but if you want a taster of what to expect we've posted Robbi's recent 'Headman Summer Mix' here to download, a brilliant introduction for those not familiar with his work and a timely reminder to old fans alike.
Just click on the link and gerramongst it!


Download the Headman 'Summer Mix' here.

Headman Website.

Headman on Facebook.

As part of the electrifying SUPERDRAGNET line up which over the next few months includes sets by Richard Sen (Padded Cell) Optimo (Optimo Espaciao), Trevor Jackson(Output/Playgroup), Shitrobot (DFA), Andrew Weatherall (Two lone Swordsmen/Rotters Golf Club), Matthew Waites (Thisisnotanexit/Dissident) and a host of other musical heavyweights. Keep 'em peeled for more info.

Till next time.
Big Love. Tourist. X.


Joe said...

Woah, where did that house post go? I was gunna download that mix!

Moogar said...

It's on here, along with a few others man.


Joe said...

Nah, not those ones. Really housey, with a few kerri chandler tracks on it. Know which one I mean?

Moogar said...

Ah, yeah. It's the Underground Resistance mix: This one,

01. Niceguy Soulman * Feel It (Niceguy in Philly mix, mixed with Omar S.)
02. Nick Holder * Not Alone - DNH - 4:42
03. Houseconductor * Tonight I'm Going to Love You
04. Reese * Rock To The Beat (Hitman Mix)
05. The Latin Kings * Quiero Saber
06. Moodymann * Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)
07. Aaron-Carl * Wallshaker (Stripped Remix)
08. Theo Parrish * Moonlite
09. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen * Forever Monna
10. Strong Souls * Original Ground
11. Omar S. * Day
12. Johnny D & Nicky P (Tribute to Asley B.)
13. Seven Grand Housing Authority * Love Got Me High
14. Brian Harden * Matrix
15. Kerri Chandler * So Let The Wind Come
16. Chez Damier * Close
17. Gerald Mitchell * Hardlife
18. DJ Disciple * I'm So Grateful
19. Chez Damier * Untitled
20. Metro Area * Proton Candy
21. Moraes * Deep Inside Your Love
22. Kerri Chandler * Track 1 (Shelter Rec.)
23. Aaron-Carl * Sky (TP's Spiritual Offering)


Joe said...

Get in there! Cheers.