Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Kid Coda Sounds.


In our continuing efforts to promote all things Newcastle we thought that seeing as they we're supporting 2Many DJ's at the O2 Academy that we should grab a word with a bunch of the North East's rising stars, Marcus, Nicky and Franki who make up the triple headed sonic behemoth that is 'Kid Coda Sounds.'

The band...

Marcus: "There’s me and Nicky, rhythm section from the old kid:coda, and singer Frankie, who was discovered singing in the ladies loos at cosmic ballroom by a certain Nadine Shah. After Nadine sang on a couple of tracks for us, we asked if she would be our permanent singer but she had too many other commitments, so suggested Frankie, who she’d only ever heard singing once in the toilets …probably very drunkenly, in the club style….turns out she was canny good after all. There's also Mickey C who works in the studio with us and looks after our live sound.

"Even as kid:coda we were always into the quite experimental side of music, albeit with a pop aesthetic such as the Beta Band, Super Furry's and Air, but always really had a craving to make music for the dance floor, so me and Nicky developed the rhythm section from the old band and concentrated on experimenting with drum loops and sequencing baseline's. After we had a couple of our tunes remixed by Mickey C (aka The Digital Monkey) and working along side him in his studio we decided that we were more than capable of making music of this style. Me and Nicky never wrote any of the songs really in the past, but now we’re confident in our writing and working with people like Mick in the dance music industry. Local legend Mickey C also works alongside, Retriever, Kinevil, Last Waltz DJ's and Mr P (Warren Pier)."

The gigs...
"Its unbelievable that we are gonna share the main stage with 2ManyDJ's. I mean we've done a few shows over the last couple of years ans as a promoter, whenever I brought a decent electronic band to Newcastle I grabbed the opportunity to support them. Bands such as ‘Midnight Juggernauts’ & Steve Mason of the Beta Band’s ‘Black Affair’ outfit. This allowed us to witness first hand and up close how these bands approach things live. Really to allow us to experiment with how to create a live experience so it’s not the same as on record. And ultimately to see if we could cut it as a LIVE band. Basically to make all our mistakes early on. But seriously, we wanted to craft the songs and have gradually built up an album of material, so that when we start our gigging we are ready, confident and don’t have to take any time out to record.
We’ve also gigged with Canadian disco-house band ‘Think About Life’, and with French indie-hip-hop-funk-rap-electro band ‘Naïve New Beaters’ who are amazing live and we’ve played and partied with before, and hopefully touring with soon. There’s also shows in the pipeline at Dragnet @ theCut which will see us as being one of the first live bands to play there, and also Generator have asked us to do one of a series of ‘Plugged In’ shows in July alongside esteemed bands such as'Trafik', which is nice to be asked."

The sound...
Marcus: "Electronic, pop, disco, house....."
Nicky: "As KCS we strive to make classic but innovative dance music & quirky pop. Bench marks being ‘Donna Summer's - I Feel Love,' ‘Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’
Marcus: "We love the whole French electro and disco-house scene, I think our production style reflects that in some ways."
Nicky: A"ll our music is sequenced, but to ensure it doesn’t sound generic and too mechanical. We always incorporate a live element (other than vocals) this could be live guitar/bass/percussion or samples."
Marcus: "...and me and Nicky each play synths and percussion when playing live."

The inspiration...
Marcus: "Word association, I like to play with words, or play on words, word play, a bit like that ha…humour, tongue in cheek but also serious, writing poems, then adapting them into songs. About feelings rather than meanings, but at the same time I don’t wanna preach to anyone. We’re a fun band for dancing to, not preaching, its up to the audience to interpret what we’re saying, so I talk about what I know and feel, not try to solve or put anything on anyone. If you look at ‘Eyes Talk’ (“eyes talk…reveal all” one of our songs) you’ll see, its like 1 long game of 'Mallet's mallet' or something, the most obvious example of word association I’ve used. The whole Modular imprint as I don’t think the labels ever put a foot wrong
Anything that’s got a groove basically, if the grooves good, and the songs crap, you could edit the groove and loop it and there’s a dance song I’d happily dance too."

The releases...
Marcus : "We’ve recorded 10 songs which we’re touting to record companies at the minute, but it may be the case that we need or wanna try re-recording some tracks so its a bit up in the air as of now."

The future...
Franki: "Hopefully feature on Now 52 CD, a KCS sticker book, headlining Smash hits poll winners party, a deal with Pepsi max and VIP entry to a Hollyoaks cast party, then hang with Beyonce and Jay Z on Saturdays."
Nicky: "I’d be happy sitting at home, building up the studio, just making music and getting fatter."
Marc: "Motivating Nicky, trying to educate Franki about proper music, and getting the music out there. The songs are there, the interest is developing, and the live show is ready. So hopefully touring with 'Naïve New Beaters', and other bands. And just playing as much as possible."

Kid Coda Sounds support 2ManyDJ's tonight, Thursday 10th of June at the O2 Academy in Newcastle
You can listen to exclusive tracks from Kid Coda Sounds get info on the bands maneuvers and upcoming gigs on their Facebook page here.

Till next time,
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