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David Holmes: Essential Mix. 15/06/97.

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When David Holmes constructed an essential Mix for Pete Tong's Radio 1 show, it marked a watershed moment in his career. The end product of this was a mix that's still widely regarded by many as THE best 'Essential Mix' ever.
David Holmes' classic from 1997 is 2 hours of rare grooves and psychedelic trips that may at times seem jumbled and rambling to some. however, this is Holmes' genius at work. The mix of of big brass horns, freak-beat, sitars, Northern Soul rarities and garage rock creates a very intimate listening experience. You get the feeling that Holmes is peering over your shoulder going "Ooh, jam this on, this is a great track!" and is hurriedly chucking records at you to put on the decks. He is sharing with us his favourite stuff, which is very different from his own work, yet was undoubtedly influential in creating this dark, funky sound. Standout tracks are too many to mention but special mention has to go to Holmes to opening proceedings with Nancy Wilson's brilliant 'Ode To Billy Joe' and managing to cram Ike & Tina Turners incendiary 'Bold Soul Sister', Marlena Shaw's magnificent version of 'California Soul' (A record SO good if doesn't put a smile on your face, then you are a terminal depressive. Seriously!) and the Trinidad Steel Drummers nuts cover of 'Cissy Strut' in the first 15 minutes. Just absolute class.
Anyway, I'll cut this short and let you get to the music now. Just to say that it was a pioneering mix when it was broadcast and any time you play it, you can guarantee somebody will always what it is to it. Even better then, the sign of a great mix!

Nancy Wilson * Ode To Billie Joe
Lou Rawls * For What Its Worth
Marlina Shaw * California Soul
Ike & Tina Turner * Bold Soul Sister
J. Brown * Shhhh (For A Little While)
The Other Brothers * Hole In The Wall
James Brown * Fat Bag
Trinidad Steel Drummers * Cissy Strut
Serge Gamsbourg * DJ Melody
Prolen Steak Popcord * I Know
Storr & Things * Sounds Of The City Experience
Quincy Jones * Up Against The Wall
Blackout * Vess And The Airdales
Johnny Jones & The King Canibals * Purple Haze
Robin Orchestra * Sex Machine
Fastcracks, Bugs & Raches * The Purpose
Damn Sam The Miracle Man * untitled
Jimmy Smith * Rootdown
Roray Brown * Coming & Going
Billy Paul * Untitled
Light My Fire * Untitled
Marlena Shaw * Woman Of The Ghetto
Dave Pike * I Got The Feeling
Smokey Joes LA LA * Googie Rene Combo
Ray Barretto * Soul Drummers
Ray Barretto * Right On
Harley River Drive * Seeds Of Life
Black Rite * Mondingo
Dick Hyman * Give It Up Turn It Loose
Anandar Shankar * Dancing Drums
John Schroder * Light My Fire
Jimmy Hendrix * Crosstown Traffic

David Holmes Pictures, Images and Photos

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