Friday, 18 December 2009

Mixed Up In The Hague Vol 1.


Well, we wern't gonna put any more posts up till the end of years polls next week but what with Christmas fast approaching we thought we'd toss you one last little prezzie to warm the cockles.

What with the shitehawks draining your account over at eBay and the near pathalogical devotion by a limited few, there are a few records that enter musical folklore as ungettable - with the average punter left to wonder what it must sound like and bemoan the fact that they'll never get near it.
But hush, because what's this I've just come across in the memory banks of thye top secret supa-computa here at Tourist Towers? It's only I-F's 'Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1', a record that is widely credited as being the best Italo/Electro mix of the past decade, a mix that in it's original form changes hands for the kind of dollar-dollar bill that makes your eyes water despite it only ever being released on measly CDR.
Seriously though, a crafty adjunct of the Parallax Corporation, I-F's legendary mix really has to be looked at as a masterclass in the art of mixing, taking the blueprint as classic Italio-disco and the golden-age of European electro, I-F stirs together the likes of Alexander Robotnick, Doctor's Cat, Klein & M.B.O. and Mr. Flagio alongside Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder, before topping it all off with teh spannered Autechre-isms of E.O.G, updates from Alden Tyrell and beat-box stylings from Man Parrish. Blessed by the fact it doesn't contain a second of extraneous material (honestly - there's not a below par track in there), I-F capitalises on his keen ear by constructing a mix so intuitive it'll have you wondering how two decks and a mixer can sound so damn good.
Rightly considered by most as who know it as 'the holy grail' of mixes that created the revival of italo-disco and still sounding incredibly fresh today even though it was put together almost 11 years ago. HOT!!

1. E.O.G. * Solid Liquid
2. Patrick Cowley * Primitive World
3. Pluton & Humanoids * World Invaders
4. Giorgio Moroder * Chase
5. Man Parrish * Manmade
6. The Jonzun Crew * Space Is The Place
7. Charlie * Spacer Woman
8. Q * The Voice Of Q
9. Hipnosis * Blade Runner (End Title)
10. Message From Future * Robot Is,,,,,
11. Alden Tyrell * Love Explosion
12. Kraftwerk * Tour De France (Francois K Remix)
13. Camaro's Gang * Super Shuffle
14. Alexander Robotnick * Problèmes D'Amour (Midnight Version)
15. Mr. Flagio * Take A Chance
16. Klein & M.B.O. * Dirty Talk
17. B.W.H. * Livin' Up
18. Doctor's Cat * Feel The Drive (Instrumental)
19. Sun-La-Shan * Catch
20. Electronome * Een Drumcomputer En Een Synthesizer III
21. Electronome * Influence
22. A Number Of Names * Sharevari (Vocal Version)

Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1. * Compiled By I - F.

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. X.

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Cliffe said...

sometimes i wish giorgio moroder was my grand dad.