Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ivan Smagghe. Live @ Resonance Festival.

Reet then. the overworked hard drives here at Tourist Towers are getting a bit full at the minute so I'm gonna be posting some of my favourite old and new mixes this week, one per day so keep 'em peeled for some classic shizz as well as some that may be new to you. We start off with our friend Mr Smagghe, regarde,,,,,

Back in August, one of 'Tourists' favourite DJ's of recent times Ivan Smagghe, was invited to close the first edition of the 'Resonance Festival' which had taken place over the weekend on several landmarks of Avignon’s medieval city center. So he stepped in on the famous half-collapsed Avignon old bridge and played an extended set which probably wouldn’t fit in a 4am sweaty disco room but, according to all reports, just drove people insane on a red hot sunday afternoon.
No tracklist on this one but amongst the epic 2 and a half hours he clocks up here are the likes of Weatheralls 'Doves' remix, and some tracks from WhoMadeWho, Chilled By Nature, Hector, Robert Hood, Roman Flugal and Walter Jones. Outstanding stuff. Low on BPM but high on substance.

Ivan Smagghe, Live @ Resonance Festival, Avignon, 08/09.

Big love.
Moogar. X.

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