Monday, 5 October 2009

Smoke 'em if ye got 'em!!


Bit late on the blog this week, however we've got notes from the doctor and everything! Last Saturday saw the arrival of one of my all time favourite DJ's and producers, Ivan Smagghe down in the main room at 'D a d a'. Almost 18 months or so after we first talked about putting him on in Newcastle, the wait, I'm pleased to say was more than worth it. Ivan played an absolute master class in twisted, dark electronica, aided 'tres' ably by our very own Geoff Leopard on warm up duties. A couple of minor technical issues/hitches/cock-ups aside, I don't think I'm over-egging things when I say an utterly fantastic night was had by all involved and Ivan was a pure gent. Hats off and good work to you fella.
Looking to the coming weekend there's no let-up from the pace that 'D a d a' have set. Up next we've got the return of 'KlickKlack' to The Cosmic Ballroom' on Friday with whats shaping up to be a stormer as they bring Mr flavour of the month 'Martinez' to town. Martinez has been making waves and garnering praise in all the right circles with a recent catalogue of high profile remixes and productions for the likes of Silicone Soul, Nathan Fake and Underworld as well as his own releases on Moon Harbour & Get Physical. This promises to be a tad special.
Saturday comes reeling back into view again as Leeds' 'Louche' night touches down at D a d a with Josh Tweek, Brinsley Kazak and Tom Frank joining Newcastles very own 'People Get Real' on support duties. Not forgetting the lynch pins of D a d a, Mick Rolfe and El Dee upstairs holding things down in whats rapidly shaping up to be the best back-room party in the North.
Other reasons to be cheerful this month are the return of the mighty LCD Soundsystem. 'Bye Bye Bayou’ is the first new music from James Murphy's mob since the release of ‘Sound of Silver’ and it is a stunning re-introduction of the band to the world. The track is a cover of an Alan Vega (Suicide) song from his 1981 debut album and will be dropping early in November so stay frosty!!

2009. My highlights (Part 2)

August: Bloke I sold the Giraffe to rings up. Terrible state. Lost the animal outside Dixons. Had I got another one? Flog him a billiard table and a microwave. Seemed happy enough. Told him he should have tethered it to a lamppost or something. He reckons some kids had it. He lost a bike there the week before.

September: Decided to respray the house. That yellow was driving me up the wall and I haven't earned a penny since I had it done. Gone for brown - wealth, health and long life apparently. Geoff and his missus turn up from Heathrow. Geoff sporting a bad limp and a bottle of duty free scotch. Been there for five days. Didn't seem too keen to talk about it. Oof! Cheers.

October: Bloke from free paper rings up. Apparently I'm reader of the month. Tell him to shove it. Watched some Spanish telly on Satellite. Roger Moore in The Wild Geese. Couldn't understand a word of it. I notice they didn't bother to dub the geese though. Attenborough would have made the effort.

Few tunes for you to put in your ears as usual. We kick things off with a cracking workout as The Horrors remix fellow synth obsessives 'Heartbreak'. Next up, Andrew Weatherall continues his recent incredibly rich vein of form with the Radical Majik remix of 'Built Back Higher' from the recent 'Boardroom Vol 2' album. 2009 is really looking to be another vintage year for Wevvers. As 'edits' become more and more prevalent it's becoming quite difficult to sift through the mountains of crap to find the ever elusive diamonds among the ruff. One of the better sources I've come across are the guys who make the 'Leftside Wobble' edits. As well as The Beatles track here, I've already posted a few of their re-works on the blog over the last few months and have for the most part been very impressed with their work. Check their Soundcloud page out here for more. Theres some gorgeous future soul as Maurice Fulton mixes up Alice Smith from a couple of years back and finally, it's a bit of an esoteric one from me as Mikkel Metal drops a solid metallic locked grove track, reminiscent of the great Underground Resistance stuff from the early/mid 90's. I've always loved this stuff, although most people usually just use them for DJ tools. Anyway, have a listen and make your own mind up innit.

Heartbreak - Akin To Dancing (Horrors Remix)

Andrew Weatherall - Built Back Higher (Radical Majik Remix)

The Beatles * Tommorow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Mikkel Metal - Kenton

Alice Smith - Love Endevour (Maurice Fulton Remix)

We finish off this week with a tasty little mix from X-Press 2. As you would expect it's a cracking mix of old and new house music, a few re-rubs, a smattering of remixes and a handful of re-edits. Proper house vibes.

X-Press 2. October Mix.

1 A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray. (Shield Re Edit)
2 Paul Simpson feat Adeva - Musical Freedom (Free At Last)
3 Erasure - Sweet, Sweet Baby (The Moo Moo Mix)
4 Laurent X - Machines
5 Bang The Party - Release Your Body (Mayday Mix)
6 Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness
7 No Smoke - Koro Koro
8 KC Flight - Lets Get Jazzy
9 Divine - Native Love (Medley)
10 Carol Jiani - Ask Me
11 Phuture Phantasy Club - Dream Girl
12 Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. X.

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The Four Horseman Track haunt us still.
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