Wednesday, 15 July 2009

...without a dope beat to step to (step to... step to)


After no small amount of agita from the boy Fape, I feel suitabley chastened and berrated enough to come slinking back and contribute to this-ere digi-tome.

While I'd love to tell tales of how I've been gallumphing round the globe playing my own brand of sonic Shamanism... the fact is, other than a bried sojourn to catch Cocoon in the Park in Leeds (good fun) and a weekend in Wakefield (bad juju), I have been resolutely stuck in my good old spawning pond, Newcastle.

The reason for my self administered wing clipping has been our blessed new offspring which we've christened "Last Waltz" (Fape is obviously one of the godparents) and like any proud new Father I'm happy to exclaim "My, hasn't he grown"

While our bouncing Disco-Baby is only 6 weeks old, I'd postulate that that's the equivalent of being an adolescent in club years... and this teen tyke is so preturnaturaly devoloped that he's definitely the big lad who gets sent in to buy the fags and booze!

Last Waltz runs 11 till at least 3am every Sunday at Madame Koos.
Keep an eye out for our Bank Holiday Sunday Special with Mark E & People Get Real, which is running till 6am!

Here's a mix wot i did in celebration.
More of a "slinging-them-on" affair, than an actual promo peice, but there are some "neato" sounds on it nonetheless.
Summer listening if you will...

Geoff Leopard Mix 110609.

A Wake - Sun City Girls
Besides - Gui Boratto
Skumle Planer - Vareid
Footprints - Stratus
Archaic Days - Tommy Guerrerro (DJ Harvey Remix)
Iridium - Lullabies in the Dark (SuperPitcher Remix)
Into Yo Face - Downtown Party Network
Munich Emotions - Elitetechnique
Optimo - Liquid Liquid (Optimo Remix)
Olympic Airways - Foals (Ewan Pearsons Return to The Villa of Joy Mix)
Laku Nok - Darko Esser
Dragon Loop - Marcus Worgill
Rushing To Paradise - House of House
The End - The Pharcyde

Daddy sends hugs


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