Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Turn Up The Dark!


The attitude to abused children in this country, this idea of good and evil still presides over us all. I've done some dodgy things but I'm not evil. Nature has given each and every one of us defence mechanisms that the powers that be have been trying to eradicate and suppress until they want their young men to die for a just cause like protecting oil off of the Argentine coast for example. Then it's all whipped up into nationalism, and violent men become heroes. Be tough, take no prisoners, the word covert springs to mind. Ever since I have tried to understand my own violence I realised I was brought up on a secret script, one that said I was to be tough, show no pain. Emotions are useless to the cause of macho heroism and your countries need for you to protect it. None of this was directly communicated, it was all passed down in the fables and behavior of your peers and parents and history lessons, the things you saw on telly that showed what it means to be a man, James Bond, John Wayne, Rocky, Rambo. On the streets the hard men that feared nobody, the biggest, the most muscular, they were the ones you looked up to, why? Because somewhere at some time you were taught to be tough. If you were or not naturally that didn't matter, you all had to be tough. Where was our war? We grew up with British Legion Dads that did their two years National Service and then proceeded to ram down our throat's how good we had it, and National Service should be brought back, as they guided their beer guts to the nearest British Legion, a hive for good old British Nationalism and breeding ground for bigots and racists. My grandfather was not called up for national service but my great uncle was put in a mental asylum and had his head cracked open when he conscientiously objected... Granddad a fierce communist from the Jarrow march days threw the bible at the court judges when he refused to fight in the second world war, a brave man, some might say a coward, but being brave is about standing up against a belief system on your own when most people just follow like sheep regardless of how they really feel, mustn't upset the apple cart, I'll go to my death just so I don't look out of place.


Now then, news of our favourite semi-regular, compact and bijou happening in Tourists home town of Newcastle this weekend. It's a welcome return to the semi learning-impared Nevilles Disco mob after their anual boxing day toxin-fest. As ever a great post Christmas night was had by all and miraculously nobody died as a direct result of a lethal combination of massive consumption and beats supplied by Chrissy Graham and Bad Passion! Go figure?
Well, it's time to fall spectacularly off the wagon again and re-tox this Saturday as the chaps welcome slo-mo disco special ops veteran 'A.D.' to the confines of The DB Social!
A.D was involved with the Tonka crew of the late eighties, then moved to Brighton and has been involved in numerous projects such as 'Baby Boom Sound System.' Most recently A.D has played at Bad Passion Project with his good friend Felix Dickinson and the LoveBox Allstars party. As ever, the lingering aroma of 'Bad Passion Project' will be filling your overworked nostrils again as they make the trip up north again to act as warm up to the main event.
It's been a great 2009 for these guys, taking the capital by storm playing and hosting packed out parties in East London and as far a field as the Electric Elephant festival in Croatia. With forthcoming releases on their FORC label to follow up last year’s efforts, 2010 looks to be just as exciting. As well as those treats you have the additional musical 'muscle' for this special night in the (rather strange) shape of disco standard-bearers Pauly Barton and Wella who will be bringing the intergalactic dancing vibes helping make your heads and mirror balls spin in heliocentric circles.
Neville's Disco will be starting early, kicking things off at 9pm so be like the Tourist staff and be sure to get down there early doors as it's bound to sell out and then all the cheap fuckers who've gone out with their birds for a likkle Valentines treat can save a bit o' wedge as it's only a fiver in and if that's not enough of a draw, I suggest you get amongst the A.D mix the lads have supplied for us as it's a proper corker.

Sat 13th Feb
Bad Passion Project
Nevilles Disco DJ’S.
9pm- 3am
£4 before midnight £5 after.

Download A.D * Bits And Pieces Mix.

Big love.
Tourist. X.

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