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A Guide To Some Of The Lesser Ballets.

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Where The Geese Go.

Bit late on the blog this week due to an especially heavy weekends social schedule, however it's not all been in vain, I have actually learned that now at my advanced age, trying to party continuously for 2 or 3 nights without a full 24 hours rest and recuperation between them causes me to go about as mad as Ken Dodd's dentist these days. As a result of this hedonistic effort Ive had a hangover for 3 days now so I've been kicking around the house feeling low enough to pick a dwarfs pocket since the start of the week and just got round to typing some stuff up. Anyway, I did wake this morning with the impression that today was a good day to 'do something', y'know, square pegs in round holes n' all that. I had the notion to write something righteous, relevant, worthy and positive on this here blog,,,,, but by 10:30 AM however, the onset of rain had dampened any intentions I'd had of having a productive morning so I sat about scratching my behind and wrote some gash about footy instead.
While I was making my way through Newcastle a couple of Weeks ago on my way to Central Station I stopped off in The Forth for a swift pint as I was early for my train I overheard a group of geezers sitting at the table near me discussing the state of things up at St James Park. I cocked my ear for long enough to judge that the general temperature of the conversation was in the usual 'Ashley's an arsehole,' 'Owen, what a twat' etc, etc, nowt unusual there. Then one of them mentioned something to do with the last game of last season against. Now the last home game shenanigans and the relegation of the club brought mixed feelings. I had gone to meet a group of my friends after the match down in the very same pub I was now sat in for a few pints where understandably, the mood was pretty shitty to say the least after the performance witness in the previous 90 minutes. But there was some comfort with the fact that we all agreed that 'it can only get better'.
Now people have the right to express their feelings at what had been another woeful fucking season, but certain parts of the support for NUFC were less than confident that next season will be any better but what really pissed me off was the sheer despondency at the number of cock-ends who just love, and I mean LOVE, to be seen throwing their ticket books onto the pitch, airing wild pontifications on obvious truths as some kind of pseudo-wisdom and joining track-suited teenage charvers shouting inane bollocks at the players entrance in the hope they will get on the front page of the Sunday Sun, just under the advert for a free Greggs pasty.
These are exactly the same people who will be up to Strawberry Place like shit off a stick when ever there was one of Freddy Shepherd's Beckham/Baggio/Zidane/Ronaldo rumours doing the rounds, and who made a tit of themselves after telling everyone at work that they would win the league after signing Owen. They fill in World Cup wall charts, drink Fosters, read 'Zoo' and still persist with the whole Toon Army bollocks. They are shit-scared of Sunderland's form because they might get a cheeky e-mail off the Mackem in accounts whenever they turn us over. They have holiday snaps showing them with a replica shirt on, arm around a Spanish waiter with thumbs up. They wear that piss-awful red England away shirt with 'Rooney' or 'Gerrard' on the back and call Lampard 'Lamps' when gawking at the big screen on match day in any one of the boozers in the Bigg Market between showing lasses Saddam's hanging on their mobile. They have as much fuckin' depth as spit on rock.
These people were the ones actually booing the announcement of 4 minutes added time against Villa on the last day of the season! Fuck me, it sounded like Luke Young had been subbed and Captain Hook had come on for him! Then you have the converse, but equally annoying person, those that peddle the notion of a fans' elite. The sort of bloke who drinks in Rosie's and tells of how in 1959 his head fell off on the trip back from an 11-0 defeat at Plymouth on a Tuesday night on an open roofed tram in a blizzard.
Sharpen your disdain on such people and on the myriad of personalities and issues which have led to this mess, but please, please show some humour, some resilience and some backbone – any or all of the qualities which mark us out as different to the tinsel-winged cretins of other clubs!!

Tunes time now.
Here's another mixed bag of stuff that's cluttering up my hard drive or laying about the spare room. There's a few nice bits to download, with special mention to the Cosmo Vitelli edit of Fleetwood Mac, Danny Krivit's re-modelling of Diana Ross and a tag team special as Prins Thomas remixes Todd Terje all for the disco heads. The Vitelli edit comes from the last release in his Cliche Edits series which landed a few months back now. Well worth searching out for the other tracks on it, all 3 are winners especially the 'Skyy' edit. The Who are also fed a rather large slice of Disco-goodness by 'Love Supreme' on their 1982 track 'Eminence Front', a nice stripped back groove with a slightly Cosmic vibe. Tasty. Theres another track from the excellent 'Ugly Edits' series by Theo Parrish. This time it's Minnie Ripperton that gets the 'ugly' treatment. There's a great remix of 'WhoMadeWho' by Inflagranti this week and a nice Emperor Machine remix of 'Michoacan' for those that like their beats a bit more dense. There's a return for Morgan Geist too this week, but this time in his 'Metro Area' guise with the 'Erodyne' track from the 'Metro Area 7' EP. I've also posted up a Radiohead edit that's been kicking around for a while and a Diplo remix from Jack White and Alison Mossharts new project 'The Dead Weather' that I was sent recently just as a little bonus innit!

WhoMadeWho * Out The Door (In Flagranti Remix)

Todd Terje * Bodies (Prins Thomas Remix)

Diana Ross * No One Gets The Prize (Danny Krivit Edit)

Minnie Ripperton * Stick Together (Theo Parrish Edit)

Metro Area * Erodyne

Michoacan * She's Sent (Emperor Machine Remix)

Fleetwood Mac * Keep On Going (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)

The Dead Weather * Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo Remix)

Radiohead * Everything In It's Right Place (Gigamesh Edit)

The Who * Eminence Front (Love Supreme Edit)

Till next week.
BiG love. moogar. x.
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