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Bomb The Past! It's news on Optimo this Saturday & Luke Unabomber mix.


Well then, one of 'Tourists' favorite DJ’s lands in Newcastle this weekend in the shape of JD Twitch. One half of probably the best club in the U.K. the mighty 'Optimo'.
Along side his partner in crime Wilkes, Twitch has been a pivotal figure in the progression of British club culture.
The duos weekly Sunday residency at Glasgow's Sub Club has become the stuff of legend, a music lovers paradise. Crossing boundary's and pushing life changing music (both new and old) with a skill, passion, love and obsession all too often missing in contemporary club culture.
Over the years they have been responsible for turning many people onto the likes of the Punk Funk / 99 records sound - prior to the mass re-interest in the likes of ESG and Liquid
Liquid - (Twitch and Wilkes going as far as to name their night after the track ‘Optimo’ by Liquid Liquid.) Meanwhile the revisionist Punk Funk acts such as the Rapture, Chk Chk Chk and Radio 4 were directly influenced by the sound.
Another early 80’s (one time seemingly lost) mindfuck that Optimo draw peoples attention to is the No Wave, Ze Records, Mutant Disco era.
With the current vogue for all things D I S C O, Optimo's twisted take on left field disco remains as essential and relevant as ever.
Optimo have also gained some e notoriety for their renowned one off special theme party's like the 'Espacio Now' night (Apocalypse Now theme - crowd dressed in Nam get up, club decked out like a jungle with camo gear and war sound effects running through the music throughout the night) and the 'Espacio Odyssey' night where they ran with a 2001 Space Odyssey theme that well and truly put the 'Cosmic' back into 'Disco.'
As well as running the Optimo night Twitch has turned in a number of mindblowing remixes for a truly eclectic range artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Pharoahe Monch, The Presets, Colder, the afore mentioned Liquid Liquid, Allez Allez, The Glimmers, Steve Poindexter and dozens more. We brought Twitch to Newcastle last year for a rare appearance at The Other Rooms where he loved it so much, he's back popping back this Saturday for more, this time though, transported via the medium of 'club' to 'theCUT' by the good people behind the 'Dragnet' for a party that promises to be well and truly one to remember.
You probably shouldn't miss it, so as theCUT is a relatively small venue and demand for places is guaranteed to be high, we'd recommend that you get down early to avoid disappointment!

Also, as way of subliminal coercion as well as an idea of what to expect from Twitch, we've slapped up a handful of mixes by the great man for your listening pleasure.
Hope you enjoy them and 'Tourist' will see you there!

Optimo * Live at Joakim Milky Way Release Party. Paris.

JD Twitch * Mutant Disco Mix.

Optimo * Hogmanay End of the Decade Poptimo Mix.


As well as Optimo this weekend there's also the 1st birthday celebrations for KlickKlack at The Cosmic Ballroom on Friday! It seems like only 12 short months ago the first night with Tim Green booted off at The Red Rooms and folks, hasn't time flown by. Great support has been shown to the lads in this time and as such they've got another couple of underground tech-house big hitters to make sure the birthday celebrations are a night to remember with 'Einzelkind '(Get Physical Music, La Pena, Kindisch) and Julien Chaptal (Remote Area, 100% Pure, 2020 Vision) touching down for the night. As ever there's support from residents Doog, Harker and Greg Dance, while hosting the Boudoir we have the ever capable hands of Lee Bolton (Ruck Edits) Allie Williams (End) and the one and only (thankfully) Mr Stu Hedley (Order 66). So both floors look to have their shit cocked, locked and ready to rock!

Download Doog * Klickklack Spark FM Guestmix.'

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Reet then, we've been sitting on this mix for a while here at Tourist HQ but it's now become uncomfortable so we're taking it out from under the cushion for the world to sniff. An absolutely storming live mix from the same party as the Danny Berman mix we posted recently, this time it's just shy of 3 hours from another of Tourists fav DJ's, Luke Unabomber, from another of Tourists fav clubs 'The Electric Chair'.
A genuine institution in the North of England, Manchesters 'Electric Chair' was, till 2008, probably one of the best nights outside of London for over a decade. Not in the least into all that glam, holier than thou faux underground posturing. The Unabombers felt comfortable in the dirty basement that The Chair was and never wanted to become the next 'Ministry' or 'Cream'. They were always been more of a Sheffield United than Chelsea kind of club. They don't like that shiny thing. Dirty is best. It preserved them and saved many a disillusioned clubbers soul.
Choosing a dirty old rock club where they could play the records they loved to friends, cousins, lovers and brothers, minus the new shiny people and their shiny friends, with their shiny drugs, somehow worked. Fuck knows how! As I doubt very much that they had a game plan of any type, but somehow it mutated and by osmosis it slowly grew. And grow it did into their 12th year, when unfortunately for us, both Unabomers felt the same, that nothing lasts forever in one place. Especially clubs. They didn't want to become a self-parody living on old glories. So they killed it.
RIP Electric Chair. Bomb the past. Rip it up and start again. Back to the future and all that.
But The Chair still lives on in spirit, and it's this beautifully enduring spirit of 'fuck it, throw it all together and see what happens' that comes across so readily in this mix. Kicking off with some nice slow disco/soul numbers to bed you in before busting a disco gut round the middle then succumbing to party pressure for the last third with everything bar the kitchen sink thrown it to great effect. The type of mix that when you listen to it, makes you think, "Fuck, I wish I had been there!!"
No tracklist on this one, but after a couple of listens now I've spotted bits and pieces by the likes of The Off Key Hat, Quiet Village, that wicked Karen Carpenter edit from a while back, Todd Terje, St Etienne, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Tiedye, and joy upon joy, Electronic!! A joyous affair from start to finish, it really is a cracking bit of kit.

Hope you like it.

Luke Unabomber live at the Love Unlimited Sound System/Nash Party.

Till next time.
Big love. Tourist. X.

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