Monday, 19 July 2010

'People Get Real' Mix + details on the re-arranged 'Suono/Those That Know' party.


The news of the cancellation of Saturdays much anticipated Suono/Those That Know party at The Tyne has put a brief dampener on the coming weekend, (we must point out that this is in no way due to the fault of the promoters involved but down to Newcastle Council and some complaints about noise levels at recent gigs there), however all is not lost! The guys have moved swiftly to secure a last minute change of venue for the party, moving proceedings just along the road back to the spiritual home of Suono Sundays for the last 3 years, another of Newcastles premier boozers The Tanners Arms.
Things kick off at 7 PM and as per, keep your peepers on the 'Suono' group page on Facebook for any other breaking info.

Anyhoo, with that disaster well and truly averted we can turn our attention to a fantastic new mix from Wax:On residents and local bods 'People Get Real'.
A storming reminder of musical pedigree from the lads after not hearing them play for a while now with a mouth watering menu of dancefloor nibbles straight from the top table.
We would also recommend that you check out the PGR website here and join the PGR Facebook group here not forgetting to wrap your ears round their Soundcloud page for other PGR mixes and some brilliant free edits, remixes and original tracks from the lads.
Gwaaaan, get amongst it hew!


Detachments * Circles (Beg To Differ Mix)
Comite Central * Horny '08 feat. Fakemannequin
Quando Quango * Love Tempo (People Get Real Edit)
Moscow * Deep Heat (Moscow Dub)
Electric Man * Bubble Wrap
Armando * Don't Take It (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
Gadi Mizrahi * Can't Stop This Feeling (Sideshow Remix)
Le Le * Disco Monster (Mercury Remix )
Binni & Byron * Dance to the Acid
Pascal Vert * Strange Days (C-Rock Remix)
Martin Landsky * Reject (Jack Mix)
Michael Mayer * Heiden
Matt Walsh * Honeycomb (People Get Real Remix)
H2 * Come Together
John Napier * Breaker
Clement Meyer * Double Shots
Madonna * Justify my Dub (People Get Real Edit)

Download the 'People Get Real: Fox And Hounds Mix' here.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.