Monday, 26 October 2009

Bitzen und boberzehn


No witty banter here (assuming that there ever is on this Blog).

This weekend was a harsh mistress...
...but fair.

Dada was JUMPING and Binni (Cleer, Error) pretty much obliterated the dancefloor.
With honourable nods being required for Ward10's amazing warm up skills and to the Last Waltz DJs, for keeping room 2 packed and chugging all night.

Neville's Disco also threw a one-off party at the cities favourite Disco-Deli with Mo Morris (A Mountain of One) and Bad Passion Project, which rumour has it was a fantastic yet intimate affair.

Then on Sunday, Last Waltz got it's feet under the table at it's new home, theCUT.
The union appears to be a match made in Heaven, or at least made New York, Berlin or Fenham, three areas that were obvious touchstones in the creation of the venues unique deconstructed aesthetic.

We would say that counts as a good weekend for clubbers in Newcastle!

This weekend sees Dada throwing a Halloween Costume party featuring local ones-to-watch JAUNT> and Underground Disco Sensation PHORESKI headlining the First-Floor Boudoir.
(Here's a facebook link for all of you social networky types...

Now, for some music...

Friend of the Blog Very Jon (Very Very, 22 Digits) has given us this EXCLUSIVE re-edit of current (Little) Big-Thing, Little Boots' track "New In Town".
Check out Jon's other non commercial blog "Smels Like Teen Speling" for, erm... stuff?

Little Boots - New in Town (Very Jon ReWhatever)

Keeping up with the local theme, we've heard tell that some of our readers may actually be into Dubstep (?).
Quite why we would not dare to guess, but in the spirit of giving the people what they want (other than public hangings, animal porn and more Primark Stores) here's a short mix from local Dubstep adjutant and founder of local purveyors "Heavyweight", Adika "Dynamix" Oates.
Er, they do um... "Big ting" etc etc etc.

Adika - 30min Mix

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