Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Moving on, Growing up, Selling out...


It happens to everything.

Dylan went electric, The Who got old and Grange Hill changed their theme tune.

Things change, eras end, people grow up, organisms evolve and... ah bugger it, and we're skint, so we're going to start allowing people to advertise on our blog!

If anyone is interested in whoring their wares on the Tourist Blog, then please get in touch on
(dating sites, online gambling sites and porn barons need not apply).

We will of course make sure that any of the links on here remain interesting and enriching
(well, as intersting and enriching as any of the other tripe we post on here).

As well as the new "words from our sponsors" you can also expect to see some cosmetic and functional changes to the look, feel and navigation of the page.

We've been resolutely lo-fi up to now, but there always comes a point were you have to start wearing long trousers.

We're sure you'll love the new look Tourist blog
(and if you dont, well you can always just piss off).

Exciting times!

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