Monday, 26 April 2010

Are you local? New Tourist 'Needle Exchange Mix'.


Not going to run off at the mouth too much about this one but seeing as we're posting mixes by some of our favourite local North East DJ's at the mo' I thought it would be appropriate for little old moi to post the first real 'dancefloor' mix I've done for about a year or so. It kicks off with some chuggers and slo-mo gear before heading into some new school Chi-town jackin' techno and ploughing on with wreckless abandon into the dizzying realms and tempos of house music approaching 119 bpm,, GADZOOKS!!


1. The Off Key Hat * Emergency Calling (Dissident)
2. The 6th Borough Project * Do It To The Max (Instruments Of Rapture)
3. G & S * Show Me The Good Time (Dissident)
4. Disk * Rumshack (40 Thieves Remix) (Fine Art)
5. Bomb The Bass * The Infinites (Mark E Remix) (CDr)
6. The Revenge * F.I.T.D. Pitched Down Mix (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
7. Red Rack'em * Picnic (Ooft Remix) (Deep Freeze)
8. San Soda * Maximum 150 Personen (Lany Recording Belgium)
9. Last Waltz * Criminal World (Phoreski Remix) (CDr)
10. Mock N' Toof * Farewell To Wendo (Kink & Neville Watson Remix) (Tiny Sticks)
11. Snuff Crew * The Name (Playhouse Germany)
12. Hard Ton * Flawless (Permanent Vacation)
13. Precious System * The Voice From Planet Love (Running Back)
14. Kemetic * Just For Your Love (Pepe Bradocks Tendre Piperade) (White)
15. 40 Thieves * Huffbochente (Permanent Vacation)

Download the Tourist 'Needle Exchange Mix'. (Zshare.)

Download the Tourist 'Needle Exchange Mix'. (Megaupload.)

Hope you like/enjoy/tolerate it.

Big love.
Tourist. X.

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daysarenumbers said...

Quality mix! Nice work fellas!

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩