Monday, 14 September 2009

Hip-Hop stuff. 84 to 94 innit!

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Here's some music to evoke memories of Saturday afternoons spent buying Adidas 'Gazelles' or Puma 'Dallas' for a tenner on the sale rails outside of JD Sports on the top of Nothumberland street before heading off down to 'Hitsville' to pick up some rekkids then popping ya head in at 'Volume' to see if there's owt ye missed there. After that it's along to 'Tiffs for a couple of hours of getting ya clothes dirty on the floor, then the bus home, hoping you've still got enough YTS pay left for a Big Mac and to go half's on a 16th of red seal.

"Loud like a Magnum pop!"


Schoolly D * Saturday Night (From 'Saturday Night' 1986)

Schoolly D * Dis Groove Is Bad (B-Side of 'Parkside 5-2' 1987)

Public Enemy * Public Enemy No 1. (From 'Yo! Bum Rush The Show' 1987)

Main Source * Watch Roger Do His Thang (From 'Breaking Atoms' 1990)

Gang Starr * Check The Technique (From 'Step In The Arena' 1991)

Jeru the Damaja * Can't Stop The Prophet (From 'The Sun Rises In The
East' 1994)

Jewel T * I Like It Loud (From the 'I Like It Loud' 12" 1988)

Ice T & Chris The Glove Taylor * Reckless (From the Reckless/Tibetan Jam 12" 1984)

Eric B And Rakim * Lyrics Of Fury (From 'Follow The Leader' 1988)

Kool G Rap & Polo * Poison (From 'Road To The Riches' 1988)

JVC Force * Strong Island (From the 'Strong Island' 12" 1987)

Big Daddy Kane * Raw (From the 'Raw' 12" 1987)

LL Cool J * Rock The Bells (From 'Radio' 1985)

breakdance Pictures, Images and Photos

Big Love.
Moogar. X.


Krippa said...

Just got back from a week in NYC. these tunes are making me wanna go back, but back in time.

As Tony the Tiger once said "there Greeeeeeeeeaat".

Right now, I'm off to find some lino.

Moogar said...

Ye'll put ya back oot grandad!!