Friday, 11 December 2009

Disco Bloodbath Mix.


Disco Bloodbath has risen rapidly since starting back in mid 2007, beginning in that shady old Caribbean restaurant in darkest Dalston. With a mix of disco, italo and early house attracting a healthy following I'm told, that fancied a change from the usual fashionista style, trend led London nights. Bloodbath has changed venues now multiple times due to the sheer demand for space on the dance floor, and with The Sunday Times recently name checking them in an article about the capital's disco renaissance, it looks like the early success and promise is set to continue.
As well as their own club chances are that if you've ever stumbled out of a steamy main room at Bugged Out!, Secretsundaze or Fabric and found yourself strutting to a string-laden disco odyssey, it's likely Disco Bloodbath were responsible.
Whether the success of Disco Bloodbath and other heavyweight disco nights the like Horsemeat Disco, is a reaction to dance music's general shift to harder, fist-pumping sounds in recent years is not for me to say. It's clear that with a good crowd, a set of genuinely interesting DJ's and a real sense of fun, it's likely that the disco vibes will continue to reverberate round the country for a very long while.
The mix kicks off with one of my favourite tracks of the year, the magnificent Buio Omega by Clap Rules and 0over the course of 90 minutes takes in tracks from the likes of Altair Nouveau, Bobby O, Legend, Phoreski, Azari & III, Neurotic Drum Band, Mystery and more.

Disco Bloodbath Mix.

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. X.

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