Wednesday, 10 March 2010

More Danny Berman bizniz


Another helping of rump-shakin' beatdown house and funk from Tirk Records' Danny Berman aka Hot Coins/Red Rack'em. The last mix we posted by Danny a few weeks back has been getting a suprising amount of attention and looks like it could turn out to be one of our most downloaded mixes currently hovering around the 1,700 mark. With that in mind we thought we'd treat you to another earfull from Mr Berman before we drop our usual weekend post, so we've raided the hard drives here at Tourist Towers and dug this slightly older mix-up session out for you cats. Another slice of brilliant, heads down, no nonsence future house and disko.


1 Robert Shroeder * Invisible Danger
2 Thomas Leer * Tight As A Drum
3 Wax Stag * Sson
4 Hot Coins * Valiant Truth
5 Lunar Jam * Over and Over
6 Glaxo Babys * Shake The Foundations
7 The Jellies * Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
8 Hot Coins * Leathered
9 Heinz Becker,Karl-Heinz Stegmann & Isabel Zeumer * Mein Tanzlied
10 A Certain Ratio * Touch
11 George Duke * Games
12 Bauhaus * Kick In The Eye
13 Azmuth * Toqeu De Cuica
14 Tones On Tail * There's Only 666 (Secret Mixes Fixes Edit)
15 Liassons Dangereuse * Peut Etre… Pas
16 Wax Stag * Mirror Lantern
17 Stereo Twins * Slang Thang (Amplified Orchestra Remix)
18 Was Not Was * Mr Friction
19 The Mole * Alice You Need Him
20 Pepe Bradock * Mandragore

Download the Hot Coins 'Loose Change' mix here innit hew!

Big love.
Tourist. X.

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