Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kristian Atkinson * 'Dragnet Popsicle Sidewalk' Mix.


Another week, another addition to our 'Local Mixes' series. Something a tad different this time as we again cast our musical net over the side of HMS Tourist into the dark and turbulent waters of the North Easts musical coastline and pull out a veritable squall of beats and basslines. So it is that after ten months of busy successful weekly Saturdays at The Cut, hosting guests the likes of JD Twitch from 'Optimo', local noise-nicks and hot property 'The Warm Digits' and not to mention my humble self, Newcastle's 'Team Dragnet' have finally got round to passing on their first mix. This one comes from Dragnet head honcho Kristian Atkinson and is a fast journey through some of the sounds you could expect to hear on a Saturday session touching on Mutant Disco, Euro Disco, Electro Pop and Post Punk Funk.'
"Quite a pop mix this one, there's a darker deeper mix to follow but this ones a pretty lurid affair upbeat and eclectic and represents some of the older stuff we've been playing at the club for a while."

Check out the Facebook page for 'Dragnet' at TheCUT every Saturday, here for more details as well as news on future guests!!


Pow * Tussle
Hold On (Mock N Toof Remix) * Holy Ghost
Dancing On Silk * Canyons
Money Go Round * The Style Council
Gimme * Headman feat Dieter (Yello)
Triple X Syndrome * Padded Cell
Yearning (Emperor Machine remix) * Black Van
Let's Go Dancing * Sparque
Disco Sex * Al Kent
Disco Kicks * The Boys Town Gang
Overpowered By Funk (Dragnet Edit) * The Clash
Yamerarena-I * Pixletan
Dervish Delight * Dennis Young
Burning Up * Madonna
Sudden impact * Big Audio Dynamite

Download 'Dragnet: Popsicle Sidewalk' mix.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.

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