Saturday, 18 September 2010

People Get Real * Bits, Beats & Bobs Mix.


New mix from a couple of Tourists favourite deck botherers, Wax:On residents and local chaps, Simon Lister & Peter Wilson aka 'People Get Real'. As we always attempt to bring you something a little different, this mix dances to a slightly more arch beat than the majority of the sets you may have heard from Simon & Peter across the years, ploughing a decidedly alternate musical field from their usual club dynamic and demonstrating a pleasing diversity and undoubted nous in their tastes without exibiting any of the chin stroking 'look at my records' smuggness that invariably polutes the majority of these types of mix selections.
Along it's running time the mix touches base with everyone from 80's Leeds-post-punk favourites Delta 5 and DJ Harveys awesome 'Map Of Africa' project to techno matriarch Ellen Allien as well as tossing in curveballs such as middle England prog rockers King Crimson (albeit in remixed form), that rarest of creatures, a 'good dubstep track' from Gemmy, not to mention a forgotton corker from Fleetwood Mac duo Lyndsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks.
Anyhoo, thats enough smoke blowing for anyones arse so I'll leave the last word to the lads themselves,,,,,

"Crack with the mix is basically we just wanted to do something a bit different to norm, its not about the mixes or the transitions its about the flow of the tracks and hopefully how the story comes together over the course of the mix."


1. Marva Josie * He does it Better
2. Buckingham & Nicks * Frozen Love
3. Diana Ross * Now that you're Gone
4. Cheryl Lynn * All my Lovin'
5. Michael Jackson * Billy Jean 'Nico's rework'
6. Barrington Levy * Here I come
7. Gemmy * Grime Baby
8. Delta 5 * Mind your own Business
9. King Crimson * Sleepless 'Francois K remix'
10. Sudeten Creche * Asylums
11. Ellen Allien * You
12. Death Comet Crew * Exterior St. 'Protein version'
13. Digital Mystikz * Earth a Run Red
14. Map of Africa * Dirty Lovin'
15. Vonspar * Dog Machine
16. The Smiths * How soon is Now

Download 'People Get Real * Bits, Beats & Bobs Mix' here.

You can catch the lads playing their more conventional, yet no less interesting 'dancefloor' style in a couple of Fridays time (Oct 1st to be exact) as part of their Wax:On residency at Digital in Newcastle alongside Tourist favourite Ivan Smagghe and Simian Mobile Disco. Also, in a nice demonstration of symmetry my good lady wife Geoff Leopard and the Last Waltz boys will also be playing at Wax:On that night hosting room 2 so looks like it'll be a real corker!

People Get Real on Soundcloud.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

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