Monday, 29 March 2010

Easter Weekend and 'nuff Mixes!!


With the Easter weekend rapidly approaching the North Easts has a bewildering array of events for you to squander your hard earned cash on this weekend. First up is the 'Those That Know' party with Danny 'Red Rack'em' Berman on Easter Sunday in sunny Darlington. Nottingham Producer and DJ Danny Berman aka Red Rack'em/Hot Coins has had a pretty hectic 18 months or so with appearances at Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards, Snowbombing, Matter, Glastonbury and Big Chill as well as releasing many records on several different labels including Tirk, Deep Freeze, Untracked and Autodiscoteque. He's been making waves with a string of cracking remixes and his own original productions as Hot Coins & Red Rack'em as well as becoming an indemand DJ country wide and 2010 should continue at pace for Danny as he's taking the plunge with his own label 'Bergerac' (first release out in May).
His latest EP for Untracked 'In Love Again' has once again received the Gilles Peterson Radio 1 treatment and has flown off the shelves. More music is on the way on Detroit label Undertones, Shift Music and Home Taping, Plus there's rumblings that the long awaited Hot Coins and Marlinspike albums may surface this year. We at Tourist have been tipping Danny for big things to come so this could prove to be a great chance to see him play at an intimate gathering before he blows up. Get amongst it!

You can get more info on the party here on the Facebook page and download mixes from the 'Those That Know' gang on their website here.


Meanwhile, up here in Newcastle the Road To Rimini crew will be taking overragnet at theCut in a few weeks and for the whole night and a taster of what to expect Mike Rimini will be helming the ones and two's with a selection of the weird and undoubtably wonderful from the world of Krautrock, Disco Italo and Cosmiche this Saturday night. For most, the R2R gang need no introduction, their regular parties over the last few years bringing some of the best, not to mention most interesting guests up to the area to play. DJ's and Artisits the likes of Heartbreak, Ali Renault, Andy Blake, Den Haan, Legowelt, Gesaffelstein and The Hacker, to name but a few have helped Road To Rimini cut across all manner of exciting electronic music from Disco, Electro and Techno to Krautrock, EBM and New Beat and keep them critically as well as publicly adored. Anyhoo, both nights promise to be very special events so we advise that you get yourself along for them!

There's more info on the Road To Rimini night at Dragnet here and download the brilliant Neighbourhood Of Infinity mix by Mike below.

Neighbourhood Of Infinity Mix tracklist:

1. Shemale * Evil Winds
2. Joy Division * Exercise One
3. Rude 66 * Massenmörder
4. Autechre * Second Scepe
5. Lab Rat XL
6. Anthony Rother * Biomechanik
7. Bunker Records Artists Anonymous #3
8. Novamen (the new one on Disco Praline)
9. Der Zyklus * Biometric ID
10. Early 80s French Synth pop tune from the Blipp compilation
11. Richard Devine * (on Lipswitch)
12. Autechre * (on Chiastic Slide)
13. Squarepusher * (on Rotted note one)
14. Pan Sonic * (on Vakio)
15. Sonic Youth * Mildred Pierce
16. The Fall * Neighbourhood of Infinity

Download the Fratelli De Rimini * Neighbourhood Of Infinity Mix.


Further more in nepotistic news, the Tourist house band better known as 'The Last Waltz DJs' will be hosting a Dada Party for Louche down in Leeds this Thuraday before some Ricardo Villalobos later that night at new club 'Distrikt'. You can check details of the warm up party here, looks like it should be a waxa! While on the subjuct of the clan of Last Waltz, the chaps will be putting out their limited edition debut single Criminal World very soon. A cover of a track from Duncan Browne's mid 70's project 'Metro'. They are in esteemed company indeed as the track was also covered by David Bowie on his classic 'Lets Dance' album. You can get a taste of the brilliant Phoreski remix of the track on their Myspace by clicking here and listen to their original cover of it on their Soundcloud page here, the track was ably produced by local bod Micky C and his Soundcloud has a few bits that might interest y'all. As if thats not enough Last Walz gear for you, you can also check out where to see the lads DJing by having a gander of their Resident Advisor page here.

Keeping it (semi) local this week we wrap thing up with one of my favourite recent mixes from Mr Peetaaaleeee & The Evening Chroincle's 'Vest Wearer Of The Year 91-92' Mr Antony Daly. Tony has been a constant on the Newcastle clubbing circuit for as long as most people care to remember now, promoting and DJing at the now sadly defunct 'Reverb' night but continues to drag the city kicking and screaming into a the firmanent of the Balearic night with the excellent 'Suono' parties. You can get your hands on more of Tonys mixes on his facebook group page and get a rundown on this seasons Suono sessions on their page here. The parties kick off this Sunday at Newcastles premier boozer The Tanners Arms this Sunday with a little get together with details here.
So get ya lugs around this mix sharpish, a nice little treat for the onset of Spring I'm sure you'll agree. Now get ya vest owt hew!!


Tony Daly, 'Come Into My Life Mix' tracklisting:

1. Joyce Sims * Ccome Into My Life (Pianopella)
2. Air * High Point
3. Smith And Mudd * Blue River
4. Meanderthals * Collective Fetish
5. Elitechnique * Autumn Abyss
6. Smith And Mudd * Elsewhere
7. Meanderthals * Bugge’s Room
8. Al pha X * Nocturnal Trip
9. Gino Soccio * Closer
10. Thompson Twins * Leopard Ray
11. Byron * Too Much

Download Tony Daly * Come Into My Life Mix.

Till next time.
Big Love. Tourist. x.

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