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",,, Coz bones heal and chicks dig scars."

Reet then, I've got a tonne of things to rip and upload this week so in the meantime till I get all them done and written some shite I thought I just post a bunch of videos for your delectation.

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The video for 'All I Need' was one of the first promo's directed by Mike Mills who was at the time working as a graphic designer working on album covers for the likes of Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He went on to make a name for himself shooting short films and documentary work before going on to direct a number of other music videos for Mansun, Pulp, Blonde Redhead and work closely with Air on a number of other promos. 'All I Need' remains, in my opinion his best work though, and one of my favourite music videos ever. Emotional without being maudlin, free of any post-modern irony or distance and actually very sincere. A rare beast indeed.

After trawling around the Los Angeles psychedelic-folk scene of the late 1980's in various bands David Roback and Hope Sandoval formed 'Mazzy Star' from the ashes of Roback's previous group 'Opel' when they split up during a U.S. support tour with 'The Jesus And Mary Chain' in 1990. Signed to Rough trade in the US they went on to release 3 critically lauded, if not commercially successful albums in the 90's with Sandoval also working with the afore mentioned Jesus And Mary Chain during this time and later doing some sterling guest work with the likes of Death In Vegas, Bert Jansch and Air before recording a solo album with 'The Warm Inventions' which was also co-written by and featured Colm Ó Ciosóig of My Bloody Valentine.

Genuinely one of my favourite records of the last 30 years now. I could go on and on and on at great length about this and why it's soooooo fucking good and sooooo fucking important but I'll spare you that. Enough to say that 'The Bocca Juniors' were a project comprising Andy Weatherall, Terry Farley, Hugo Nicholson and Pete Heller with vocals supplied by Anna Haige who also did vocal work for 'Flowered Up' and 'Chelsea Grin' on Weatherall's 'Sabrettes' spin-off label. Whoever, considering the wealth of talent involved the only fruit of these collaborations were 2 singles, 'Raise' in 90' and 'Substance' in 91' both released on their 'Boys Own' imprint. Raise still remains to this day one of my 10 favourite records ever, but unfortunately the version featured on the video is a criminally short edit of the track but it'll have to do! Regarde,,,,,

I'm sure most half-sensible people not on crack these days would agree that Tina Turner is a silly old goat who can't walk properly in heels and has hair you only find in certain parts of rural Belarus. However, lets not concentrate too much on her Barnett and take time out from cussing her out to witness what can only be described as a vocal performance of ATOMIC proportions as she literally rips the arse out of River Deep Mountain High. You may need to strap yourself in for this!!

The Sliver Apples group grew out of a the ashes of a band called 'The Overland Stage Electric Band,' who were part of the East Village scene in New York. Comprising only 2 members, Simeon Coxe (who still performs Silver Apples material on his own) and drummer Danny Taylor who died in 2005. Re-named after the William Butler Yeats poem 'The Song Of The Wandering Aengus'. They incorperated an arsenal of oscillators and keyboards piled up on top of each other and up to a hundred manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with their hands and feet and any other part of their bodies. They released their first record the self titled 'Silver Apples' in 1968 and from that came the single 'Oscillations, a song that Simeon has cited as the first song he'd ever written. The live version below just goes to show how a record made over 40 years ago can still sound totally futuristic and relevant.

A couple of one hit wonders now, first up it's The Passions and 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star'. Now Saying they were 1 hit wonders sells them a tad short as they bashed out quite a few singles and a bunch of albums, although non of them troubled the charts too much.
The story behind this song is that the lyrics were written by the singer, Barbara Gogan about a former member of The '101ers' and one time roadie for The Clash and the Sex Pistols named Steve Connelly who had some success in a number of minor roles in German films. Another interesting fact about this song is that their label, 'Polydor' did not press enough copies of the single which topped out due to this fact at number 25! Who'd-a-thunk-it eh?

Well, what can I say about this next track?,,,,, actually not a great deal! In classic 1 hit wonder style I don't know a lot about it and couldn't find owt on the net! A quick look at the label on the 12" doesn't help me out much either as the writing is so faded that all it tells me other than the year (1987) is which is side A and which is side B! My most vivid memory of this song is someone like Jeremy Healy playing it at the end of the night at one of the Puscha party's at some studio/warehouse somewhere in London in 91/92 and the place going totally OFF!
(Excuse the vagueness of this recollection but it was a very, very long time ago!)
Anyhow, enjoy the track.

The Pharcyde came to prominence in 1992 with the brilliant 'Bizzare Ride II The Pharcyde' album but had originally come together as part of an album project for Brit cod-funk-wank group 'The Brand New Heavies'. Having survived that scrape with the mediocre they nevertheless went on to put out 3 amazing singles on the Delicious Vinyl label, the pick of them being 'Passin' Me By'.

Anyone of 'a certain age' growing up in the late 80's will recall this track being huge in all 'hoods' from Morpeth to Bedlington and West-Weezy Ashington and as far flung as Pennywell, Heaton and Cramlington. KRS One dropped this joint as a reaction to the 'beef' between the 'Queensbridge' and 'South Bronx' gangs that had claimed a number of lives. Not dissimilar to the feud that was ongoing between the stoopid-fresh hardcore B-boy crews of Ashington High School and the punk-ass chumps of 'Hirst High School' up the road in North Seaton.
'My Philosophy' comes from 'Boogie Down Productions' 1988 album 'By All Means Necessary', the second album they released before DJ and Producer Scott La Rock was killed in a shooting and marks a more 'conscious' change in KRS Ones lyrics. Although he can be a bit preachy, this is still a fuckin' bad tune!!

In the early 90's Company Flow were quietly going about their business releasing a hand full of well respected E.P.'s, building up a good-solid fanbase and gathering a good deal of critical acclaim. By the time they released their debut album and signed to Rawkus records in 1996 they, alongside label mates like Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli, had almost single handedly revitalize underground rap music, the album 'Funcrusher Plus' is still widely recognized as one of the most important hip-hop albums of the late 90s. After Rawkus disintegrated in 2000 El-P went on to set up another one of hip hop's most influential labels, the more experimental 'Def-Jux'.
'End To End Burners' was released as a single in 97'.

During the early 90's Jeru was closely assoiciated with the Gangstarr duo of DJ Premier and The Guru, appearing on both thier 'Step In The Arena' and 'Daily Operation' albums before releasing his own debut long palyer, the DJ Premier produced 'The Sun Rises In The East'. That album spawned the mamoth 'Come Clean' single and two other less well know tracks 'D Original' and the massively underrated 'Can't Stop The Prophet.'

Nuff' love. Moogar. X.

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