Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kristian Atkinson * 'Dragnet Popsicle Sidewalk' Mix.


Another week, another addition to our 'Local Mixes' series. Something a tad different this time as we again cast our musical net over the side of HMS Tourist into the dark and turbulent waters of the North Easts musical coastline and pull out a veritable squall of beats and basslines. So it is that after ten months of busy successful weekly Saturdays at The Cut, hosting guests the likes of JD Twitch from 'Optimo', local noise-nicks and hot property 'The Warm Digits' and not to mention my humble self, Newcastle's 'Team Dragnet' have finally got round to passing on their first mix. This one comes from Dragnet head honcho Kristian Atkinson and is a fast journey through some of the sounds you could expect to hear on a Saturday session touching on Mutant Disco, Euro Disco, Electro Pop and Post Punk Funk.'
"Quite a pop mix this one, there's a darker deeper mix to follow but this ones a pretty lurid affair upbeat and eclectic and represents some of the older stuff we've been playing at the club for a while."

Check out the Facebook page for 'Dragnet' at TheCUT every Saturday, here for more details as well as news on future guests!!


Pow * Tussle
Hold On (Mock N Toof Remix) * Holy Ghost
Dancing On Silk * Canyons
Money Go Round * The Style Council
Gimme * Headman feat Dieter (Yello)
Triple X Syndrome * Padded Cell
Yearning (Emperor Machine remix) * Black Van
Let's Go Dancing * Sparque
Disco Sex * Al Kent
Disco Kicks * The Boys Town Gang
Overpowered By Funk (Dragnet Edit) * The Clash
Yamerarena-I * Pixletan
Dervish Delight * Dennis Young
Burning Up * Madonna
Sudden impact * Big Audio Dynamite

Download 'Dragnet: Popsicle Sidewalk' mix.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.

Moving on, Growing up, Selling out...


It happens to everything.

Dylan went electric, The Who got old and Grange Hill changed their theme tune.

Things change, eras end, people grow up, organisms evolve and... ah bugger it, and we're skint, so we're going to start allowing people to advertise on our blog!

If anyone is interested in whoring their wares on the Tourist Blog, then please get in touch on
(dating sites, online gambling sites and porn barons need not apply).

We will of course make sure that any of the links on here remain interesting and enriching
(well, as intersting and enriching as any of the other tripe we post on here).

As well as the new "words from our sponsors" you can also expect to see some cosmetic and functional changes to the look, feel and navigation of the page.

We've been resolutely lo-fi up to now, but there always comes a point were you have to start wearing long trousers.

We're sure you'll love the new look Tourist blog
(and if you dont, well you can always just piss off).

Exciting times!

Monday, 28 June 2010

DC Hooker (Broken Hookers) Mix for 'Tourist'.


Reet then, another in our ongoing 'local zeros' series this week as we travel a tad further south of the Tyne than we usually would to a small town in Yorkshire by the name of Middlesbrough. Old friends of ours and former residents at the original 'Tourist' night, Darren and Jay have played together as The Broken Hookers for more than 5 years now and during that time they've had their mixtapes played on various Radio Shows, won a competition or two, held residencies for the likes of Club NME, Turnmills, Sugarshack and Polaroid whilst making noteworthy appearances at venues/nights such as Get Loaded In The Park/Together, Adventures In The Beetroot Field, Dirty Disco and have been guests at Radio 1's Big Weekend and the Modular Tour Parties. As well as being involved with festivals such as the 'Lake Of Stars' festival in Africa, 'Snowbombing' and 'Pangae' playing along side the likes of Joakim, Optimo, The Juan Maclean, Clor, Shit Robot, Matthew Dear, Ladytron, The Glimmers, Athur Baker, Headman and a load more.
As well as their live deck duties, the chaps also run the ever popular 'ArePeopleReal' series, their world renowned Podcast. It runs on bi-weekly Thursdays and opened it's doors to the public on February 1st 2007. Along with their own mixes (Broken Hookers) they invite the most exciting talent and acts around to take part in the show (in the form of guest mixes). The show also runs special features and interviews each week, along with a few little surprises thrown in for good measure! Past guests have included Pilooski, In Flagranti, Crazy P, Ali Renault, Skull Juice, Haedman and most recently the Ooft Records lads.
You can subscribe to the 'ArePeopleReal' podcast here and check out the Broken Hookers Website here.
Darren has been kind enough to take time out and provide us with this mix for our 'Local Mixes' series and no souch it is too. Chugging it's way through some party jams and house heavy weights it touches base with some recent fave's and welcome suprises. Hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. He's also got a 10" wang!)

1. Ron Basejam - No Jose (The Revenge Remix Part 1)
2. Toto - Georgie Porgy (Ooft Rework)
3. Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work (The Revenge Edit)
4. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
5. Gazeebo - Up Up & Away
6. Eddie C - The Show Is Over
7. Eddie C - Going Somewhere
8. Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Tornado Wallace Remix)
9. Hot Chocolate - Cadilliac (The Revenge Rework)
10. Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed (Cronk Family Enterprises Rework)
11. Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Remix)
12. Soulphiction - Underground Railroad
13. Q-Tip - Breathe, Don't Stop (The Revenge Red Edit)
14. Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola (MCDE Remix)

Download 'Darren Clark (Broken Hookers) * Mix For Tourist.'

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.

Monday, 21 June 2010

DJ 'Chicken Lips Competition'.


A special request this week from the good people across at one of 'Tourists' favourite websites, the brilliant Curated by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton (also co-authors of the classic and highly recommended book 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History of The Disc Jockey') has been colefacing at the coleface of all things cool for over a decade now and as such we were happy to give some of the Tourist faithful the chance to flex their musical muscles in their general direction. Anyhoo, over to Bill,,,,,

"We're giving budding remixers the opportunity to rework a track by one of the UK's leading producers, Chicken Lips. The tune is 'Sweet Cow', taken from 2006's Making Faces album, and the winner of the competition will have their tune on sale in the new DJhistory download store, alongside all the other classic Lips' shizzle. Competition ends on August 31st 2010. Please submit your entry in MP3 320 format and email it to Please put 'Chicken Lips Competition' in the subject box.
Thanks, Bill."

Just click here to get the link to the track parts for the remix or cut n' paste this into ya browser:

So there you have it, the chance to attain the kind of kudos and chops that money can't buy.

Good luck & as ever, big love.
Tourist. X.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Mick Rolf, "Alreet Summer Boys!" Mixtape.


Well, another installment of our Local Mixes series kicks off the weekend in some style with a wonderous bag of tunes, crafted together in no slack fashion by Newcastles very own Mick Rolfe. Anyone who's been even fleetingly involved with the Newcastle club or music scene will undoubtably have stumbled across Mick in one capacity or another in the last 7 or 8 years or so. Weather it be his solo acoustic shows or with various bands or even manning the Technics in one of a dozen or so pubs and nightclubs round the city.
Mick has, after more months of nagging than I care to remember, managed to momentarilly pull his finger out and rustle up this brilliant bag of downtempo goodness to complement the fine weather we're enjoying. The perfect excuse to crack open a cold beer, fire up the bar-b and top up your Vitamin C.

Mick plays as part of The Last Waltz DJ's, you can check more info on them here on their Facebook profile and hear music made by them on their Myspace page here.
You can also catch the Last Waltz lads taking over our favourite Newcastle boozer The Forth all day this Sunday from 3 PM till midnight. Expect the unexpected.


1. The San Sebastian Strings - The Gypsy Camp (Warner)
2. Talking Heads - Drugs (Sire)
3. Kate Bush - Watching You Without Me (EMI)
4. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses (Virgin)
5. JJ Cale - The Woman That Got Away (Shelter)
6. KM Editions - Feelings Of Ecstasy (KM)
7. Dennis Wilson - Dreamer (Caribou)
8. Mandre 4 - Fantasy (Rush Hour)
9. Peter Brown - Without Love (TK)
10. Neil Young - The Old Laughing Lady (Reprise)
11. Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace (Island)
12. John Martyn - Some People Are Crazy (Island)
13. The Beatles - Flying (Capitol/Parlophone)
14. Ruth Copeland - Play With Fire (Invictus)
15. Alessi - Seabird (A&M)

Download Mick Rolfe * "Alreet Summer Boys!" Mixtape.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The futures bright, but nobody know what colour it is.


The truth behind Englands oldest public holiday.

Shark Week! An exciting time in Newcastle, and an exciting time all around the world – but have you ever asked yourself how Shark Week began? As you and your loved ones celebrate Shark Week in your local parks, city centers, mosques, hobo jungles and shopping malls, and as you enjoy such traditional Shark Week food fare as gummi remoras and kosher chum, have you ever stopped to consider how long people have been celebrating the Shark, and for that matter, a whole week of sharks?

Have you ever asked yourself where this fun family festival first originated? From what dark, insidious rituals did our celebrations arise? What terrifying forces have guided the hand – or dare I say 'fin' – of destiny, scrying a sinister tattoo across the canvas of humanity’s very fate? And where did the traditional jaunty Shark Week ceremonial dance, “The Mako Knuckler” originate?

Well, we don’t know, but what follows is much of what historians suggest is the history of what we know today as Shark Week!

Years Ago.
There are not yet any sharks, and therefore no Shark Week.

4,540,000,000 Years Ago.
NOW there are sharks, but not any weeks yet. Give it time.

420 Million Years BC.
Predating by several hundred million years the arrival of so-called “dinosaurs” (which, translated from the Latin, means literally “Holy Shit, That Thing’s Going To Kill Us”), sharks populate every corner of the Earth and literally rule the oceans. Specifically, they rule with a mix of representative parliamentary democracy and Socialism, often called a 'Sharkocracy'. Truly, this is a golden age, when every week is shark week (by parliamentary Sharkocratic decree).

26,000 BC.
Crude cave paintings dating back to this era have recently been discovered in central Europe. Depicting scenes of everyday life, the paintings show Neolithic hunters tracking and killing wild sharks, as well as taming them and riding them like ponies. This has led many paleontologists and historians to decry Neolithic Man as “A bunch of making things up liars.”

5,000 Years Ago.
This is when God actually created the Earth (and thus all sharks, and weeks), so ignore everything that’s come before now.

0 AD.
A shark is born in Jerusalem, Hosanna in the highest!

1560 AD.
Pope Pius IV declares the first known festival which most closely resembles what we understand today as “Shark Week”, largely appropriating a pagan fertility celebration which ran at the same time of year. Protestant reformers decry the holiday for its heathen overtones, but are thankfully slaughtered by papal authorities well before they can harsh anyone’s buzz too bad.

1601 AD.
In honor of Shark Week (“Ye Weeke Os The Sharketh”, in Elizabethan English), Shakespeare stages his controversial “Hamlet Versus the Megalodon”. The “Coelecanth Monologue” continues to be rated as one of the greatest pieces of stagecraft in the history of modern drama.

Sharks are officially patented on this date by prolific inventor Thomas Alva Edison, following groundbreaking research conducted at his Menlo Park laboratories in which alternating sharks were successfully sent to a surprised household in Great Neck (There were no survivors).
A curious side effect of this document is that, legally speaking, sharks are considered to never have existed before this date. In order to avoid a lawsuit, you should once again ignore everything that’s come before now.

Shark Week is officially declared a federal holiday, largely owing to the popularity of the idea as generated by American novelist Sarah Josepha Hale, and as a stopgap measure to appease ravenous gangs of hungry sharks which had terrorized the expanse of the United States ever since Edison started making them pop out of telephone wires for a laugh.

Following the landmark court case, Sharks vs The Board of Education (there were no survivors), The United States federal government steps in to eradicate segregation in its public school system. A program is instituted which busses sharks from outlying districts to schools which were traditionally attended solely by white and human students.
The initiative meets fierce resistance from every branch of society. Strom Thurmond stages a legendary record-breaking filibuster on the Senate floor, stopping only to be violently consumed by a longfin mako which had been masquerading as a Senate page.
The radical measure is met with mixed success; sharks are successfully integrated into human schools, but most of them suffocate. Only in an experimental, partially submerged high school in Cookeville, Tennessee did the sharks fare much better, but it goes without saying that the existing student body has paid a price of their own (There were no survivors).
The long-standing cartilaginous fish/vertebrate primate barrier on television is shattered when William Shatner, as Starship Captain James T.Kirk, shares a passionate kiss with a tropical bullhead on an episode of Star Trek.

Congressman Jim Walsh of New York recognizes the tireless efforts of Hermine B.Beckett Hanna of North Syracuse, by helping establishing on her behalf a national observance of “Grandparents Day”, joining the holiday ranks of “Fathers Day” and “Mothers Day”. When children inevitably ask their elders “When do SHARKS get a day of their own?”, they are told “Oh, sweetheart, every day is Shark Day … during Shark Week, anyway.”

Some Point Between 1996-2005.
Your girlfriend dumps you right around Shark Week, leaving you to face all the happy couples celebrating Shark Week, and all the Shark Week decorations at your local department stores. Even when you decide to sulk at home, you can’t avoid the television commercials just shoving Shark Week in your face over and over again. You start bitching to your friends about how Shark Week is just an excuse made up b Hallmark to sell greeting cards. They humor you.

Right-wing pundits draw attention to a so-called secular “War on Shark Week”. Particularly adamant in her defense of a return to Shark Week values is columnist Gary Bushell, which is understandable as she is, after all, one-quarter shark (on her mother’s side of the family).

The Present Day.
Shark Week is universally embraced as a choice time to kick some ass and hang loose. There are no survivors.


Shark Week’s popularity only continues to grow, and by this date is effectively the most popular holiday in the Western Hemisphere, unseating Christmas, the Fourth of July, and a bunch of bullshit holidays like Kwanzaa, Arbor Day and Rosh Hoshannah.

Piece originally written by Adrien Childs & Steadman from '5 Star' for the 'Tourist' blog.


Music time now and an absolutely blinding set of mixes from a couple of Tourists favourite Dee Jays, Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe. First up is something of a 'Wrong Meeting' reunion, recorded a couple of months back @ Le Social Club Paris with messers Weatherall and Smagghe taking over the decks and positively rinsing the mixing desk to within an inch of it's life. There's just over 2 hours of their set to download which was originally hosted over on the excellent 'Get The Curse' blog. No setlist but there's tracks from Robodello, The Love Supreme,Jon Gurd & Dave Robertson, Clément Meyer, DAF, Tim Fairplay, etc, etc.
The second is a special treat, an absolute corker from Mr Weatherall, recorded 22 years ago at one of the 'Future' parties in 1988. There's a makeshift tracklist of sorts that I've managed to cobble together from various sources below too.

Download 'Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe: Live at Social Club Paris.'

Andrew Weatherall: Live at Future 9. Land Of Oz. 1988.

Electrica Salsa * Off
NT Gang * Wam Bam
Icarus * Stone Fox Chase
Mory Kante * Yeke Yeke
The Nightwriters * Let The Music Use You
Project Club * Dance With The Devil
Company B * Perfect Lover
Adonis * The Poke
Royal House * Can You Party
Gene & Jim Are Into Shakes * Shake
Black Riot * Day In The Life
The Residents * Kaw-Liga
The Cure * Hot Hot Hot (FK mix)
The Clash * Magnificent Dance
Orchestra JB * On A Love Groove
Jhalib * Mysteries Of The East
Code 61 * Drop The Deal
Acid Trax * Phuture
Nitzer Ebb * Join In The Chant
Organisation for fun) * Electrica Salsa
16 Bit * Where Are You (I've lost you).

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.

P.S. Remember to add us at 'Tourist' on twitter as well as our friends from 'Dada' for more mixes and shite crack.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Kid Coda Sounds.


In our continuing efforts to promote all things Newcastle we thought that seeing as they we're supporting 2Many DJ's at the O2 Academy that we should grab a word with a bunch of the North East's rising stars, Marcus, Nicky and Franki who make up the triple headed sonic behemoth that is 'Kid Coda Sounds.'

The band...

Marcus: "There’s me and Nicky, rhythm section from the old kid:coda, and singer Frankie, who was discovered singing in the ladies loos at cosmic ballroom by a certain Nadine Shah. After Nadine sang on a couple of tracks for us, we asked if she would be our permanent singer but she had too many other commitments, so suggested Frankie, who she’d only ever heard singing once in the toilets …probably very drunkenly, in the club style….turns out she was canny good after all. There's also Mickey C who works in the studio with us and looks after our live sound.

"Even as kid:coda we were always into the quite experimental side of music, albeit with a pop aesthetic such as the Beta Band, Super Furry's and Air, but always really had a craving to make music for the dance floor, so me and Nicky developed the rhythm section from the old band and concentrated on experimenting with drum loops and sequencing baseline's. After we had a couple of our tunes remixed by Mickey C (aka The Digital Monkey) and working along side him in his studio we decided that we were more than capable of making music of this style. Me and Nicky never wrote any of the songs really in the past, but now we’re confident in our writing and working with people like Mick in the dance music industry. Local legend Mickey C also works alongside, Retriever, Kinevil, Last Waltz DJ's and Mr P (Warren Pier)."

The gigs...
"Its unbelievable that we are gonna share the main stage with 2ManyDJ's. I mean we've done a few shows over the last couple of years ans as a promoter, whenever I brought a decent electronic band to Newcastle I grabbed the opportunity to support them. Bands such as ‘Midnight Juggernauts’ & Steve Mason of the Beta Band’s ‘Black Affair’ outfit. This allowed us to witness first hand and up close how these bands approach things live. Really to allow us to experiment with how to create a live experience so it’s not the same as on record. And ultimately to see if we could cut it as a LIVE band. Basically to make all our mistakes early on. But seriously, we wanted to craft the songs and have gradually built up an album of material, so that when we start our gigging we are ready, confident and don’t have to take any time out to record.
We’ve also gigged with Canadian disco-house band ‘Think About Life’, and with French indie-hip-hop-funk-rap-electro band ‘Naïve New Beaters’ who are amazing live and we’ve played and partied with before, and hopefully touring with soon. There’s also shows in the pipeline at Dragnet @ theCut which will see us as being one of the first live bands to play there, and also Generator have asked us to do one of a series of ‘Plugged In’ shows in July alongside esteemed bands such as'Trafik', which is nice to be asked."

The sound...
Marcus: "Electronic, pop, disco, house....."
Nicky: "As KCS we strive to make classic but innovative dance music & quirky pop. Bench marks being ‘Donna Summer's - I Feel Love,' ‘Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’
Marcus: "We love the whole French electro and disco-house scene, I think our production style reflects that in some ways."
Nicky: A"ll our music is sequenced, but to ensure it doesn’t sound generic and too mechanical. We always incorporate a live element (other than vocals) this could be live guitar/bass/percussion or samples."
Marcus: "...and me and Nicky each play synths and percussion when playing live."

The inspiration...
Marcus: "Word association, I like to play with words, or play on words, word play, a bit like that ha…humour, tongue in cheek but also serious, writing poems, then adapting them into songs. About feelings rather than meanings, but at the same time I don’t wanna preach to anyone. We’re a fun band for dancing to, not preaching, its up to the audience to interpret what we’re saying, so I talk about what I know and feel, not try to solve or put anything on anyone. If you look at ‘Eyes Talk’ (“eyes talk…reveal all” one of our songs) you’ll see, its like 1 long game of 'Mallet's mallet' or something, the most obvious example of word association I’ve used. The whole Modular imprint as I don’t think the labels ever put a foot wrong
Anything that’s got a groove basically, if the grooves good, and the songs crap, you could edit the groove and loop it and there’s a dance song I’d happily dance too."

The releases...
Marcus : "We’ve recorded 10 songs which we’re touting to record companies at the minute, but it may be the case that we need or wanna try re-recording some tracks so its a bit up in the air as of now."

The future...
Franki: "Hopefully feature on Now 52 CD, a KCS sticker book, headlining Smash hits poll winners party, a deal with Pepsi max and VIP entry to a Hollyoaks cast party, then hang with Beyonce and Jay Z on Saturdays."
Nicky: "I’d be happy sitting at home, building up the studio, just making music and getting fatter."
Marc: "Motivating Nicky, trying to educate Franki about proper music, and getting the music out there. The songs are there, the interest is developing, and the live show is ready. So hopefully touring with 'Naïve New Beaters', and other bands. And just playing as much as possible."

Kid Coda Sounds support 2ManyDJ's tonight, Thursday 10th of June at the O2 Academy in Newcastle
You can listen to exclusive tracks from Kid Coda Sounds get info on the bands maneuvers and upcoming gigs on their Facebook page here.

Till next time,
Big love. Tourist X.

Monday, 7 June 2010

'Is It Italo?' Road To Rimini gear up for the Summer & Neville Watson Mix!!


We start this week with a great little piece from the Road To Rimini chaps on the links between House music and Italo which also seuges nicely with their first outdoor party of the year this weekend at The Tyne with Ali Renault & Neville Watson which looks to be nothing short of an absolute stunner.

"Italo disco? House music? Eh? A quick history lesson might help. The genre “House” originally referred to the style of disco played at the Warehouse club in Chicago in the early to mid eighties by the DJ Frankie Knuckles. This gradually became a blanket term for the dance music played around the city in the coming years, in particular at the Muzik Box, home to the highly influential DJ Ron Hardy. With Ron Hardy at the helm a hedonistic and furiously energetic blend of dark-edged synth-pop, disco, and italo (basically a European electronic take on disco) inspired many of his faithful audience to go home and make disco tracks themselves, to sit alongside the ones they were hearing at the club. Instead of live string sections and drummers they had synths and drum machines, often the same ones used by italo and synth-pop musicians before them. So although a natural continuation of an electronic dance music tradition, the unique set of influences and stripped down sound of the eighties Chicago electronic musicians was to become known as house music beyond Chicago, and its original context and origins not always recognised."

On June 12th (4pm-11pm) Road to Rimini are celebrating this original and eclectic spirit of house music by throwing a free all-day party at the Tyne Pub in the Ouseburn with a true acid-house veteran, Neville Watson (Dissident, Clone, Rush Hour). As well as recently producing a string of fantastic tracks released on some of Europe’s most respected underground dance music labels, the former Checkpoint Charlie resident knows better than most how to play records to a dancefloor. His raw and jacking house style, which draws the dots between the influences on the genre, is sure to refresh and invigorate. Playing a live set in support will be the ever exciting Ali Renault (Heartbreak) and the Fratelli Di Rimini DJ-ing.The fire will be kept burning at an afterparty just up the road at the Star and Shadow (11pm-4am :: £6/£7 non-members) with more live acts and DJs including The Third Man (Ai and A.R.T. recordings) and the Slabs of The Tabernacle crew from Glasgow.

So just to recap, that is:

ROAD TO RIMINI (12/06/10)@TheTyne :: NEVILLE WATSON+ALI RENAULT – Free!! Then afterparty @ Star & Shadow:: THE THIRD MAN(LIVE) £6/£7 non-members.
See you down the front!!

If you're hungry for more info on the party simply click here for the Facebook link innit.

As a taster of what to excpect from the Rimini all-dayer at The Tyne this weekend we've also got a couple of blistering mixes from Pat Rimini and the days headliner Neville Watson for you to download. Hope you enjoy them.

Download 'Pat Rimini * Say Quoi Mix' here.


1. Wally Badarou * Endless Race
2. Le Club * Un Fait Divers (Re-Remix)
3. DJ Look * Capita (Instr.)
4. Larry Paul Emmett * Evita
5. Peru * Oriental
6. Alden Tyrell * What Your Eyes Can Do
7. Kano * Another Life
8. Eddy Trauba And M.M. Greco * Maccaroni Radio (Instr)
9. Alex Valentini * Beautiful Life (Dalum Edit)
10. Gaz Nevada * Ticket To Los Angeles (Olympic Version)
11. N.O.I.A. * True Love
12. Cheaps * Moliendo Cafe
13. Bill Ambrose * Paranoia
14. Wet * Thats The Game (Instr.)
15. Purple Flash * Creme Souflee

Download 'Neville Watson * No More Pushin' Around Mix' here.


1. Shyman & DJ LJK * Make Me Do Right (Digital Rights Mix)
2. Paul Bennett * Fifty One
3. Steve Summers * Waves
4. 326 * Falling (Armando's Dub Mixx)
5. Gladio * Slave Of Rome (Bunker)
6. Lighthouse Family * High (E-Dancer Dub)
7. JTC * Nothing's The Same
8. Denise Motto - IMNXTC (Jd Twitch's Optimo Acid Mix)
9. DJ Cole Medina * Buffalo Bill (C's B-Boy Mix)
10. Rahaan * Untitled
11. Depeche Mode * Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone Mix)
12. Marco Passarani * I House U
13. DJ Sprinkles * Masturjakor (KiNK & Neville Watson Mix)
14. Lil Louis & The Diamond Corp * 7 Days Of Peace (Hallelujah Vocal Mix)

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist X.

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