Monday, 16 August 2010

Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros) mix.


One of my very favourite mixes of recent months and an absolute masterclass in cahnging records and probably chain smoking this week from one of the UK's most consistant and forward looking DJ's and producers.

Sean Johnston has been DJ'ing since his formative years in the frozen North. Acid House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Hardway Bros, Beard Scientist and Freelance Disco Consultant, as well as being immortalised on 'The Boardrooms' brilliant 'Brother Johnstons Travelling Disco Consultancy', he's played at some of London's landmark clubs including The Promised Land, Sabresonic, Club UK, Final Frontier and Disco Bloodbath. Sean has recently been firing out music at an alarming rate for uber-hip labels such as Beard Science, and Rotters Golf Club under the Hardway Bros moniker. His productions, alongside fellow Hardway Bros, Jake Davies and a mysterious South Londoner known only as Rico have graced Sabres of Paradise, Third Mind, his own erstwhile Flashcomm label and more recently Beard Science, Pointless Edits and cult Norwegian act Mungolian Jetset's label Luna Flicks. Sean's DJ'ing style described by FACT Magazine as 'Future Disco' is hard to pin down to one convenient genre, taking in house, disco, re-edits, techno and frankly anything else that takes his fancy. His recent gigs at East Village with Andrew Weatherall, a stellar set at Disco Bloodbath and a super freaky downtempo set on Tim Sweeny's 'Beats In Space' show helped him secure a founding residency at Londons 'Cable'.
Sean is currently working on new Hardway Bros productions and his new clubnight 'A Love From Outer Space' alongside Andrew Weatherall at intimate Stoke Newington venue, 'The Drop', where The duo bill it as' Psyche-Disco never exceeding 122bpm' - in reality an incendiary mix of Kraut-rock, post punk, proto-house, slo-mo techno, disco and downtempo electronics. The night attracts a boisterous mix of Stoke locals, disco beards, fashion refugees and music heads, tagged as 'An oasis of slowness in a world of increasing velocity'.
Here, the London representative of the Hardway Bros drops a truely stunning mix that was originally hosted on the highly recommended 'To The Bone' website.

"We are the Hardway Brothers. We like to muck around with sound. Once we were House, then we were Balearic, then we were Techno. We fought the Acid House Wars and lost. We made records. We rested. Now we work again. We have no respect for copyright. We work in the space between the ones and the zeros. We are your friends. We have no manifesto. We love music, we are not bound by genre fascism. We are in London, we are in Los Angeles, we are in the gaps of the web."

FACT Magazine interview with Sean Johnston and Andrew Weatherall.

Hardway Bros on Soundcloud

1. L.V with Errol Bellot * Globetrotting
2. Joker * Digidesign
3. Fontan * Early Morning (Studio Version)
4. Hedford Vachal Edit * Chicken Choke
5. Alcada Mendes * Coaster (Idjut Boys Version 1)
6. Gina X Performance * Nice Mover
7. Pollyester * You Are Amen
8. Chris & Cosey * This Is Me
9. G.Rizo * Je Me Mentis
10. The Cure * Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix)
11. Massive Attack * Protection (Quiet Village Mix)
12. Carl Craig * A Wonderful Life
13. Undisputed Truth * Undisputed Truth (Editions Disco)
14. Antena * Achilles (Phreek Plus One Typhoon Mix)
15. William Orbit * Via Caliente
16. One Dove * Jolene
17. Bee Gees * Love You Inside & Out (Cole Medina Edit)
18. Peter Bjorn & John * Nothing To Worry About (Alexa Mix)
19. DJ Krush * Skin Against Skin
20. Force Of Nature * Liberate
21. OG Balearic Bootie * C' Oute

Download Sean Johnstons: 'Hardway Bros Bathing Machine II' mix here.

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