Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Heroin Galore!


Sadly, we start off again with news of another unfortunate death to report as Jerry Fuchs, the drummer for several bands, including !!!, The Juan MacLean and Maserati died on Saturday night after a fall down a Brooklyn elevator shaft, he was 34 years old.

!!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)


So I lost a day in bed yesterday after drinking heavily on Saturday night rolling about in a casino with the chaps from Dada and Ewan Pearson after the club closed. Ewan again played a corker in the main room at The Cosmic and proved to be an absolute gent getting the shandy's in for all and sundry after hours. Mick, Geoff and El.Dee all played a belter upstairs in the boudoir too and Dada is rapidly taking shape as the go-to party for those looking for more forward looking dance music in Newcastle with some fantastic bookings coming up including Pete Herbert, Magda and Felix Dickinson this month alone. Anyhoo, that's more than enough nepotistic smoke blowing for the minute and onto some more reflective matters.
I read an article in a local newspaper last week that reported that just down the road from Newcastle the port town of Blyth has been confirmed as having the dubious honour of having the U.K.'s largest proportion of people dependent on heroin. A staggering 600 people which is nearly 1 percent of the population. But it's still only 1 percent, which, anyone who's been through Blyth on a rainy Thursday afternoon will bare witness to, only makes you admire the will power of the remaining 99% who aren't on the horse, how do they get by? I can only imagine that the alcohol dependency levels in the area are absolutely astronomical. Surely the incidence of alcohol related brain damage must be the Soma that keeps the masses from rioting. Maybe it's one of many Canuteish schemes by the local authorities to stem the tide of opium addiction? Or maybe the abundance of smack is more insidious? The price of Heroin in the North is coincidentally, the lowest outside of Scotland and the areas drugs information posts provide jobs for dozens of people who might otherwise be unemployed, thats no accident is it?
If that's not enough of a poke in the eye for the area, as well as the reported Heroin explosion the article also informed me that North Northumberland also has the highest incidence of heart disease and high blood pressure in the area. The diet of the North has for a long time been notoriously reliant on white sugar and white flour which constitutes an anti gastronomic, anti hygienic assault on the body, an assault that is undertaken with prolet-cultish pride and inverted snobbery. The twin poles of impressive obesity and hatchet faced high blood pressure are amply represented and although this diet is nothing to boast about or to be celebrated, it is. It's consumers are to be pitied and helped. Thing is, they all know this though.
Such a slowly suicidal diet is darkly comic, we know this because crisply sizzling chunks of battered Jimmy Nail continue laughing at their own gags as they bite into them. You don't need to go to Switzerland, the chipshops round here will provide an effective euthanasia service for anyone looking.


Nice new mix now for you all to download from Glasgow's infamous Optimo lads which see's Wikes and Twitch on fine form as usual. Chopped into 2 bite-sized one hour pieces with the first hour taking in some Optimo classics like Den Haan's 'Release The Beast', the theme from 'Assault On Precinct 13' with other highlights include a remix of Midnight Stars 'The Midas Touch' before the second hour goes a bit more off the beaten track and we get treated to such delights as Suicide's Ghost Rider and 'California Dreaming' amongst others, so don't leave delay and get it downloaded quick!!

Optimo - On The Floor - Live at Joakim Milky Way Release Party, Paris.

Optimo: On The Floor. Part 1.
Optimo: On The Floor. Part 2.

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. x.

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