Wednesday, 14 July 2010

News on the 'Suono & Those That Know Party@The Tyne' + Balearic Mike mixes.


For those of you out there who aren't already aware of it, two of the North East's most forward thinking groups of promoters and DJ's 'Suono' and their good friends, 'Those That Know', will be holding a Gentleman's Club meeting next Saturday (24th of July) at one of Tourist's favourite watering holes and legendary Newcastle juicer 'The Tyne'.
'Those That Know' are a North East collective of musically inspired friends, brought together by a mutual appreciation of universal sounds. Diggin’ deeper into the crates, knuckles dusty and minds open, always seeking and striving to unearth past, present and future sounds to share with like minded individuals.
Between them 'Those That Know' and 'Suono' have been responsible for some of the most jaw dropping line-up's seen this side of Scots gap. Brave enough to put their necks on the line and bring heavy hitters the likes of Moodymann, Kelvin Andrews, Domu, Danielle Baldelli, Omar S, Red Rack'em, Ashley Beedle, and Rahaan to the North East proving a pedigree of huge distinction. Representing the 'Those That Know' crew will be Joe Minns and Fat Dog, while flying the flag for the men of 'Suono' (while Dano is off sunning himself in suitably Balearic surrounding's) will be Newcastle's no. 1 vest wearer, Tina Turner impersonator and philanthropist Tony Daly.
With the talent on show this should be nothing less than an unmitigated blinder, or at least triumph of irresponsible organisation! Either way, our advice is to forget the current trend for austerity and pull up a chaise lounge, toss on an ocelot stole and luxuriate with the North Easts musical finest musical oligarch's.
Hedonistic, halcyon summer days are sooooo in vouge innit!

For further details on the event, you can check the prerequisite Facebook page here!

As a taster for what to expect from this we've rolled out the whole set from the Suono 6th birthday party held at Tokyo with Dano and special guest Balearic Mike on the 1's and 2's for your listening pleasure. As you would expect from the chaps it's an absolute tour de force in how dig deep in the crates for those ever elusive rareties and seriously rock a party and yet still manage put a huge smile on your face at the same time.

Dano & Balearic Mike (Part 1)

Dano & Balearic Mike (Part 2)

Balearic Mike (Part 3)

We would also recommend that you check out Fat Dogs 'Those That Know Mix' that we blogged a while back. An absolutely stunning journey through more genres than you can shake a flip flop at! Click here to check it.

Till next time.
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