Sunday, 6 September 2009

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Well Geoff's away to Butlins for the week and I'm just plain lazy so there's a go slow here at Tourist Towers this week, hence the reason that I've decided that, rather than go to the effort and take the time out to actually think of some original shite to type up I've taken the opportunity to post one of literally 3 e-mails we've received to Tourist H.Q. asking for our help/opinions. This week the correspondence comes from a particularly astute young man by the name of Godfrey Bumblesquat, whom I can only assume is a credit to his parents, has cracking taste in music and is no doubt a very handsome chap.

Godfrey's Letter.

Dear lads,
If you ask me there's too much ignorance and prejudice in the world. Divisions between rich and poor, differing religions, beautiful and ugly people, intelligent and not so bright etc. All these differences are irrelevant in the eye's of Jesus who was himself a filthy hippy who never did a days work in his life and spent much of his time bossing people about in a sickeningly self righteous manner. Nothing wrong with that! Nowadays everyone thinks he's the bee's knees, see that's the verdict of history for you. He wasn't fussy about who joined his gang - gypsies, tramps and thieves the lot of them - so why shouldn't we be? See, there's still a lot wrong with the world we live in that should be addressed before these minor issues innit. On a personal note, I am, for instance, thoroughly sick of this North/South divide, as well as the ongoing Balearic - Disco wars that blight our inner cities and have taken the lives of so many of our impoverished and overweight thirty somethings. Anyway, while I'm on the subject of gangs, fish and chips, steak and kidney, tripe and onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato!? Whats wrong with all these foodstuffs that they feel the need to hang around in gangs of twos or threes to prove themselves. They're like latchkey schoolkids whose mums won't let them in the council flat till 7:30 because they themselves are too busy entertaining wealthy 'gentlemen' callers to top up their insultingly meagre supplementary allowance? It's not big and it's not clever, but who can blame them! Discarded by a social system that condemns them to a life of impoverished desperation, an education system that has failed them and a society that couldn't care less. No wonder they end up on drugs and dabbling with street crime and eventually in prison! Well, better that than merely lying down and taking it up the proverbial arse from a greedy hypocritical middle class whose grandfathers got rich sending the children of their employees up the chimneys of the factories used to manufacture the guns and bullets which were later used against them in two (lets face it) financially motivated world wars. It makes me sick. So does liver and bacon. We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking to the stars, so comrades, rise up and break the shackles of international capital. Seize the reins of power. Call me a dreamer if you must, but what's wrong with that - think of Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions, Einstein and his theories, Captain Birdseye with his advanced food refrigeration techniques, were they not all dreamers too? dreamers who dared to wake up and dream!
Yours righteously.
Godfrey Bumblesquat Esq.
Fos' Couch.

Reet then, some absolute stormers for you rasclarts this week. The long, warm Summer days may be rapidly shortening and cooling but that's no reason to ease up on the tropical beats! So I've basted and marinaded a bunch of serious sizzlers for your delectation. First up some right tasty summer vibes courteousy of Italian's 'Billy Bogus & Sal'. Enzo Ponzio gets busy on the mix of 'Terror Island' from the excellent 'Hibernation Vol 1' compilation on Steve Kotey's 'Bearfunk' label. Also from Bearfunk, I've posted a track from Portugal's premier purveyor of laid back Latin grooves, Humberto Matias in his 'Social Disco Club' disguise. He delivers Mediterranean spiced disco grooves which are ably brushed up by Mr Greg Wilson. Proper flavour. There's a couple of edits I've been meaning to post for a while now on here, the Eli Escobar edit of Bowie's 'This Is Not America' and a real dreamy edit of Fleetwood Mac's 'Brown Eyes. Both excellent tracks and WELL worth a listen if you like your disco a bit deeper. If you are that way inclined then you'll DEFINITELY be wanting to check out a couple of other little gems on here this week, if I can direct you firstly to a cheeky number that comes from one of Newcastle's (via-Pee-to-tha-mutha-fuckin'-Lee!) premier flamboyant vest wearer's, Mr '586' himself, Tony Daley and his very nice edit of Georgio Moroders 'Here To Eternity'. There's more deep edit action from a couple of shadowy local characters too in the shape of the 'Handsome Northerners' who've spilled a little disco magic across one of my favourite Talking Heads tracks, 'Slippery People'. Finally, while I'm in the mood for some late 70's New York East-Village style disco I've bunged another old favourite of mine on with The Tubes - 'Slipped My Disco'.
Hope you enjoy them.

Billy Bogus & Sal * Terror Island (Enzo Ponzio Mix)

The Tubes * Slipped My Disco

David Bowie * This Is Not america (Eli Escobar Edit)

Georgio Moroder * Here To Eternity (586 Edit)

Social Disco Club * The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)

Fleetwood Mac * Brown Eyes (Maulongated Version)

Talking Heads * Slippery People (Handsome Northerners Edit)

Roxy Music * Avalon (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Edit)

Ian Dury & The Blockheads * Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 3.

Till next week.
Big Love. Moogar X.

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