Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition."


Nation's Music Snobs Protest Predictable Use Of Metallica, Pantera etc, To Torture Prisoners.

WASHINGTON — Amid continued reports detailing the CIA's use of loud music to torture detainees at Guantánamo Bay, pop-culture elitists from across the country gathered in the nation's capital Monday to protest the uninspired song selections employed in the brutal treatment of inmates. "To remain silent about the abhorrent methods used to interrogate alleged enemy combatants would be a betrayal of the ideals we hold most dear," said New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, a spokesperson for the loose coalition of music snobs. "I mean, 'Enter Sandman,' from Metallica's 1991 self-titled album? Really? Not to say there isn't some classic stuff on the torture playlist, but even my 12-year-old nephew would choose something a little more unexpected than Nine Inch Nails to shatter an utterly demoralized man's already tenuous grip on reality."
"They could have at least picked an excerpt from Dream Theater's 'A Change Of Seasons EP' to play at 120 decibels for 14 hours a day," Frere-Jones continued. "If I were handcuffed to a chair with something as tired as Tupac's 'Keep Ya Head Up' blasting in my face, I'd probably pass out from boredom, despite the painful sleep deprivation stress positions."
In addition to deriding the CIA's song choices, protesters attacked the playlist's lack of variety, saying the music selected to abuse prisoners fell mostly within the categories of heavy metal and contemporary Top 40 pop. 'Rolling Stone' senior editor David Fricke said the overall effect of the nonstop, unbearably loud music would have greatly benefited from delving into some of the subtler rock styles."What those poor people have had to suffer through is a shameful travesty," Fricke said. "Can you imagine being forced to listen to 'Biffy Clyro' and 'Savage Garden' all day long? Yes, the metal genre has a lot to offer, but why not broaden your palette a bit by throwing on something from Minutemen's 'Double Nickels On The Dime' or even Roxy Music's 'Avalon' after a few of the heavier tracks?"Added Fricke, "If the prisoner still had any idea who he was at that point, anything from those albums would totally blow his mind.
Last month, 'Dean of American Rock Critics' Robert Christgau wrote a letter to the CIA offering to assist the agency in producing more sophisticated compilations for the systematic dehumanization of detainees, but he has reportedly not yet received a response. Though the activists all agreed that the musical tastes reflected in the state-sanctioned torture were laughable, the group was split along ideological lines into numerous factions. While many argued for the use of deep cuts from the Rolling Stones' 1972 double record Exile On Main St. to deafen prisoners and reduce them to whimpering children, others demanded that the infliction of irreparable psychological damage incorporate tracks by more esoteric modern artists like 'Simian Mobile Disco' and the 'Black Lips'.
A small but especially vocal contingent tirelessly lobbied for the inclusion of at least one selection from Steely Dan's 1977 tour de force 'Aja', preferably the song 'Peg.'
"Blatantly dismissing what the U.S. government has done to these men is an unconscionable miscarriage of justice," Pitchfork.com contributor Andy Ragazzo said. "I've been here for nearly six hours, and I haven't heard one person other than myself so much as mention the groundbreaking work of minimal techno and microhouse artist Ricardo Villalobos."
"It almost makes me ashamed to be an American," Ragazzo added.

NY Times. Nov '09.


Thought I'd throw this up after Pete Herbert's brilliant set at Dada last week. This is the live recording of Phil Mison and Pete's back 2 back set at London’s 'Disco Bloodbath' on september 5th. Some proper solid grooves and disco classics. Download it and treat yourself.

Pete Herbert & Phil Mison aka Reverso 68 live @ Disco Bloodbath, London, Sept '09.


While I'm on the subject of Dada, it seem's like the chaps are showing no signs of running out of steam with a cracking Christmas line up to come as well as a rather special party this Saturday with Magda and Stimming in the main room. I'm personally very excited about catching 'Foolish' Felix Dickinson upstairs in room 2 as I've been hearing some very good reports about him recently. If those 3 wern't enough theres also the Last Waltz DJ's, Jay Kilka and Dave Martin from Leeds 'Technique' night, local lad Binni of 'Cleer' & 'Error' fame and Dada resident Geoff Leopard on hand too. You can click here to check the Dada Christmas preview on Facebook with the likes 0f Benedict Bull from 'Skull Juice', electro-funk legend Greg Wilson and another of Leeds' leeding lights of the electronica scene, Alex Grzybowski.

You can download Geoff's rather smart new Dada Mixtape by simply clicking here.


1) Hippies – Henry Kissinger
2) Epopoe - Amir
3) Brother Johnstons Travelling Disco Consultancy – Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom
4) Freak It – Prommer & Hell (Spencer Parkers Gun For Hire Remix)
5) I’m on Miami – Siopis
6) Bottle Up – Persuader
7) Casamance – Lauhaus
8) Carnivale - Martijn
9) Saxtrack – Sebo K & Metro (Reboots Twisted Fist Remix)
10) Toscana – Mousse T (Loco Dice Re-Edit)
11) Institute of Shadow – Thomas Meullar
12) Where We At - Henrik Schwarz, Ame & Dixon Featuring Derrick Carter
13) Orgasm on the Dancefloor Saturday Night – FuckPony
14) Channel 7 – Aufgang (John Talabot Remix)
15) Gimme Your Love – Gary Blade (Belloca & Soneec Mini Dub Mix)
16) I Get Deeper – Late Nite Tuff Guy Edits
17) Shine On – DJ T (Motorcity Drum Ensemble Warehouse Dub Mix)
18) Fatale – The Dining Rooms (Christian Prommer Remix)
19) Pandora – Rodriguez Jnr


Showing some more local love this here week, something a bit different from usual with a mix from friend of 'Tourist' Tris Gallagher. Tris weighs in with this epic slice of beats, breaks and all things chunky. If you want to hear some more of that type of stuff, and who wouldn't, I would recommend that you click here to check out Tris very nice blog 'Fire Still Burning'.

Welcome to Icarus II John Murphy 1:59
Get Off - Jack Beats Remix Switch, Diplo 4:50
On The Mic - Original Mix Dom Almond 5:59
One Time 4 The DJ - DJ Icey Remix Tony Faline 4:48
Back At The Club - Boy 8-Bit Remix Pomomofo 6:01
Saiph - Original Mix SonicC 5:41
Hip Hop Bibbedy Remix Bop Cut La Roc 5:56
Baltic Pine - Original Mix Boy 8-Bit 6:29
Phatty's Lunchbox - Original Mix Mekon 4:02
Nu Sound - Original Mix DJ Zinc 4:41
Bucky Done Gun (Acapella) M.I.A. 3:16
London To Paris - Original Mix Mowgli 6:41
Take Me to the Hospital (Adam F and Horx Remix) The Prodigy 5:31
Come Dancing - Original Mix Grim_Pil 4:41
Essence - Original Mix Aggresivnes 6:12
Exit Enlightenment - Original Mix EK 5:52
What You Need - Proxy Remix Tiga 4:58
m-Seq - Original Mix Mr. Oizo 5:27
Fix Your Accent - Original Mix Fake Blood 5:06
Jagajeet - Zombie Disco Squad Mix Screwface Johnson 5:42
Konflict - 1981 Mix Kultur, Colombo 6:14
Miami Block Parties - Original Mix Slyde 4:23
My Hi Tops - Original Mix Plump DJs 3:54
Funk Phenomena 2010 - Starkillers 2010 Remix Armand Van Helden 6:56
The Fallen - Ruined By Justice Franz Ferdinand 3:57
The Party - Splitloop Remix Rico Tubbs 6:34
Blaze - Baobinga & ID Remix - SW Edit Stanton Warriors 5:09
Massive Moments - Marten Horger's Martial Art Remix Members Of Mayday 5:41
Cozza Frenzy feat. Seasunz - Acapella - 138 BPM Bassnectar 2:00
Bass Association feat. Louise Marshall - Original Mix Far Too Loud 4:44
Beat That Bird - Original Mix Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke 5:53
Mars - Jack Beats Remix Fake Blood 5:28
Lummox - Plump DJs Remix Dave Spoon 4:36
Revox - Justin Martin Remix TG (Tim Green) 6:03
Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix) Rye Rye feat M.I.A. 4:57
Vocal Chords - DJ Version Claude VonStroke 6:53
Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal) Underworld

Download, Fire Still Burning Mix By Tris Gallagher.


As well as all the afore mentioned goings on in town this weekend, I'll be making a rare appearence in my home city playing some rather fine records down at Newcastles finest alternative night at the cities finest alternative venue 'Dragnet @ theCUT'. Dragnet has rapidly taken up the mantel as the best non-conformist party in the area and as such I'll be trawling through my collection to play everything from NY punk-funk, Ze Records classics, mutant electronica, dub-disco and anything between, with a handful of our own edits thrown in to shake things up! Should be a cracker if I do say so myself. Check the 'Dragnet' Facebook page for more info on them here and keep an eye out for some amazing upcoming guest slots here soon.
Hope to see y'all there.

Tourist On Facebook
Tourist On Twitter

Till next time.
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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Heroin Galore!


Sadly, we start off again with news of another unfortunate death to report as Jerry Fuchs, the drummer for several bands, including !!!, The Juan MacLean and Maserati died on Saturday night after a fall down a Brooklyn elevator shaft, he was 34 years old.

!!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)


So I lost a day in bed yesterday after drinking heavily on Saturday night rolling about in a casino with the chaps from Dada and Ewan Pearson after the club closed. Ewan again played a corker in the main room at The Cosmic and proved to be an absolute gent getting the shandy's in for all and sundry after hours. Mick, Geoff and El.Dee all played a belter upstairs in the boudoir too and Dada is rapidly taking shape as the go-to party for those looking for more forward looking dance music in Newcastle with some fantastic bookings coming up including Pete Herbert, Magda and Felix Dickinson this month alone. Anyhoo, that's more than enough nepotistic smoke blowing for the minute and onto some more reflective matters.
I read an article in a local newspaper last week that reported that just down the road from Newcastle the port town of Blyth has been confirmed as having the dubious honour of having the U.K.'s largest proportion of people dependent on heroin. A staggering 600 people which is nearly 1 percent of the population. But it's still only 1 percent, which, anyone who's been through Blyth on a rainy Thursday afternoon will bare witness to, only makes you admire the will power of the remaining 99% who aren't on the horse, how do they get by? I can only imagine that the alcohol dependency levels in the area are absolutely astronomical. Surely the incidence of alcohol related brain damage must be the Soma that keeps the masses from rioting. Maybe it's one of many Canuteish schemes by the local authorities to stem the tide of opium addiction? Or maybe the abundance of smack is more insidious? The price of Heroin in the North is coincidentally, the lowest outside of Scotland and the areas drugs information posts provide jobs for dozens of people who might otherwise be unemployed, thats no accident is it?
If that's not enough of a poke in the eye for the area, as well as the reported Heroin explosion the article also informed me that North Northumberland also has the highest incidence of heart disease and high blood pressure in the area. The diet of the North has for a long time been notoriously reliant on white sugar and white flour which constitutes an anti gastronomic, anti hygienic assault on the body, an assault that is undertaken with prolet-cultish pride and inverted snobbery. The twin poles of impressive obesity and hatchet faced high blood pressure are amply represented and although this diet is nothing to boast about or to be celebrated, it is. It's consumers are to be pitied and helped. Thing is, they all know this though.
Such a slowly suicidal diet is darkly comic, we know this because crisply sizzling chunks of battered Jimmy Nail continue laughing at their own gags as they bite into them. You don't need to go to Switzerland, the chipshops round here will provide an effective euthanasia service for anyone looking.


Nice new mix now for you all to download from Glasgow's infamous Optimo lads which see's Wikes and Twitch on fine form as usual. Chopped into 2 bite-sized one hour pieces with the first hour taking in some Optimo classics like Den Haan's 'Release The Beast', the theme from 'Assault On Precinct 13' with other highlights include a remix of Midnight Stars 'The Midas Touch' before the second hour goes a bit more off the beaten track and we get treated to such delights as Suicide's Ghost Rider and 'California Dreaming' amongst others, so don't leave delay and get it downloaded quick!!

Optimo - On The Floor - Live at Joakim Milky Way Release Party, Paris.

Optimo: On The Floor. Part 1.
Optimo: On The Floor. Part 2.

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. x.

Monday, 2 November 2009

I like Ewan Pearson.


It's always nice to be able to write some promo that you actually believe in, so it's a notible pleasure to be able to report that one of my personal favourite DJ's and producers Ewan Pearson will be touching down at Dada@The Cosmic Ballroom here in Newcastle this Saturday (7th of November).
Ewan has been making records for a living for long over a decade now with notable releases on Soma, and the legendary Kompakt label, as well as a raft of singles and albums in various guises. His remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Seelenluft, Cortney Tidwell and Freeform 5 have made him one of dance music’s most respected producers He has programmed for Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani and his production credits include Tracey Thorn's acclaimed solo album 'Out Of The Woods', The Rapture's 'Pieces of the People We Love' and M83's latest 'Saturdays=Youth'. As a DJ Ewan's no slouch either, two CDs - SciFiHiFi Vol.1 for Soma and July 2007's fabric 35 were both nominated for Plug awards and his 2006 Resident Advisor Podcast was voted best of that year by the website's readers. A regular at clubs as varied as Privilege and Panoramabar and a resident at The Loft in Barcelona and the Robert Johnson in Offenbach, his sets - like the rest of his career - defy easy categorisation, marrying the independent and the underground with a pop sensibility that's all his own.
If thats not enough for you there's also Newcastle's favourite backroom residents El.Dee and Mick Rolfe taking care of all the disco and slightly more eclectic business that you can shake a very groovy stick at upstairs in room 2. What you waiting for? Get with it nit-wits!!

You can check out the facebook page for the event details here and join the 'D a d a' facebook group for upfront details of all the upcoming parties here.
Ewan Pearson RA27 from 06 (Winner of Readers Choice Award for Best Mixtape 06)

1. Jimpster - Seventh Wave (Dirtcrew Rework) [Freerange]
2. Junior Boys - In The Morning (Alex Smoke remix) [Domino]
3. Loco Dice - El Gayo Negro (Ovum)
4. Glove - Build The Fire (2006 Dub Edit) [Playhouse]
5. Ada - Living It Up [Areal]
6. Giorgos Gatzigristos - Sloenjse [K2]
7. Holger Zilske meets Dave DK - Midi Shower [Playhouse]
8. Phones - Worryin' [Good and Evil]
9. Justus Köhncke - Advance [Kompakt]
10. Cobblestone Jazz - Peace Offering [Wagon Repair]
11. Heckmann and Kauffelt - Kookaburra [AFU Ltd]
12. Microfunk - Pecan [Remote Area]
13. Noze - Kitchen [MBF]
14. Antena - Camino Del Sol (Joakim remix) [Permanent Vacation]

Download Ewan Pearson: RA 27 here innit!