Monday, 26 October 2009

Kill them all and let God sort them out.


Time,,,,,,,, time, longevity and all things temporal. Those are the things that have been piquing my interest this week. Now the traditional mode of temporality is usually defined as 'a linear procession of past, present, future.' However, who is to say that this commonly acknowledged formula is the same for everyone? After all, we're told in school and church from the very youngest age that 'God created the heaven and the Earth and all things therein in 7 days,' and still had time to kick back and have a roast on the 7th day. Now by any measure that's some going! We all know that the lads got a good engine on him like a kind of celestial Michael Essien, an Omnipotent midfield dynamo all full of hustle, box to box from the first to last whistle and all that, but 7 days? Whats to say that one of Gods days wasn't a hundred, a thousand or even a million of our years? Relatively speaking the increments of measuring time have been argued over by every sect and religion since the beginning of,,, er,, time. Which brings me untidily to my point. The particular facet of time and it's measurement I've suddenly found rammed in my face is that of geniality and heritage. The amount of websites and magazine advertising now taken up with people who profess to be able to trace back your ancestry. Why do they do it? And more importantly, why do so many people come to the North in search of their ancestors who are, to them, no more than names. It seems like the North East of England, in particular Northumberland is second only to Scotland for people tracing their humble working class routes, it's as though we were the master default switch on every genealogists computer. They come in droves, always middle class, dressed is brand new yellow cagoules and expensive walking boots to pour over all but illegible copper plate and Parrish registers with scant regard for the damage inflicted on their eyes. They scrape the lichen from headstones in Alnwick. They walk beside tiny streams in Morpeth where someone with rickets who two century's ago happened to share 100% of their Mothers surname and 1.575 of their DNA may, just may have walked in inadequate foot ware. What is wrong with them?
What is the current obsession with 'Roots'? You could say it's a lot to do with the Catalans and Basques. They, like Northerners have always been people who's main contribution has been human export. Brain, muscle and sinew for hire. From the Newcastle and Durham miners who selflessly went to fight Franco's annexing of Barcelona to Northern Women chucking themselves under the Queens horse's, spoiling Royal Ascot in search of the vote. There has always seemed to be a Northerner of some gender at the front of the mob to throw the first brick. Some may say that this is a classic example of Northern ignorance and belligerence but I'd rather mark it down as a steadfast commitment to the cause. There's always been a culture of strong left wing political identity in the North as well as the more publicised intolerance and racism we're so often accused of. But this strong identity and working ethic displayed in our grand parents and their parents has always been the main driving force for Northern people leave here in search of a bigger stage and of a living wage and the chance of material improvement. That's why we have these middle class, Sunday afternoon family tree enthusiasts bothering our beer gardens of a weekend. It's largely a matter of economical survival, their ancestors made a hard-nosed decision to leave and their descendants make the soft-nosed decision to come back and claim some Northern heritage by proxy. The stuff in their veins is blood group 'Wey-aye' and when they bleed they bleed a coal and Brown Ale mix. The internet has been a boom for both pornography and genealogists, unsurprisingly as the fundamental principle for both is the same, incremental. There must always be more. More participants, more contortion, more Grand Parents, more second cousins. It's not enough to trace back 2 or 3 generations. They need to find the rusty pick axe that their great grandfather 14 times removed used to cut the first lump of coal out of Durhams first coal face.
All the while telling themselves the lie of the 'good old days'.
Now as corrupt as the Northern vernacular has become, we have the good fortune to speak a form of the English language which, unlike Arabic or Sicilian, has a future tense.
Why not concentrate on the regeneration in the area, of the quayside in Newcastle, the award winning Sage Buildings or the Millennium Bridge rather than the rose tinted-half remembered, tiresome tales of young northern scamps and the elaborate comic ruses created to prevent their angry mothers from discovering their chronic truancy. These to me are far less interesting. Yet still people insist on concentrating on coo-ing over scratchy-sepia toned pictures of kids in flat caps and tatty knee length trousers holding onto ropes attached to malnourished pit ponies. Remember, there is another North East, vital, living, untarnished places with energy and a greater delight. Places with no quasi Victorian-ancestral claim on us. Where the yolk of a ready made collective history is absent. One that we can talk of in the future perfect rather than the past historic. Places where we can choose to go towards rather than come from. Places with potential, where anything is possible, where everything is waiting to happen.
That's all for now. But how long is now?

Here's some tunes for you now. Can't be arsed to write owt about them as I'm still recovering from the flu. Needless to say they're all pretty much top draw so download them if ye want,,,, or not, I don't care hew!!!!!

Ali Love * Diminishing Returns (Eli Escobar Remix)

Fleetwood Mac * The Chain (DJ Apt One Mix)

The High Wire * Midnight Bell (Disco Bloodbath Rework)

Au Revoir Simone * Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

Anne Peebles * I Can't Stand The Rain (Rayko Re-Edit)

Couple of mixes for you too from my man and friend of Tourist Lee Aisbitt. I managed to mix them up last week but these ones are in full 100% working order. First up a brilliant bit of gear from the legendary Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez with a mix of rare grooves and 80's boogie then we have some clssy future house from flavours of the month 'Azari & III'.
Grab them quicktime blad!


1. All Night Long - The Mary Jane Girls
2. Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards
3. Heartbeat - Taana Gardner
4. Funky Sensation - Gwen McRae
5. I Want To Thank You - Alicia Myers
6. Just A Touch Of Love - Slave
7. Watching You - Slave
8. Inside Out - Oddyssey
9. Walking Into Sunshine - Central Line
10. Mama Used To Say - Junior
11. Over Like A Fat Rat - Fonda Rae
12. Come Let Me Love You - Janet Lady Day
13. I Like What You Doin To Me - Young & Co
14. Rock Your World - Weeks & Co.
15. Search To Find The One - Unlimited Touch
16. I'll Do Anything - Denroy Morgan
17. I Hear Music In The Streets - Unlimited Touch
18. A Little Bit Of Jazz - Nick Striker

Kenny Dope: 80's Rollerboogie Mix.


Azari & III October Mix

Till next time.
Big Love. Moogar. X.

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Bitzen und boberzehn


No witty banter here (assuming that there ever is on this Blog).

This weekend was a harsh mistress...
...but fair.

Dada was JUMPING and Binni (Cleer, Error) pretty much obliterated the dancefloor.
With honourable nods being required for Ward10's amazing warm up skills and to the Last Waltz DJs, for keeping room 2 packed and chugging all night.

Neville's Disco also threw a one-off party at the cities favourite Disco-Deli with Mo Morris (A Mountain of One) and Bad Passion Project, which rumour has it was a fantastic yet intimate affair.

Then on Sunday, Last Waltz got it's feet under the table at it's new home, theCUT.
The union appears to be a match made in Heaven, or at least made New York, Berlin or Fenham, three areas that were obvious touchstones in the creation of the venues unique deconstructed aesthetic.

We would say that counts as a good weekend for clubbers in Newcastle!

This weekend sees Dada throwing a Halloween Costume party featuring local ones-to-watch JAUNT> and Underground Disco Sensation PHORESKI headlining the First-Floor Boudoir.
(Here's a facebook link for all of you social networky types...

Now, for some music...

Friend of the Blog Very Jon (Very Very, 22 Digits) has given us this EXCLUSIVE re-edit of current (Little) Big-Thing, Little Boots' track "New In Town".
Check out Jon's other non commercial blog "Smels Like Teen Speling" for, erm... stuff?

Little Boots - New in Town (Very Jon ReWhatever)

Keeping up with the local theme, we've heard tell that some of our readers may actually be into Dubstep (?).
Quite why we would not dare to guess, but in the spirit of giving the people what they want (other than public hangings, animal porn and more Primark Stores) here's a short mix from local Dubstep adjutant and founder of local purveyors "Heavyweight", Adika "Dynamix" Oates.
Er, they do um... "Big ting" etc etc etc.

Adika - 30min Mix

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Support Your Local Gunslinger.


In view of the sad news that Liam Maher the erstwhile frontman with 'Flowered Up' died yesterday I decided to start with a quick nod to him and the band and instead of posting something obvious I had a dig about to find something I could put up and remembered I still had this little gem. Released a year after their break up, 'Better Life' was the last ever single from Flowered Up. Recorded at the sessions for their uncompleted second long player, this was a taster for what that album was going to sound. After having a listen back to it makes it all the more disappointing that it was never finished.

Flowered Up * Better Life.

Now then, in my continuing efforts to stop people from betting on when I'm going to be found dead upside down in a pile of bad drugs clutching my record bag in the toilets of some godforsaken boozer I'll skip over the details of the last couple of weekends narcotic fuelled stoopidity and get straight down to business by sorting out your weekends maneuvers first of all. Exciting times here in Newcastle these days as positively spoiled for choice this weekend. Saturday night offers up a positive embarrassment of riches starting with Dada at The Cosmic Ballroom where things continue to be at the cutting edge of the, errrr, cutting edge as their weekly excursions into all things disco, techno and house related bring you a bona-fide local Techno Legend...Binni - the man behind behind two of the North-Easts most forward thinking Techno parties, Error_ and more recently Cleer. There's also support from residents the excellent 'Ward 10'. Upstairs in room 2 expect the usual fun and games from Mick Rolfe & El.Dee.
Should you choose your beats a tad more obscure, don't worry, the city has catered for you too my friend as the Neville's Disco lads pull off the not inconsiderable feat of hosting Mo Morris from A Mountain Of One as well as The Bad Passion Project, what looks like being a cracking night will be going off in one of Newcastle's literally most intimate venue's at the DB Social.
If that's not enough for you then there's also the opening of Newcastle's newest club space theCUT. as the people behind the cities long running 'Jukebox' night continue their carnal lunar activities with the brand spanking 'Dragnet' night. This promises to be an all out celebrations of 'good rocking Sat night music' cutting across new wave, disco, no wave, punk funk, old school hip hop/electro, indie dance and non ironic pop classics - and because of the inspiration behind the wonderful venue - all wrapped around a heavy New York theme.

Next, some tracks from a bunch of producers who I've been repping for a while now. Number 4 in the 'Cliche Breaks' series on Cosmo Vitelli's continually excellent 'I'm A Cliche' label has four belting track on it from the likes of Richard Senn & Cazbee, Pierre Wax, Vitelli himself and Jacques Renault who weighs in with 'Sweet Harmony' which is actually based on his mix of Georgio Moroders 'I Wanna Rock You' which was doing the rounds on bootleg a year or so ago.
Al Usher is more notably known for high profile mixes for artists the likes of Amy Winehouse and Fiest and as being Ewan Pearsons partner in the 'Partial Arts' team than for his own work. I've posted up probably my favourite track of his recent work with the 'Lullaby For Robert' EP which comes loaded with some A+ remixes from Gatto Fritto, Mark Seven and Prins Thomas. A top package.
American producer Levon Vincent is another chap who's output I've been following for a while now, since putting out his debut 'No More Heros' in 2002 in fact. After that he was pretty quiet on the production front choosing instead to concentrate on his DJ work consequently only putting out a handful of well received 12"s untill late 07' when he released the brilliant Invisible Bitchslap E.P. Since then, releases like 'Minimal Soul', 'Six Figures' and 'The Medium Is The Message' along with an excellent Resident Advisor podcast and a raft of great tracks on his own Deconstruct Music label, Vincent has been steadily building a reputation of some note of late. He also teamed up with Jus' Ed for the 'These Games E.P.' which I've posted below. Impeccable, classy house music.
Next, I don't think I really need to write a meandering biog of Maurice Fulton so enough to say that he again proves that he is still king of future soul with his mix of SMD's, 'Cruel Intentions'.
Finally there's 'I Get Deeper' from the unknown 'Late Nite Tuff Guy Edits' EP. I picked this up on white label in Phonica on spec a few months ago on recommendation from the staff. 4 edits, four brilliant tracks. 8 quid well spent! 'I Get Deeper' is a sexy slice of deep Chicago house. Check it!!

Simian Mobile Disco * Cruel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Mix)

Cliche Breaks 4 * Sweet Harmony (Jacques Renault Edit)

Late Night Tuff Guy * I GeText Colourt Deeper (Original Version)

Al Usher * Lullaby For Robert (Gatto Fritto/Mark Seven/Prins Thomas Mixes)

Levon Vincent & DJ Jus' Ed * These Games E.P.


Couple of mixes to round things off this week. A brilliant bit of work from the afore mentioned Bad Passion chaps who take care of business with their 'Glass Unicorn' Mixtape. In true 'laaahndaaahn' style and there's no bleeding tracklist, however I've had a listen to it and highly recommend you take 10 mins to download it as it's a blinder!! As well as that, we've got a mix that we picked up at the excellent Surround Around Sound blog last month. A good hour and a bit of some of the best forward looking house music about, regarde.

Surround Around Sound September Mix.

1. Free Disco * Odd Summer
2. Yacht * Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
3. Rubber Room * Taliban Discotheque
4. Soiree * It's Disco
5. Lovebirds * Midnight Stalking
6. Jay Shepheard * Absolute Voltage
7. Dutch Rhythm Combo * Bonaire (Al Usher Remix)
8. Chamboche * Ipso Facto (Pete Herbert Remix)
9. Chamboche * Feverish (The Revenge Remix)
10. Maelstrom * Enter The Cosmos (Pete Herbert Remix)
11. Rogue Cat * Magic Journey (Todd Terje Remix)
12. Tucillo * Panorama
13. DMX Krew * Come To Me
14. Leftside Wobble * On & On

Bad Passion Project: Glass Unicorn Mixtape.

(No Tracklist Available.)

Till next time.
Big Love. Moogar X.

The Secret Life Of Carbohydrates.


Right, before we get started a quick promo for a new support group I've recently joined called,,,, 'VEGAN CRACKHEADS AND THE TRANNIES WHO LOVE THEM!!' It's a club for the health-conscience crack addict. As well as pre and post op trannies (who are in love with crackheads). And whomever else really, it's all about the love... (of crack cocaine) Feel free to share funny stories about breaking into your grandma's house and stealing her engagement ring for crack money (even though she was going to give it to you when you got married), and post any recipes you have for vegan barbeque short ribs or fork tender vegan veal. And by all means let us know if your doctor botched your operation and now you're a member of an entirely new sex. Or if you're just coming down and need to score, perhaps someone else in the group can help.


While binning some stuff kicking about the spare room a few days ago I came across some old photo's from school. The usual stuff, sports days, summer fayre's, football presentations etc. Whilst slinging most of it I found an old picture from a school football team presentation and was shocked to find my fond memories of balmy July mornings spent popping the old pig skin into the onion bag thrown into stark relief when my eye's wandered onto the anger-filled, shadowy silhouette of a man long since forgotten. Now the 20th Century, I'm sure you'll agree, has thrown up it's fair share of evil bastards - Hitler, Pol Pot, Ceaucescu and all. But this figure I'd spotted, my old games teacher at High School Mr Richardson was up there with the best of them. A shithouse of a man who was known as 'Basil' due to his incredible likeness to John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, a man who might have been put on this Earth for the singular reason of terrorising every adolescent child put under his charge. When it came to terror, Basil certainly knew his friggin' onions. Firstly there was his unnerving genius for zooming in on a young lads particular weakness and exploiting it to the max. Sample quote to a vastly overweight lad (who's name I'll leave out for reasons obvious) "Son, you are a fat tub of shit smelling lard, if you paid more attention to footy training and less attention to overfilling your dinner plate you might go somewhere in your cut-short-due-to-high-blood-pressure life!" To another lad who's Mother had incredibly, run off with a sailor: "Just because your Mother is a dirty little scrubber , it doesn't give you the right to spend most of the game standing in an offside position you cunt!" And to another poor boy who's Father had been killed in an accident at the pit, "Stand up straight you scruffy little orphan and share with us all your complete ignorance of Rugby Union rules!" And that was if he was in a good mood. If he was feeling slightly less kindly disposed, he'd dispense with the cheap insults and opt for a far more direct form of physical attack. Now if you can remember, in the 70's and early 80's, teachers were pretty much given free run to beat the shit out of anyone they deemed worthy on a regular basis without the authorities raising a stink. Basil fairly reveled in this impunity to prosecution doling out a wide repertoire of methods of inducing pain via an even wider armoury of weapons. The perfectly aimed blackboard rubber launched what seemed like impossible distances to find it's ground zero almost every time in the side of someones head was a favourite of his, and most painfully, the sharp end of a metal ruler, dispatched rapier-like between the shoulder blades.
But even these methods of retribution were like light relief compared to Basil's true speciality - keeping pupils behind and meting out punishments that Josef Mengele would have baulked at. He also had some shit for those that thought they were a bit on the cerebral side and had over the years built up a tolerance to the physical punishments. Basil would for the most minor of infractions keep a few poor souls back for hours making them compose the most meaningless 10,000 word essays entitled 'The Inside Of A Ping Pong Ball, The Escape Velocity Of Derek-Upon-Tweed or Fascinating Facts About Fjords.
A Thoroughly unacceptable human being and a man long since overdue his comeuppance. Which duly arrived in 1999 when he was hauled up for embezzling school funds. The announcement of this was followed by many a celebratory knees-up. More satisfying still was the jamboree that went off a couple of years back when news reached us from a former schoolmate of mine who had moved into a house on the same street that Basil now lived on in retired bliss and told us a story that Basil's house had been done over by a group of teenage burglars. Now I'm not one to condone street robbery or any type of breaking and entering but the manor in which it had happened did I admit bring a large smile to my face. It seems that the teenage gang that had robbed his house had come without gloves to cover their prints and had donned the contents of Basil's sock drawer over there grubby little hands so as not to leave any incriminating dabs. And so it was that Fingermouse, Basil Brush, Sweep, Lambchop, Hartley The Hare and Muffin The Mule marauded around his flat helping themselves to his property and chucking stuff about like irritated 2 year olds overwhelmed by the complexity of Leggo.
To raise the hilarity level to ear bursting levels it also transpired that one of the neighbours had witnessed the most part of the crime and had heard the robbers chatting in the back garden as they smoked Basils stolen fags and made good their escape. Unlike 'Reservoir Dogs' when Kietel, Madsen and Roth amused us with the Madonna 'Like A Virgin' debate, apparently this lot had been trying to figure out if Sue off Sooty & Sweep was 'gagging for it,,,' when she sang 'My Boy Lollipop'. The long Winter evenings in whichever nick they currently reside in must just fly by.


Reet then, more party news now innit and a word from our friends at the aggressivly average 'Nevilles Disco'.
After the success of their launch earlier this year, they feel the time is right for the second instalment of their ‘one off parties’....
"We are delighted to bring Mo Morris, one half of London based cult band, ‘A Mountain Of One’ up north to play his first gig in the region. Receiving rave reviews on the release and currently in the midst of a tour for their ‘Institute of Joy’ album; we managed to grab Mo on a random weekend off to come up and share with us his unique style and musical taste. Ranging from ‘odd ball rock and psych, to weird electronics and sleazed out disco’, Mo takes you on a musical journey that keeps you glued to the dance floor, something we can vouch for personally. Our good friends and prodigal sons 'Bad Passion Project' will be returning home to give you a sample of what is widely regarded as one of the capitals best underground club nights. It’s been a great year for these guys, hosting and playing at packed out parties, with forthcoming releases on their label 'FORC', and gig’s as far afield as Croatia’s 'Electric Elephant Festival'. Neville's Disco will be getting the party started, so make sure you get down early.The venue is DB Social, a unique, intimate cafe, just yards down from Monument metro station. Head in the direction of the cities library, it’s opposite Halifax bank."

Nevilles Disco Pres: Mo Morris & Bad Passion Project.
Saturday 24th Oct.
9 PM - 3 AM
@ DB Social

For more details n' stuff click here for their Facebook page.

Cracking little Mo Morris mix here too for your ear holes. Simply click the link below to download it now.

Mo Morris (Mountain Of One) October mix for Nevilles Disco.

Till next time.
Big Love. Moogar. X.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Smoke 'em if ye got 'em!!


Bit late on the blog this week, however we've got notes from the doctor and everything! Last Saturday saw the arrival of one of my all time favourite DJ's and producers, Ivan Smagghe down in the main room at 'D a d a'. Almost 18 months or so after we first talked about putting him on in Newcastle, the wait, I'm pleased to say was more than worth it. Ivan played an absolute master class in twisted, dark electronica, aided 'tres' ably by our very own Geoff Leopard on warm up duties. A couple of minor technical issues/hitches/cock-ups aside, I don't think I'm over-egging things when I say an utterly fantastic night was had by all involved and Ivan was a pure gent. Hats off and good work to you fella.
Looking to the coming weekend there's no let-up from the pace that 'D a d a' have set. Up next we've got the return of 'KlickKlack' to The Cosmic Ballroom' on Friday with whats shaping up to be a stormer as they bring Mr flavour of the month 'Martinez' to town. Martinez has been making waves and garnering praise in all the right circles with a recent catalogue of high profile remixes and productions for the likes of Silicone Soul, Nathan Fake and Underworld as well as his own releases on Moon Harbour & Get Physical. This promises to be a tad special.
Saturday comes reeling back into view again as Leeds' 'Louche' night touches down at D a d a with Josh Tweek, Brinsley Kazak and Tom Frank joining Newcastles very own 'People Get Real' on support duties. Not forgetting the lynch pins of D a d a, Mick Rolfe and El Dee upstairs holding things down in whats rapidly shaping up to be the best back-room party in the North.
Other reasons to be cheerful this month are the return of the mighty LCD Soundsystem. 'Bye Bye Bayou’ is the first new music from James Murphy's mob since the release of ‘Sound of Silver’ and it is a stunning re-introduction of the band to the world. The track is a cover of an Alan Vega (Suicide) song from his 1981 debut album and will be dropping early in November so stay frosty!!

2009. My highlights (Part 2)

August: Bloke I sold the Giraffe to rings up. Terrible state. Lost the animal outside Dixons. Had I got another one? Flog him a billiard table and a microwave. Seemed happy enough. Told him he should have tethered it to a lamppost or something. He reckons some kids had it. He lost a bike there the week before.

September: Decided to respray the house. That yellow was driving me up the wall and I haven't earned a penny since I had it done. Gone for brown - wealth, health and long life apparently. Geoff and his missus turn up from Heathrow. Geoff sporting a bad limp and a bottle of duty free scotch. Been there for five days. Didn't seem too keen to talk about it. Oof! Cheers.

October: Bloke from free paper rings up. Apparently I'm reader of the month. Tell him to shove it. Watched some Spanish telly on Satellite. Roger Moore in The Wild Geese. Couldn't understand a word of it. I notice they didn't bother to dub the geese though. Attenborough would have made the effort.

Few tunes for you to put in your ears as usual. We kick things off with a cracking workout as The Horrors remix fellow synth obsessives 'Heartbreak'. Next up, Andrew Weatherall continues his recent incredibly rich vein of form with the Radical Majik remix of 'Built Back Higher' from the recent 'Boardroom Vol 2' album. 2009 is really looking to be another vintage year for Wevvers. As 'edits' become more and more prevalent it's becoming quite difficult to sift through the mountains of crap to find the ever elusive diamonds among the ruff. One of the better sources I've come across are the guys who make the 'Leftside Wobble' edits. As well as The Beatles track here, I've already posted a few of their re-works on the blog over the last few months and have for the most part been very impressed with their work. Check their Soundcloud page out here for more. Theres some gorgeous future soul as Maurice Fulton mixes up Alice Smith from a couple of years back and finally, it's a bit of an esoteric one from me as Mikkel Metal drops a solid metallic locked grove track, reminiscent of the great Underground Resistance stuff from the early/mid 90's. I've always loved this stuff, although most people usually just use them for DJ tools. Anyway, have a listen and make your own mind up innit.

Heartbreak - Akin To Dancing (Horrors Remix)

Andrew Weatherall - Built Back Higher (Radical Majik Remix)

The Beatles * Tommorow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Mikkel Metal - Kenton

Alice Smith - Love Endevour (Maurice Fulton Remix)

We finish off this week with a tasty little mix from X-Press 2. As you would expect it's a cracking mix of old and new house music, a few re-rubs, a smattering of remixes and a handful of re-edits. Proper house vibes.

X-Press 2. October Mix.

1 A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray. (Shield Re Edit)
2 Paul Simpson feat Adeva - Musical Freedom (Free At Last)
3 Erasure - Sweet, Sweet Baby (The Moo Moo Mix)
4 Laurent X - Machines
5 Bang The Party - Release Your Body (Mayday Mix)
6 Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness
7 No Smoke - Koro Koro
8 KC Flight - Lets Get Jazzy
9 Divine - Native Love (Medley)
10 Carol Jiani - Ask Me
11 Phuture Phantasy Club - Dream Girl
12 Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It

Till next time.
Big love. Moogar. X.

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We don't hire trumpets...


I'm currently reading a book by Manchester's late musical trendsetter and self-styled quixotic music mogul, Tony Wilson.
In it he expounds his belief that if you want to make it in the world of music journalism, then all you need is a hang of vernacular and an understanding of ellipsis... hence the existence of this entire pointless paragraph.
If you don't get it that's fine, but you probably should read more.

Right, the fact is… this Blog was originally started to help promote a club party (the eponymous and sadly ill-fated Tourist) and as such we have no qualms about using it to regularly promote our new pride and joy "Dada" which burst into life last Saturday.

Seeing as "Dada" is a weekly party, it doesn't seem unreasonable to plan this as a weekly feature.

This week’s guest at Dada is none other than Ivan Smagghe.
Seeing as Ivan (along with Lord Weatherall) receives more than his fair share of musical representation on this-ere blog already, we've instead opted to just sling up a couple of videos of him instead.

The first is a vintage video of Ivan from back in the days of his seminal residency at Paris's "Pulp" nightclub - A venue that most of the time was exclusive to that most elusive and mis-understood of sexual preferee's, those ladies known affectionately around the world as Lezzers! (No bummers mind you!)

There's nothing really conclusive to be gained from watching the video other than knowledge that not everyone who went to a club in Paris circa 1996 was necessarily that cool (or wore stripy vests and a string of onions around their neck - another treasured myth goes pop) and that if you're a DJ and you're having a video made about your work, then you should really try and retain some creative control over what music they're going to cut your footage to.
It's all fine and well if a musical editor just wants to save time and press the yellow "Demo" button on his early 90's Casio keyboard, but it's probably best if it's not done 2 seconds after the person they're sound tracking has just been describing exactly how punk they are (unless it's actually the "weird" track he mentions playing - bless).
Overall Smagghe comes across as an affably prodigious music-nerd, who has unwittingly inspired the devotion of a whole generation of Parisian club kids (and bull-dykes).

Flash forward 10 years or so and we find that clubbings answer to Che Guevara has been replaced by what appears to be Lord Lucan (from an alternative universe where he'd pipped Guy Chambers to the lead role in Memento) plus, as for his accent... HE'S ONLY GONE AND DONE A BLOODY BJORK!

We Love... Ibiza 2009 Episode 10 - Part 2 from We Love on Vimeo.

The thing that comes through in both of these videos is Ivan’s genuine love and enthusiasm for any music that provokes a response in him, irrespective of it's genre or perceived cool.

That also comes through in this final video... but not as much as how much he apparently loves other stuff as well as music.

Dada isn't just about it's bookings though.
Let us leave you with a mix from one of our MainRoom residents, the gifted and unique Ward 10.

These guys have been holding shit down in our neighbouring city of Sunderland since 2001.
When we decided on the concept for what is now Dada, they were the only obvious choice alongside PGR for residents, so we asked them to join us across the water in Newcastle

Check out their myspace for more info at

This is mix is just great, there's nothing more we can really say than that!

Ward10 Podcast Episode#2 - Garry Ogden by garryogden