Monday, 5 October 2009

We don't hire trumpets...


I'm currently reading a book by Manchester's late musical trendsetter and self-styled quixotic music mogul, Tony Wilson.
In it he expounds his belief that if you want to make it in the world of music journalism, then all you need is a hang of vernacular and an understanding of ellipsis... hence the existence of this entire pointless paragraph.
If you don't get it that's fine, but you probably should read more.

Right, the fact is… this Blog was originally started to help promote a club party (the eponymous and sadly ill-fated Tourist) and as such we have no qualms about using it to regularly promote our new pride and joy "Dada" which burst into life last Saturday.

Seeing as "Dada" is a weekly party, it doesn't seem unreasonable to plan this as a weekly feature.

This week’s guest at Dada is none other than Ivan Smagghe.
Seeing as Ivan (along with Lord Weatherall) receives more than his fair share of musical representation on this-ere blog already, we've instead opted to just sling up a couple of videos of him instead.

The first is a vintage video of Ivan from back in the days of his seminal residency at Paris's "Pulp" nightclub - A venue that most of the time was exclusive to that most elusive and mis-understood of sexual preferee's, those ladies known affectionately around the world as Lezzers! (No bummers mind you!)

There's nothing really conclusive to be gained from watching the video other than knowledge that not everyone who went to a club in Paris circa 1996 was necessarily that cool (or wore stripy vests and a string of onions around their neck - another treasured myth goes pop) and that if you're a DJ and you're having a video made about your work, then you should really try and retain some creative control over what music they're going to cut your footage to.
It's all fine and well if a musical editor just wants to save time and press the yellow "Demo" button on his early 90's Casio keyboard, but it's probably best if it's not done 2 seconds after the person they're sound tracking has just been describing exactly how punk they are (unless it's actually the "weird" track he mentions playing - bless).
Overall Smagghe comes across as an affably prodigious music-nerd, who has unwittingly inspired the devotion of a whole generation of Parisian club kids (and bull-dykes).

Flash forward 10 years or so and we find that clubbings answer to Che Guevara has been replaced by what appears to be Lord Lucan (from an alternative universe where he'd pipped Guy Chambers to the lead role in Memento) plus, as for his accent... HE'S ONLY GONE AND DONE A BLOODY BJORK!

We Love... Ibiza 2009 Episode 10 - Part 2 from We Love on Vimeo.

The thing that comes through in both of these videos is Ivan’s genuine love and enthusiasm for any music that provokes a response in him, irrespective of it's genre or perceived cool.

That also comes through in this final video... but not as much as how much he apparently loves other stuff as well as music.

Dada isn't just about it's bookings though.
Let us leave you with a mix from one of our MainRoom residents, the gifted and unique Ward 10.

These guys have been holding shit down in our neighbouring city of Sunderland since 2001.
When we decided on the concept for what is now Dada, they were the only obvious choice alongside PGR for residents, so we asked them to join us across the water in Newcastle

Check out their myspace for more info at

This is mix is just great, there's nothing more we can really say than that!

Ward10 Podcast Episode#2 - Garry Ogden by garryogden



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