Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thoughts on Gloves & Snorkling


Keeping with the spirit of Diary entries, please find enclosed the Diary of Mr Mark H C Algar aka Fapesta aka Tamara Knight aka MOOGAR.

Monday April 9th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Tuesday April 10th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Wednesday April 11th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Thursday April 12th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Friday April 13th
Knife Crime. Guardian Crossword

Saturday April 14th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Sunday April 15th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Monday April 16th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Tuesday April 17th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Wednesday April 13th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Thursday April 14th
Shopping List. Vim / Skipping Rope / Leather Wig / Cashew Nuts
Indulged in some light strumming.

Friday April 15th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Saturday April 16th
Ate Greggs. Googled self

Sunday 21 April 1667
(Lord’s day). Up, and John, a hackney coachman whom of late I have much used, as being formerly Sir W. Pen’s coachman, coming to me by my direction to see whether I would use him to-day or no, I took him to our backgate to look upon the ground which is to be let there, where I have a mind to buy enough to build a coach-house and stable; for I have had it much in my thoughts lately that it is not too much for me now, in degree or cost, to keep a coach, but contrarily, that I am almost ashamed to be seen in a hackney, and therefore if I can have the conveniency, I will secure the ground at least till peace comes, that I do receive encouragement to keep a coach, or else that I may part with the ground again. The place I like very well, being close to my owne house, and so resolve to go about it, and so home and with my wife to church, and then to dinner, Mercer with us, with design to go to Hackney to church in the afternoon. So after dinner she and I sung “Suo Moro,” which is one of the best pieces of musique to my thinking that ever I did hear in my life; then took coach and to Hackney church, where very full, and found much difficulty to get pews, I offering the sexton money, and he could not help me. So my wife and Mercer ventured into a pew, and I into another. A knight and his lady very civil to me when they come, and the like to my wife in hers, being Sir G. Viner and his lady — rich in jewells, but most in beauty — almost the finest woman that ever I saw. That which we went chiefly to see was the young ladies of the schools,1 whereof there is great store, very pretty; and also the organ, which is handsome, and tunes the psalm, and plays with the people; which is mighty pretty, and makes me mighty earnest to have a pair at our church, I having almost a mind to give them a pair, if they would settle a maintenance on them for it. I am mightily taken with them. So, church done, we to coach and away to Kingsland and Islington, and there eat and drank at the Old House, and so back, it raining a little, which is mighty welcome, it having not rained in many weeks, so that they say it makes the fields just now mighty sweet. So with great pleasure home by night. Set down Mercer, and I to my chamber, and there read a great deal in Rycaut’s Turkey book with great pleasure, and so eat and to bed. My sore throat still troubling me, but not so much. This night I do come to full resolution of diligence for a good while, and I hope God will give me the grace and wisdom to perform it.

Monday April 18th
Went back on pills for supposed Samuel Pepys identity "Issues".
Ate Greggs. Googled Self


Following on the Local flavour, here's a recent Disco/House/Party mix from Myself.
It just seems stupid to get someone else to post it i suppose.
Nothing clever on here whatsoever, but hopefully it's worth a listen...

and the tracklist is...

1)Guilt - Marianne Faithful
2)Tears - Linkwood feat Reggie Watts
3)Loced after Dark - AfroMan
4)Lifes a Beach - Studio (Todd Terje Edit)
5)Lapad - Matt Flores
6)Call Me Tonight - Ilija Rudman (The Revenge's Engaged Edit)
7)Jans Payback - Bicep
8)The Wall - Pink Floyd (DJ Agent 66 Re-Edit)
9)Macho City - Steve Miller Band (Geoff Leopard Minor Edit)
10)If You Want Me - Barbara Roy (Maelstrom Edit)
11)When Your Jones Comes Down - "Sugar Bear" Johnson
12)The Wanton Song - Led Zeppelin (Geoff Leopard Minor Edit)
13)Sultana - Titanic
14)Chico - Les Edits Du Golem
15)123 Cantyousee - Clap Rules
16)Neville Watson - Let Me Go
17)City Streets - Rhythm Talk
18)After Midnight - Ilija Rudman (L.S.B. Remix)
19)Criminal World - Last Waltz (Phoreski Remix)
20)Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick (Geoff Leopard Minor Edit)
21)Reckless With Your Love - Azzari & Ill
22)Can't Hold Back - Kano (LMR Remix)
23)Pow Pow - Capricorn
24)Thankyou - Eddie Kendricks (Lee Douglas Edit)
25)Falling Star - Smith & Hack
26)House of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture (Morgan Geist Remix)
27)My Time Your Time - Straight Shooter (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
28)Two For Nero (Unreleased Demo) - Everything Everything

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